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Steve Bruce urged to resign by media adviser

10 months ago

Steve Bruce has led a charmed life.

Unbelievably lucky to get the Newcastle United job, the fans left stunned after Mike Ashley forced Rafa Benitez out and then replaced him with a Championship level manager.

Just in case anybody didn’t realise that Steve Bruce was being appointed in the patsy / stooge role previously occupied by the likes of Alan Pardew, John Carver and Steve McClaren, Mike Ashley insisted that Bruce had the title of ‘Head Coach’ rather than ‘Manager’, just like Steve McClaren. So desperate to get the job as he / they knew no other Premier League would consider them, accepting they had no authority on any important decisions other than picking the team.

The luck of Steve Bruce continued, his ‘style’ of football and poor management ability helping Mike Ashley to create massive gaps inside St James Park, so much so that the NUFC owner gave away 10,000 free season tickets in December 2019 to help fill the embarrassing spaces next to his tat empire adverts. From the very start, Steve Bruce further wound up the Newcastle fans with press conferences that clearly showed he was there to be solely Mike Ashley’s man, watching the owner’s back and willing to say whatever it took to back him up (just the same as Pardew, Carver, McClaren…), no building of rapport and a productive relationship with the supporters.

Things were going from bad to worse as results bombed and the football got ever worse, a run of one win in 10 Premier League games from December 2019-February 2020 included a failure to score a single goal in the last four, ending with a 0-0 at home to Burnley

On a personal level with fans, Steve Bruce then very lucky to see supporters cleared from St James Park for the next 15 months. Which only ended with a partial reopening for the Sheffield United game at the end of last season, 10,000 ‘lucky’ Newcastle fans allowed in to see a 1-0 win.

Throughout the virus period, Steve Bruce has attacked the fans, dismissing criticism as coming from a handful of keyboard warriors who aren’t representative of the vast majority of Newcastle fans, who Bruce claims are fully in support of him.

Steve Bruce banned one journalist for asking awkward questions and then limited other newspaper journalists to a minimum of questions, sometimes none, in further press conferences.

A Chronicle poll showed 95% of Newcastle fans wanted Steve Bruce to go, a poll on The Mag showed 98%.

Yet one very bizarre press conference even saw Steve Bruce claiming that far from the fans wanting him gone, the vast majority still wanted him to stay and as proof of that, he claimed he had just been going through the latest sacks of fanmail sent in by post from Newcastle fans, saying what a great job he was doing and ignore the unrepresentative minority of keyboard warriors.

You quite literally couldn’t make it up…

Throughout it all, Steve Bruce has been loyally backed by so many of his friends in the media, no one more so than Luke Edwards of The Telegraph.

From the first whistle of Steve Bruce getting the job, his best mate and main cheerleader Luke has been digging an ever deeper and deeper hole, trying to back up Bruce and at the same time do down Rafa Benitez.

On Tuesday night the frustrations of the Newcastle fans shone through at Rotherham, frustrations with pretty much everything to do with the club, not just playing poorly against a League One club and lucky to get a draw, ending the match with Jeff Hendrick up front…

Mike Ashley and the Premier League might be the biggest culprits but Steve Bruce is a big contributor to the ongoing misery, Newcastle fans booing Bruce and singing ‘You’re just a ‘sh.t Steve McClaren’…

Steve Bruce during the virus impacted ban claimed the fans were solidly behind him, yet we all know that Bruce could never be claiming and hiding behind that delusion if the supporters had been present, especially during the four months of only two wins in 21 games last season.

Luke Edwards has come out…all guns blazing, in support of his best mate, firing wildly and making all kinds of points that fail to hit the target. As evidenced by the reaction of Newcastle fans below to his Steve Bruce defence.

As the Head Coach’s unofficial media adviser, the man from The Telegraph has urged Steve Bruce to walk, here’s hoping he takes notice because if Bruce thinks stick from 1,488 travelling NUFC fans at Rotherham is tough to take, just wait until he is standing on the touchline at St James Park with tens of thousands letting him know it isn’t just a handful of keyboard warriors.

Luke Edwards of The Telegraph (also close friend and special media adviser to Steve Bruce…) on Twitter after final whistle at Rotherham – Tuesday 27 July 2021:

“Newcastle United fans turning on Bruce after a pre season friendly singing “you’re just a sh.t Steve McClaren” and people think that’s funny?

“Get me off the ride. Embarrassing.

“Two seasons in charge, exact same points as his predecessor… hasn’t been given any new signings this summer.

