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Nottingham Forest fans comments before and after losing to Newcastle United – Intriguing

2 weeks ago

Nottingham Forest fans commenting before AND after their team lost 3-2 to Newcastle United

Intriguing to read what they have been saying about the match, Newcastle United, NUFC fans…

Nottingham Forest fans not too happy!

Nottingham Forest fans comment via their LTLF message board:


Another good hiding to send the geordies into freefall 3 nil this time.’

‘2-0 Forest.

Bring it on Geordies.’

‘First double of the season coming up, mark my words.’

‘I’m confident we’ll beat those Geordie tw.ts again.’

‘I have a feeling this could come together with a win. Newcastle’s defending is atrocious., and I hope our defence can put in another big shift. 2-1 to Forest COYR.’

‘Still hate them for ’74 and love it when we crush em.’

‘Same here, I was 12yrs old at the time, I went with my dad.

I remember the bricks and bottles thrown by the Geordie scum after the game.’

‘Toon are due a defeat.’

‘Newcastle look tired and their form has really dropped off. For me, Barnes is the big danger and Trippier’s set pieces are quality. Whether Burn starts or not, I think we have enough, if we can avoid giving away too many free kicks in the final third. Don’t like to tempt fate, but I think we can win this.’

‘The barcodes have been dreadful away from home this season, but they did win at Villa Park recently.

They’re obviously a good side, but I think we can take them.’

‘Geordies are a sh.t show car crash on a level above us. Over reaching owners with a two bob PL manger in Howe. He’s toast soon…’


‘A few weeks ago Martin Dubravka maybe brushes Diogo Jota’s ankle who then proceeds to take three more steps followed by a swan dive. Anthony Taylor can’t give Liverpool a penalty fast enough.

Tonight Martin Dubravka lifts his arm to literally trip Taiwo Awoniyi over as he tries to jump over him and Anthony Taylor isn’t interested.’

‘I’ve looked at the penalty this morning. Not changed my mind. Soft shout imho.

Reminds of the Wissa penalty given against Henderson. Player stumbling, goalie tries to reach the ball. Player trips on goalie. Shouldn’t have been given.’

‘A fit again Anthony Gordon plagued Williams down the Newcastle left, and Trippier exploited Tavares defensive weaknesses down the right.’

‘Botman shoves Williams out of the way to allow himself to head the ball across for Schar to score Newcastle’s second goal.

Are you allowed, these days, to just push a defender out of the way with your arms to stop them getting the ball and give yourself time to make a header? It’s not like the referee’s view would have been obscured. Should Williams have gone to ground to force the issue?’

‘I’ve noticed this more and more lately.

Two handed shove in the back, on or off the ball? – Play on. Pushed player “needs to be stronger there”.

Light brush of unnaturally dangling leg in honest attempt to kick the ball? – Freekick/penalty. “clear contact, definite foul”.*

(* unless it’s Taiwo Awoniyi of course, when again, “he has to be stronger”)’

‘Incisive on the counter.

Missed multiple clear cut chances.

Opponent limited to chances created by our own mistakes.

Opponent scores from rubbish set piece defending and rubbish misplaced pass in defensive 3rd.’

‘I’m gutted about that result to be honest.

Fair enough Arsenal are the sort of side where we were always likely to be chasing shadows, but Forest should have been a bit tighter yesterday. Far too often the likes of Longstaff and Miley got the balloon the half turn with a big open area to run in to, before the play was switched.’

Fabian Schar Goal Celebration

‘Burn, Gordon, Schar etc are “clever” and Ryan Yates is a “dirty clogger”. It’s become a theme this season.

Yesterday, Elanga was running into the box and was shoved but he stayed on his feet to put the cross in. Nearly every other team would have dived over to try and win a penalty. Gibbs White, after that brilliant control, fouled but didn’t dive over. On the other hand you have Callum Wilson, who Gibbs White give a very small pull on, takes a couple of steps and commically flops to the flop trying to get him a second yellow card rather than running into acres of space to attack. Says it all doesn’t it.’

‘What was the increased security about yesterday? There was a complete cordon around the turnstiles for a cursory (pointless) search, the helicopter was up pre-match and there were coppers everywhere.

Had Greggs missed a delivery and they were prepared for the great sausage roll riot?’

‘Yeh drug search dags as well. It’s funny but Forest and Newcastle don’t really have history as such.. well other than the infamous cup game up there. I suppose the thinking is that if these supporters can afford £47 a ticket they can afford coke.

No trouble in Nottingham either, seen geordies mixing with Forest absolutely fine.’

‘I agree with the comments about the inept referee……….we seemed to be on the wrong end of most of his decisions. Awoniyi was wrestled to the the ground a couple of times & he waved play on.’

‘There are two issues in the penalty…

The first is whether was there a trip or attempted trip by the keeper. If the playing is already stumbling, and having lost control of the ball is a good indication of this, then it might be there is no trip.

The second is the DOGSO test for a caution. Having control of the ball is a proxy for if there really is a goal scoring opportunity. There is no opportunity if there is no control.’

‘The debate will go on but if that is given as a penalty against your team you would never say that’s fair.’

‘It was definitely a penalty, Alan Shearer said it was and that’s that.’

‘I know it worked a few times last year but I think the Niakate long throw is very ineffective now. It rarely seems to clear the first man or is just easily dealt with. At the very least we need to mix it up, take a shorter one when people are expecting the long throw.’

‘There’s no point using it as an offensive tactic if the defenders are a foot taller than our forwards.’

‘Alan Shearer is on our side. Never thought I would see the day.’

‘It wasn’t a penalty for me, i thought at the time Taiwo was looking for it. There’s contact but it looks as though he leaves his leg in there.’

