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Letters to The Mag – Newcastle United fans (and odd Aston Villa fan…) having their say

1 week ago

The opinions continue to flow into The Mag, as Newcastle United fans debate the various issues affecting our club.

Whether it is events on or off the pitch, always plenty to talk about.

Newcastle United fans with the latest collection of opinions below, plus the odd visitor from elsewhere…

Contributions are sometimes too brief to make up into a full article and so we have gathered up a number of recent comments sent in, relating to issues at Newcastle United (if you would like to send anything in, long or short, then is the place):

Dear Mag,

I don’t think there is a Geordie out there who cannot relate to the story of BDB. He has been a journeyman professional, who worked his way up the league and found his way back home at Newcastle amid shifting tides and a wave of optimism.

He fitted right in, and has been brilliant at LB, covering exceptionally most of the time down the left, as well as being a colossus at defensive set pieces.

Questions have emerged recently as to whether he should be dropped in favour of Tino Livramento. I do not see this as a witch hunt, nor does it call into question either BDB’s contribution thus far or what he still has to offer.

It is simply the recognition that one of England’s most promising full backs is currently warming our bench.

Tino is an outstanding natural defender (as we have already seen) as well as a powerful force in attack.

This is a dilemma for Eddie Howe to deal with.

It is the sign of a good club and it is a hard choice. BDB was exposed on Saturday as he has been by good sides this season somewhat consistently. But he offers a lot.

Personally, I think Tino is a better bet, and will help Anthony Gordon score a boatload of goals. Time will tell, but don’t try to kill the debate.

We all love BDB. He is living his best life, but Tino is the future. The only question is if the future is now.

Rich Milburn

Dear Mag,

Hate losing to you scabby Geordies.

You just got lucky.

We were not good, not case of you being any better than average, which is what you really are.

Luck with you on the night but Villa much better than your lot.

Jack UTV

Dear Mag,

I feel it is time now for the ‘big 6’ to move out of The English Premiership , as they (their owners) have wanted for a long time.

With FFP, VAR, FA  and TV, so many letters with one aim in mind in this division, namely looking after these teams week in week out.

FFP. Surely it is time now to finalise all teams in the Premiership and dish out whatever fines or points deduction, as really the League is currently a farce .

VAR. It also continues to be farcical, in particular the time taken to make a decision, going forward with this and in particular the injury / VAR time should / could be controlled better, e.g. If a VAR decision is not concluded within 60 seconds then the on field decision stands , do not send referee to the Screen as decision has been been made by VAR, cop out by VAR.

FA. All teams in the Premiership should start off the same, not only Zero points but no investigations hanging over them i.e a clean slate as all the teams know the rules.

Unfortunately, I now believe the UK officials are not of the same quality that is required in this league compared to other European Champions League officials.

TV. The Standard of Pundits , Match Commentry and Assistant in Commentary has declined greatly, to where I have continually lowered the sound now , maybe the broadcasters are reducing their costs by hiring less experienced individuals.

If these ‘big 6’ owners want to move on , they must understand they can’t play in the English Premiership or The English Cup Tournaments .

I finally must commend our Manager, Staff and Players on how they have managed to to continually against all odds, move through this season with all they have had to contend with.

Step forward my early Manager of 23/24, Eddie Howe.

Ian Aitken

Dear Mag,

Watching an interview with Mac, Moncur, Kelly, Clark and Tindall , I heard Bob Moncur mention that a ‘Fairs Cup’ group of fans etc was formed, grateful if anyone can please direct me where I can get in touch with them.

Alan D

Dear Mag,

We have one of the best managers in the premiership.

He showed his class with the way he supported big Dan Burn on Sky.

He knew the Vultures were circling and wanted him to criticise Wor Dan but Eddie wasn’t having it and backed his man to the hilt.


Dan Burn Header Goal Fulham

Dear Mag,

You may have seen the name Linzi Smith in the news recently.

Ms Smith is apparently a Newcastle supporter and from everything I have read, a fairly decent one, she has told the media that on the 31st of October last year she got a three year ban from SJP (ED: Claimed to be due to comments made on Twitter on transgender issues). To the best of my knowledge this wasn’t for anything she did at SJP or from any criminal activity – the club did pass her details to Northumbria Police who carried out an investigation and decided no crime had been committed.

To the best of my knowledge there has been no official explanation from the club as to why it thinks it is fair or reasonable to ban an otherwise loyal supporter from the ground for something that simply has nothing to do with her behaviour in the ground, or as a Newcastle supporter.

I have been going to matches for a considerable period of time and at the ground I really only want to talk about football.

I am not bothered about the ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation or political opinions of the fellow supporters I chat to. This part of my life is football.

We need clarification from the club about this matter and a clear commitment to respecting the rights of its supporters to have their own opinions about things and not be persecuted for having them. It would be nice if Linzi had her ban rescinded and got an apology as well.


Stephen Hunter

Dear Mag,

Supermac and all his goals for both clubs came to mind, Mitro more recently.

Then Kevin Keegan, Paul Bracewell, Malcolm Macdonald, Scott Parker and last but not least, the late great Sir Bobby Robson, all managed Fulham at some point with some of those also being players along with: Peter ”Pedro”Beardsley, Andrew (Andy) Cole, Aaron Hughes, Roy Bentley, Louis Saha, Wayne Routledge, Lee Clark, Alan Neilson, Danny Guthrie, Howard Gayle, Damien Duff, Alain Goma. Any more?

Newcastle Fans Outside Craven Cottage Fulham

An interesting history between the two clubs and without being disrespectful of Fulham, I would never have thought that of all the London clubs to pick from, they would have attracted as many good if not great players / managers, unless a complimentary Harrods store card was the deciding factor in some of the players’ contracts. LoL!

I wonder if there are any other clubs that could rival these stats?


Dear Mag,

Villa are having a great season overall and whilst some of our fans are moaning because of a recent drop off in results, I think Unai Emery is brilliant.

I know you lot have seen some rubbish in your time, Bruce especially, but as well as having him, we’ve also seen Garde, Gerrard, Di Matteo and Sherwood at the Villa!

Anyway, just wanted to say that not many managers have bested Emery on tactics but in both matches this season, Eddie Howe has done a right number on the Villa boss.

I think we have two of the best managers in the Premier League and hoping that likes of Villa and  the Toon can force their way into the top end on a permanent basis.

We need to be pushing together, we know who our common enemies are, the ones who are determined to keep all the cash and power for themselves!

Kev T

Unai Emery Aston Villa Manager

Dear Mag,

I just don’t understand why Newcastle scouts haven’t been out looking for upcoming talent from abroad.

There is no need to buy players from English teams, pay over the odds just cause they play in England.

You look at teams like Celtic that get under £3m for winning the league, they search for players that are up and coming players that sell on for profit .

Van Dijk, Jota are prime examples.

Their scouting is excellent, along with tapping into countries and getting more fanbase by buying young players who the fans love from abroad .

Some players now who Celtic have bought from England and abroad for under £3m.

Matt O’Reilly, Vickers and tapping in on the Chinese and Japanese players.

Which is going to make them good money .

Why on earth are the toon not looking at this strategy, get the scouting sorted out fast as desperate for a squad.



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