“McClaren basically got club relegated despite 5th highest net spend in Europe.

“This season is going to be utterly joyless if this is the sort of thing people think is funny or helps. Feared this would happen. He becomes target for all the frustration and anger… again

“If I were Bruce I’d walk, 3 weeks before the season like his predecessor did.

“Why put up with it? Let someone else deal with this toxic, poisonous atmosphere.

“All the same problems will exist when he’s gone and he’ll leave with reputation enhanced within the game. Fact.”

Newcastle United fans reacting / replying to Luke Edwards, funnily enough didn’t quite agree…:

Mr Peter Pickle:

‘I’m stunned he didn’t get pushed for the Spurs job Luke? Or even the Palace one – bit of a shock for a manager doing a brilliant job.’

Kendall Rowan:

‘He’s fed into the atmosphere with his poisonous comments about fans, belittling at every opportunity.’

Paul Karter:

‘Did Rafa leave 3 weeks before the start of the season? End of June isn’t 3 weeks. Plus his contract was up. Totally different. Bruce very lucky there were no fans last season or he’d be long gone. That’s a fact as you point out.’

John Kinghorn:

‘Reputation enhanced!!! Think you need to walk as well Luke, or at least ask your paper to put you in a different area or at least not covering NUFC. Embarrassment.’

Martin Johnson:

‘There were 5 premier league jobs available over the summer and Bruce wasn’t even mentioned in passing for any of them. If he left nufc he’d probably land at derby to replace Rooney. He called us keyboard warriors and weaponised his son on here so he will reap his reward.’

Neil J R:

‘Do you really believe that no other manager could do a better job than Bruce can do with the players we have ? Whether or not Ashley is the owner he doesn’t have a say in training and formations. Fans have issues with Bruce for one reason and Ashley for other reasons.

If Bruce leaves then yes we will still be left with Ashley but maybe the football will be better. Why do you think that just because Ashley is a bad owner we shouldn’t be bothered by a bad manager.’

Craig H:

‘Bruce is walking and Luke is getting off the ride. Might not be a bad season after all.’

Dave Binks:

‘Is that the reputation as being the worst Premier League manager in history? Fact.’


‘Putting “fact” after a sentence doesn’t make it a fact. It actually tends to highlight ones desperation to make a fluffy load of tripe appear to have more welly.’


‘Luke what other PL club would even shortlist him? None. I wouldn’t call that enhanced, would you?’

John Herbert:

‘His predecessor walked away at end of his contract and the total lack of backing from the owner to help compete.

Benitez had a proven record before joining Newcastle United and had done everything asked of him during his tenure.

Don’t rewrite history.’

Mohsin Khan:

‘Fans do have a right to voice their opinion. And opinions are there to be debated and disagreed upon. That’s football. Stats may show Bruce = Rafa in many forms on paper. But reality is that it’s a downgrade. Disapproval of Bruce is disapproval of Ashley & the club’s approach.’


‘I like you but you don’t half talk sh.te when it comes to your mate ha.’

Neil Robinson:

‘Problem is that Bruce appears just to accept the situation and talks down the club , Rafa saw the potential and always talked of what it could be , think people would have more respect if he did walk away.’


‘Didn’t see Tottenham wolves or Everton fighting over Bruce and his enhanced reputation over the summer!!!!’


‘Because he’s finished once he leaves here. If he’s lucky he might find employment in the 1st division but the true extent of his limitations as a coach have been laid bare in the last 2 seasons, whatever his media m8’s claim!’

FUT Coaching Aaron:

‘Lol! The state of this man. Bruce is awful, saved by Jones last season and carried by ASM in most games. He has added zero value to any player in the squad and has had to revert to Rafa’s style as his own was. If Bruce that good why not poached by Spurs?’

Andy Mead:

‘It would have been easy for Bruce to get the fans on his side. He chose not to do that. He can take his enhanced reputation to whatever team wants him with my best wishes. Take your swipes at Bruce’s predecessor all you want…. he always was class towards the fans. Always.’


‘The problem is Luke, and you know this already, is that he accept mediocrity, has no ambition and won’t push for more. He’s grateful for the newcastle job as we won’t get better. The difference with Rafa was that he has and could get better and always wanted more.’

Scott Anderson:

‘You are deluded if you think the only reason Bruce’s team plays badly is because he hasn’t signed any new players. He’s a terrible manager, belittles the club, tactically inept, points total saved by a combination of Graeme Jones and give the ball to maxi and hope for the best.’


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