‘You know I can’t believe that there are Nottingham Forest supporters on this forum that are still saying that possibly wasn’t a penalty to Nottingham Forest. I mean that pathetic decision might well have relegated us.

Where’s the anger?’

‘Literally everyone around me either had their head in their hands or were laughing at the time. Farcical tangle of his own legs from a man never once in danger of controlling the ball. If I’d have reffed that game I wouldn’t have given it.

I’ve got plenty of anger. Mostly directed at our recruitment team. But more for Dan Burn’s nfl body check for the 3rd goal that hasn’t had a mention, than the Taiwo pen.’

‘It’s a crude analysis but as per Opta:

Forest’s back 4 won; 2/8 aerial duels.

Newcastle’s won; 13/18 aerial duels.’

‘If the ref is allowing the sort of blocks Newcastle were allowed to do we should wise up and do it too…’

Eddie Howe Newcastle United

‘Was an entertaining first half, second half Newcastle tightened up to avoid the counter and resorted to “game management” or cheating to the layman.

We were worth more than we got, certainly didn’t deserve to lose.

However, the sad truth is we ship too many goals one end and miss chances at the other. Geordies had 3 maybe 4 shots and scored 3. Created very little else. We had loads of chances, didn’t take them only scored 2. How many times are we going to lose 3-2?

We also seem to be unlucky. Sounds daft but the number of times the run of the ball went in Newcastles favour was annoying.’

‘It wasn’t a penalty, Awoniyi wasn’t tripped, he fell over Dubravka’s hand. He never had that ball under control at any point when he was running towards goal.’

‘Look at how street wise they are compared to our lot. First goal Gordon blocks Elanga’s run to close down the cross, Miley deliberately presses up and into Nuno at the back post. Freedom to cross and a free shot on goal because of it.

3rd goal – Dan Burn sees Dominguez is attempting to close down Bruno Guimares and barges him over. Dominguez on the ground, Bruno is now free to shoot. Goal.’

‘I didn’t think it was a penalty, wanted it but didn’t think it was.’

‘We lost, against a side whose starting 11 cost £203m (Versus our £115m) and who brought on £75m worth of talent to shore up the game (Versus our £18m) but bleated on about injuries and missing players and being hamstrung by PSR etc etc etc.’

‘Forest did enough to win but fail with set pieces to a very average Newcastle. But I fully understand their celebrations after the final whistle, their ego’s as big as some of the naked fat ba..ards on display.’

‘We should have had 2 penalties that 100% would have been given to other teams.’

‘It shouldn’t be understated how much Dan burns foul helped them score their 3rd. He literally blocked our player off. That’s a foul 10/10 times usually.’

‘Will take 2 goals scored in any prem match but the terrible defending will send us down.

1st goal – Ball watching thier training ground routine.

2nd goal – Silly foul by Yates who then cocked up the high ball sent into the box.

3rd goal – Sloppy Elanga pass gifts Bruno the ball in a ridiculous amount of space.’

‘I thought we played really well and were the better side for most of the game. We were undone by 3 excellent finishes and let ourselves down from the set pieces again.’

‘I’m a Forest fan but I didn’t think it was a penalty.

There should have been no need for var if we are being honest.’

‘100 % a penalty according to the laws of the game. There was contact that took the forward down.’

Martin Dubravka Newcastle United Taiwo Awoniyi Nottingham Forest

IMAGO/Offside Sports Photography

‘Anyone blaming the ref is deluded. We’re lucky neither Yates nor Gibbs-White were sent off.

Elanga dived for the first penalty call and Awoniyi was already falling over.’

‘After the first 15 mins was done I thought we were the better side. But you had a team of out of form experienced pros with belief in themselves playing what looked like a bunch of nice lads who didn’t want to upset anyone.’

‘Mag ba..ards.

Still, there is plenty to be optimistic about here.’

‘I don’t think we deserve to win this, but there is no way Newcastle deserve 3 points here. So frustrating that we cause our own problems, time and time again.’

‘There was comment about how no neutral is tuning in to watch Forest. Well I sure as sh.t aint tuning in to watch Newcastle for any entertainment.’

Stats via BBC Sport:

Nottingham Forest 2 Newcastle 3 – Saturday 10 February 2024 5.30pm:


Newcastle United:

Bruno 10, 66 Schar 43


Elanga 26, Hudson-Odoi 45+6

(Half-time stats in brackets)

Possession was Forest 38% (31%) Newcastle 62% (69%)

Total shots were Forest 13 (4) Newcastle 7 (5)

Shots on target were Forest 3 (3) Newcastle 5 (4)

Corners were Forest 4 (1) Newcastle 4 (3)

Referee: Anthony Taylor

Attendance : 29,2451 (3,000 Newcastle)

Newcastle team v Nottingham Forest:

Dubravka, Trippier, Schar, Botman, Burn, Longstaff, Guimaraes, Miley (Livramento 81), Almiron (Barnes 60), Gordon (Krafth 90+2), Wilson

Unused subs:

Karius, Dummett, Lascelles, Ritchie, Hall, Murphy

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Newcastle United confirmed matches to end of March 2024:

Saturday 17 February 2024 – Newcastle v Bournemouth (3pm)

Saturday 24 February 2024 – Arsenal v Newcastle (8pm) TNT Sports

Tuesday 27 February 2024 – Blackburn v Newcastle (7.45pm) BBC1

Saturday 2 March 2024 – Newcastle v Wolves (3pm)

Monday 11 March 2024 – Chelsea v Newcastle (8pm) Sky Sports

Saturday 16 March 2024 – Crystal Palace v Newcastle (3pm) ***If Newcastle beat Blackburn, NUFC will be playing in FA Cup sixth round this weekend instead.

Saturday 30 March 2024 – Newcastle v West Ham (12.30pm) TNT Sports


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