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The Mag continues to be the leading magazine for Newcastle United fans, both in terms of quality and sales.

We have been delivering the content fans of NUFC want for over twenty years and our  commitment to quality and original material has carried the supporters with us, through the decades of good, and no so good, times.

By working with The Mag you will be aligning yourself with a brand that has real credibility with the fans of Newcastle United, tens of thousands of people around the north east and beyond.

We want to bring the very best to the supporters of Newcastle United and that includes working with partners such as yourself, to promote your products alongside the editorial content.

A winning combination!


Facts & Figures:

With a readership in excess of 40,000 per issue, the magazine is part of the match day experience of the fan.

Home crowds average around 50,000 with an average estimated match day spend of £45 per person.

Retailing at £3.00 per issue, with a circulation exceeding 12,000 per issue, the magazine provides businesses and brands with the opportunity to tap into this lucrative market.

The readership breakdown is 85% male and 15% female and 100% committed to Newcastle.

The magazine has over 2,000 loyal annual subscribers.

The magazine is sold through two other distribution channels – outside the ground on match day and at over 450 newsagents across the north-east.

There are at least 10 issues each year spread over the 12 months, coinciding with key matches played at St James’ Park as well as a ‘Summer Special’.


Why Advertise:

The specific target audience that is the ‘Newcastle Fan’ ensures the advertiser reaches an accurate demographic for his/her business.

Established publication with over 20 years’ involvement in football and Newcastle.

The retention value of the magazine is guaranteed, as it is a collectable.

Prestige through association with a leading football brand.

Advertising has a long shelf life, meaning the adverts are NOT time sensitive.


Contact Us:

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Email: [email protected]


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