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Very surprised at what Sunderland fans have been saying about Liverpool ‘reform’ plan

2 years ago

I was interested to see what Sunderland fans had made of this Manchester United backed Liverpool plan to ‘reform’ football.

I have to hold my hands up and say I am very surprised at what they have had to say.

My gut feeling was that Sunderland fans would see this as an opportunity to have a go at Newcastle supporters.

Loving the idea that Newcastle fans have been furious at the idea of this attempted power grab by the big six.

However, I got it totally wrong.

Sunderland fans are, if anything, even more appalled than their north east counterparts.

When both Newcastle and Sunderland fans are in total agreement against something, then it must be bad!

Fair play to them and some very interesting comments below, making clear that if this Liverpool plan somehow succeeded, it would be bad for the whole of English football and not just those Premier League clubs who would lose the one club one vote rights.

The Sunderland fans disgusted at their club’s owner Stewart Donald supporting this Liverpool plan, with sadly Steve Gibson at Middlesbrough having done the same.

Sunderland fans commenting via their Ready To Go message board:

‘There are some very good proposals in here that would potentially enhance the experience of the match-going fan as well, such as a commitment towards safe standing, subsidised travel and cheaper tickets. It could also allow us greater access to the international market for players. I don’t think a lot of people are looking past the headlines on this proposal.’

‘Much more of it is massively harmful. Personally I’d be giving up all interest in the professional game having been going to watch Safc since the mid 70s with dad, uncles, brother, daughters, son, cousins and mates. Pretty big thing imo.

There are better ways forward. Historically when teams were struggling the football family have helped – this is blatant disaster capitalism, bullying and a sinister attempt to turn the game of football in England into a weighted ‘game’ serving the corporate interests of these Americans at Man U and Liverpool and a few others.

If you’re happy yo yo ing between championship and league one at best, not playing in the league cup, not having the chance of an ambitious, competitive, local owner taking over because the big 6 don’t fancy sanctioning it then you need to ask why your following Sunderland and not someone like Eastleigh, no disrespect to Eastleigh life long followers. Not having any hope of competing actually. Or maybe you are trolling here but you can’t be a proper football loving person imo.’

‘Fortunate for Man Utd these disaster capitalists weren’t in positions of influence when the Munich air disaster happened.’

‘These yankees at Liverpool and Man Utd are clever, they seem to be seizing an opportunity to make gain from others misfortune or financial insecurity during worrying times.

Our problem is that our weevil of an owner and many of the other tin pot owners in the lower leagues suffer from short termism, it’s a bit like schoolyard dealers giving away two quid bags and everyone lapping them up……..unable to see what lies down the road.’

‘It remains almost beyond my range of thought, that we could even dream of letting a few greedy, vampiric, septic tanks, dictate to us about our National Sport. Rick f.cking Parry traipsing after them like the dog he is.’

‘What I really can’t understand is the EFL clubs just accepting it as if there’s absolutely no alternative. Just accepting the first proposal that is put in front of them instead of joining the other premier league clubs and fighting for a proper solution. The game has totally gone now. Quite a few owners are just happy with their clubs being where they are so long as they can keep the books balanced.’

‘Exactly. The Premier League haven’t even made their counter offer yet.’

‘The principles enshrined in this ‘deal’ are genuinely disgusting. It is a predatory slight of hand to turn a bug into a design feature.

Honestly man, how dare they.’

‘They dare alright, and good old Mr. EFL Parry is praising them for “caring about the Pyramid”.

You’d have to laugh if it wasn’t so f.cking insulting.’

‘I cant understand (if true) why Donald would agreed to this deal. Long term does he really think that he will eventually sell the club for the reported £35m?

For someone to come in and pay that amount has to have serious money, that the so called 6 will reject.’

‘Tv income is projected to half for newly promoted clubs with 25 million held back for teams when they inevitably get relegated. It would be almost impossible for promoted teams to compete.

The income of man United and Liverpool will shoot through the roof with them selling half their own away games to overseas customers.

Our dreams and aspirations would be taken away as any chance of silverware ever been won again would have essentially disappeared. We wouldn’t ever be able to establish ourselves in the top flight again.

With aspirations taken away id seriously question the point of spending so much money watching football and think that would be the end for me. And many others too. Kids around sunderland would support these elite clubs in bigger numbers and the club would just slowly fade away imo. I just dont get how you can see this as a positive for the club.’

‘I can understand an owner of Fleetwood or Morecambe being in favour, but Middlesbrough (and SAFC) really should have more self respect and ambition. F.cking hell, selling themselves out for a few quid which will soon be taken away from you anyway because Man City and Chelsea want more of the share.’

‘£3.5m each and to get this I’m assuming they will probably means test each club.

3.5m????????? what is the f.cking point.

Donald is just thinking, take the money, buy some time and not look so desperate to any potential buyers.

In essence he can hold out longer for his asking price.’

‘I do think supporters should be a little more open-minded on these proposals. Everyone wants equity in the sport and to maintain tradition but it’s simply not sustainable in its current format and no one else is offering a credible proposal on how the game moves forward during and after the pandemic. It’s a little distasteful in terms of the power afforded to the elite clubs but all industries will have their big players, and it’s just where the sport is in 2020.’

‘Answer me this. Why do the clubs offering this ‘deal’ need what they are asking for? Or alternatively, why is it necessary reform? What is their argument for it?’

‘Exactly. Hell, clubs are already looking at safe standing (having trials etc) and there’s already been a twenties plenty campaign around ticket pricing, so they’re pretty much bribing us with stuff that’s going to happen anyway! It’s so transparent that it’s laughable. And it’s disgraceful if anyone at our club even considers voting for it.’

‘I despise our clown owner thoroughly now for supporting this, more than I despise the clowns who proposed this utter destruction of our game. Donald is just an utter of the highest order, get out of our club scumbag!’

‘The world is full of greed and selfishness at the moment and this ‘project’ just reflects the worst in everyone – from the teams suggesting this power grab, to those willing to accept it for a quick buck.’

Selling our soul for 1.5 million. absolutely f.cking disgraceful. if you cant afford to run the club donald, accept a sensible offer and off back under whichever rock you crawled from.’


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