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Liverpool and Manchester United failed this time but they will be back – 6 months to the day

3 years ago

Manchester United and Liverpool are leading the charge.

Twelve clubs signed up in total so far to be ‘founding members’ of a European Super League.

A plan from the American owners of Manchester United and Liverpool to massively increase their revenues at the expense of those not invited to the party.

An invitation only party for 15 clubs in total to gorge themselves on cash and power, whilst the urchins (the rest of European football) are left outside in the cold, distant observers left to fend for themselves on scraps.

Long time (decades worth) contributor to The Mag, Jinky Jim, wrote an excellent article about this attempted cash and power grab by the few, that we published earlier today (20 April 2021), entitled: ‘Saudis taking Newcastle into European Super League? I’d rather play twice champions Forest’

When I was having a look for something else, I then came across another article.

Published on The Mag exactly six months ago to the day, this one entitled: ‘Liverpool and Manchester United failed this time but don’t be fooled, they will be back’

You can read that original article below, it was ALSO written by Jinky Jim.

Jinky Jim not realising the exact six month coincidence, we are brilliantly reminded in his earlier piece, of how it is only half a year ago when the previous attempt headed by Manchester United and Liverpool to seize effectively total power by underhand means, was repelled after being exposed by the media.

Back then, the likes of Liverpool and Manchester United (along with Man City, Tottenham, Arsenal and Chelsea…sound familiar????) had a plan where they would be given special powers that would allow them to vote and decide between the six of them all future important Premier League decisions. You could almost have called them ‘Founding Members’…

That attempt was also given minimal effort in terms of being dressed up to supposedly be for the greater good…

Jinky Jim writing for The Mag – 20 October 2021:

‘Liverpool and Manchester United failed this time but don’t be fooled, they will be back’

I guess that if I learnt anything forty years ago, travelling around the country following Newcastle United, it was that winning wasn’t everything.

If winning was all that mattered, then I would have been a Liverpool fan, enjoying European cups and Division One championships.

But I wasn’t. I was happy (well, happy is pushing it) to follow my club in the hope that they would be able to step up and become as successful as Ipswich and Nottingham forest.

The thing was, as those clubs proved, there was a chance it could happen.

Not any more.

As you know, the recent push by Liverpool and Manchester United to basically take over football, did not succeed.

Well, this time it failed.

But don’t be fooled, they will be back.

These people were just trying their luck. Just like the lions having a first go at bringing down the water buffalo, they were just having a nibble. They are simply testing out the prey until it’s right for the kill.

In a few years the Premier League will be a closed shop of 16 or so franchises, just like in the states. So get ready for the Merseyside Jaguars v the Manchester Devils

Sexy American names to replace boring United, Rovers and Albion. What could we be I wonder? The Grumpy Geordies?

This is inevitable unless the other teams grow some and call the bluff of the big six (or is that big nine?). Tell these people that the money has to be fairly shared or we will off to rejoin the football league.

Would you really be that upset to see that happen?

A new Division One of us playing Villa, West ham, Leeds, Derby, Sheffield Wed and the Mackems, all 30k plus clubs who could make a pretty decent league.

It could be worth watching with the terrestrial TV stations putting it on Brit Box and charging 10 or 15 quid a month.

Now granted, the money would be nowhere near what’s coming in now, but let’s be honest, the majority of clubs just pee it up a wall on £40million superstars like Joe and paying squad players £40k a week to finish 15th.

But the dream of having a chance of competing for the top would return for many clubs.

Now to outsiders, this may seem like a gripe of a scorned Geordie who wasn’t allowed to have a zillionaire owner of his own.

Possibly, but do you really want to be part of the new world order where games are played at 7am for the global audience, or even worse, games actually being played in China.

Because that’s the ultimate plan and the only thing they need to achieve this is to do away with that pesky democratic vote.

I appreciate that I may come across in this piece as a bitter old fart and conspiracy theorist.

But just because I’m a old fart, it doesn’t mean I’m wrong.

Does it?


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