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Sunderland fans comments on morning of Newcastle match ahead of kick-off – You have to laugh

2 months ago

Sunderland fans have had plenty to say ahead of kick-off.

I have never known a fanbase so keen to get their excuses in before a match.

Sunderland fans at pains to say how useless their team and club are, how small-time, compared to their big city / club neighbours.

Such exaggeration in so many comments, Sunderland fans having little grasp of reality and the truth.

The way they want to belittle themselves and their team / club, you would never think they were sixth top of the second tier, at home to a team currently mid-table in the Premier League.

They go on and on about how much the team cost that they will be facing, yet the likes of Dubravka, Schar, Lascelles, Miley and Longstaff have all been playing regularly and cost a combined £11m in transfer fees.

What I pick up from these Sunderland fans is a massive inferiority complex.

Nothing much ever changes…

Sunderland fans commenting via their RTG message board on Saturday ahead of kick-off:

‘Fear and foreboding has just popped round for a pre-game cuppa.’

‘Just hope we are proud of the lads at the end of the game like.

Could get nastier if it’s a poor performance.’

‘I think them getting beat off the likes of Luton, Forrest, Everton very recently have given us hope….hopefully not false hope.’

‘No nerves at all, we aren’t favourites, we shouldn’t lay a glove on them this isn’t like sheff wed or Cambridge was for them. We are the biggest game they can have.’

‘Even when Newcastle were in their pomp they still rarely beat us.

The fans can win it for us today.’

‘A bit worried about O’Nien being sent off, it’s the sort of game I can see that happening.’

‘It’s unlike any game we’ve had against them in my life. It’s a free hit and we’re expected to lose.’

‘Haway get a grip !!


‘If you’re nervous just think how our young players will be feeling. They need our support from start to finish.’

‘I’m never nervous until match day then just a huge sigh of relief when it’s over.’

‘Be very surprised to finish this game without a red card.’

‘Please have Bruno sent off for them I can’t stand him.’

‘I know it’s a free hit, i know we shouldn’t have a chance, i know there’s no shame in losing to a champions league side…………..BUT, We are Sunderland, we have won bigger matches, we can beat these.’

‘I have hit the frosty already purely to calm my nerves

4 litres for after the match hopefully celebrating on the shed roof.’

‘Not really all that nervous, they should beat us pretty comfortably. Of course we have a chance but they have a squad that’s cost 40 times ours. They will have multiple players on the pitch who cost more than our club and squad combined.’

‘Im not nervous atm to be honest but i think it will change when i see 6000 of those cretins behind the goal.’

‘Pleased I’m not going, I can’t think of a more vile sight.’

‘If we were playing Bournemouth today we’d probably fancy our chances a bit, well this is the level of Newcastle. They’re a bang average prem club who have lost 8 out of their last 9.’

‘Expect to get beat but just don’t want to embarrass ourselves and hope the lads give it a good go.’

‘The only thing that will really annoy me is a loss by 3 or more goals. Their team cost half a billion. It’s embarrassing for them if they don’t hammer us.’

‘Remember 73

Man city many said not a chance.

Arsenal many said not a chance.

Leeds many said not a chance.

We have every chance till the ref blows the final whistle. KTF FTM.’

‘View it as a free hit marra. Their squad is worth about £700 million, ours about 70p.

We arnt meant to even push them for a draw today.’

‘They have a team assembled for probably hundreds of millions, with top flight and international experience. We have an unbalanced squad assembled for about 40p, with no experience of big games and no leaders. Even the manager doesn’t have much experience.

We are probably going to get hammered. If not, brilliant. I’m just wanting it over and done with. I think it will be the first time that if we got beat by them it would not hurt.’

‘They’ve been on a terrible run and have a lot of injuries …

May the stars align today.’

‘The next 3 hours are going to be TORTURE.’

‘Always the worst bit. Then after you wonder why you got so nervous.’

‘I’m nervous now but one look at Wilson’s smug face will turn it to anger.’

‘I’ll be happy with a repeat of Fulham last year. I don’t think anyone gave us a chance against them. A PL should always beat a EFL side. There’s extra pressure because it’s a Derby but the same logic applies. But I think there’s more pressure on the Mags. Not only are they expected to win but their season rests on this. There isn’t too much pressure on us.’

‘They pay Bruno more than we pay our entire squad. They are a Champions League squad, we’re a young, inexperienced team with everything to learn.’

‘I’m not nervous at all, way I see it is even though it isn’t COMPLETELY a free hit (wouldn’t accept a 4-0 + drubbing), the overall pressure is on them.

They’re the premier league team

They’re the rich ones.’

‘Remember they have spent more since being bought by a dictatorship than we have in our entire history. It’s difficult to comprehend how much they are expected to win this game. If they don’t it will be one of their biggest embarrassments (other than being Mags).’

‘Not nervous at all. Whatever happens, I wouldn’t swap places with them.

Imagine having to pretend that everything’s ok and your club is still your own whilst some appalling nation uses it for it’s own ends.

They’re the club that has spent more money on a striker than our entire club cost.

Their manager is the one who might be sacked if they lose.

They are the ones with all the pressure.

We’re just little old Sunderland. We don’t even have an airport or a cathedral. Even a close game should be embarrassing for them.’

‘I think it will be a close game, but we have to remember…..they are the richest club in the world…’


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