The Mag’s MatchChat for Dummies

MatchChat is a simple, easy-to-use commenting platform built by football fans, for football fans. MatchChat allows you to comment below your favourite articles on ‘The Mag’.

Newcastle fans live and breathe their football club 24/7 and MatchChat will enable fluid interaction between all fans of Newcastle United.




If you want to react to an article and post a comment, with MatchChat you can do this in seconds. You just enter your name and e-mail address and that’s it!

If you prefer to post using your Facebook or Twitter name you can do this too, simply by clicking the respective icon.

What’s even better, next time you come to post a comment on ‘The Mag’, all you have to do is type your message and click ‘post’ because MatchChat remembers you. It’s that easy!




The live fan counter shows you how many other fans are online and reading the same article as you. So now you’ll know when you’re sharing a story with 100s of other Toon supporters!




Also if you ever feel a fan’s comment is inappropriate or offensive, you can always flag it offside for it to be removed by The Mag’s moderators.

Any question on how to get the best out of our new commenting system, please email us at [email protected] and we’ll help you to help us provide the best informed forum for Newcastle United fans you’ll find anywhere.