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My only lapse in logic was to get involved with Newcastle United…

2 years ago

Now I’m no legal expert but I would like to think that I know my football and have a reasonable amount of common sense.

My only lapse in logic was to get involved with Newcastle United…

The Premier League Owners and Directors test is meant to be a checklist, a tick box if you like.

It’s meant to look at current and past legal evidence to checkout convictions and dishonest acts proven by the legal system.

It certainly isn’t meant to be a process where a decision is delayed because there is an awkward feeling about the purchase, or new evidence in the future might emerge.

Just as well for some of the hypocritical current owners of top clubs!

It’s not meant to be the Premier League deciding if participants are guilty, or morally wrong, before adjudicating on the process.

Nor is it meant to be a witch hunt or free for all to submit damning evidence, in the hope that a moral chord is struck and the deal is either delayed or actually disallowed.

Whatever is decided now, the whole thing will be seen as a farce and there is bound to be an appeal, one way or the other.

The Premier League are reluctant to comment, and this is fine, but you can’t help but think that they are looking to make any decision watertight. Again, I would argue that this is an over reaction because the test is simple, based on legal decisions and not moral dilemmas.

It would be interesting to hear from anyone with legal knowledge because the law works in mysterious ways.

The Premier League certainly work peculiarly and are over complicating what should be a simple process. Anyone who can use Google can decide for themselves.

Finally, I must mention the World Trade Organisation report.

They may be the largest independent adjudicators dealing with trade disputes but they aren’t law courts and I hope the Premier League appreciate this.

Or will we be the first pawn in a rather large chess game to be turned down because of public, parliamentary and moral pressure?


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