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Sunderland fans comments after Newcastle humiliation on and off the pitch on Saturday – Glorious

2 months ago

Sunderland fans have had plenty to say after Saturday afternoon.

The Mackems humiliated on and off the pitch.

A derby day that had it all…

Sunderland fans commenting via their RTG message board after humiliation v Newcastle United:

‘New depths of humiliation and despair. Thought I’d seen it all.

Whoever made the decision to allow our rivals to stomp all over us and desecrate our ground, for a few extra bob…

I can forgive a lot but changes needed, starting with the debacle today.’

‘Our club have been sportswashed by them scruffs.’

‘Unfortunately we’re the also rans

The media knows it

Our ownership knows it

We will be until we as a fan base grow a back bone and get this chancer out of the club.’

‘After the club bent over backwards to accommodate the dirty fu..ers from up the road yet seemingly did nothing to stop the bloke in a box with a tea towel on his head throwing fake money about

What the fu.. is going on with our club

All this sh.t and we’ve got Michael Beale as well ffs.’

‘Heard about that. Can’t believe he wasn’t knocked out.’

‘If no pics then don’t believe it.’

‘I sit just under boxes on half way line and honestly saw nothing like that.

Saw a little bit of chew to in the padded seats to my right but nothing from boxes.’

‘How did they all get this plastic seagulls in as well?’

‘After witnessing a steward threatening a fan for shouting “Beale you’ve got to do better” at the Coventry game to them telling irate fans to calm down over this you really couldn’t write it man.’

‘Just seems like anyone can do anything if you’ve the £ to pay for it.’

‘Just this season we have been beat 0-4 off Boro and now 0-3 off the mags both at home but it’s all Keith downies fault blah blah.

Until the fans stand up nowt is going to change.’

‘Luke Edwards embarrassed himself when he done that creepy dance the day the Saudis took ownership of the scum. He’s yet another example of a non north east born reporter desperate to be loved by the mag fanbase.’

‘There seem to be loads of these Scotch & cockney sports reporters with no family ties to the north east who move up here for work or uni as adults and suddenly become die-hard “adopted geordies”. It’s absolute weirdo behaviour for me, if you’ve already got enough of an interest in football to decide you want to study it at uni, then you’ve presumably already got a team and cannot pick another.’

Newcastle Fans Scarves Sunderland

‘The funny thing is, the defeat doesn’t bother me. It was ultimately expected.

It’s the sh.t off the field.’

‘We’ve just had it rammed up our off the pitch, not just on it.’

‘It’s leaking out we were given the mags share of the gate receipts.’

‘I’m not wanting this to be just another Beale bashing thread but he spent nearly all the second half sat on the bench.’

‘His football is the worst football I’ve seen in a long long time.’

‘Bring back the swagger we had under TM please!!’

‘Should be playing like prime Brazil v a champions league team. Beale out.’

‘Young lads getting overrun looking to their coach and he’s reading the paper.’

‘Yesterday was just rubbing salt into an already open wound for many of us.

Season ticket holders in the North Stand have been particularly treated terribly by the club they love. Not just the fact our seats were given to that lot but also the communication by the club was awful, then the phase 2 leftover ticket allocation and then the black cats bar redecoration was the final straw.

I will not renew my season ticket.’

‘I’m on the fence whether to renew at all, that’s how much it’s impacted me.

Newcastle fans were getting exclusive f…ing gifts for buying Black Cat Bar tickets man. And what do I get for pouring hundreds into the club every season , not just a one off like those idiot Newcastle fans ?

I get absolutely f… all. I get kicked out of my seat, I get f… all in way of an apology, no way or compensation. Just absolutely nothing.’

‘Every Newcastle fan got a free scarf yesterday. While some wil think it’s just a scarf. It’s their club looking after their 6k fans and being thankful.’

‘It really hit home yesterday when both teams ran out towards opposing fans because the stadium is now the wrong way round.’

‘I used to have a great season ticket sear the north stand but got kicked out when away fans were moved and the BCB seats changed.

It was annoying especially as I spent a season with the charvers in the south stand but I got over it.’

‘What’s the odds that we will play Newcastle in the FA Cup again? Every other FA Cup game no-one turns up.’

Newcastle United Team On Pitch Celebration

‘The sooner our club disregards itself of these Sportswashing enabling morons the better

We have an owner who literally could not give a toss about Sunderland supporters and would rather put mag first.

All levels of the club under his management are run by mags or mag sympathisers.

Time for them to go. KLD out.’

‘I have no association with that speccy w.nker. Doesn’t give a f… about us.’

‘Unless we have a queue of willing buyers, we’re stuck with him and Juan pound for a long while yet.’

‘He needs to go

Contributes absolutely nowt

Has made into an even bigger laughing stock

Using us to make a few quid when he sells.’

‘I’m in . Protests or whatever , go please.’

‘He’s f…ed the fans over for blood money you can’t deny that.

Give them the north but they didn’t need to give them the bar!

What then followed was farcical making us a laughing stock!’

‘Please leave Kyril and your gang of incompetent clowns. We’ve been made a fool of by you and your staff for the last month. You’ve failed us this month and have let the mags take the absolute

‘Chancers and liars is all we get these days.

I’ll never trust another word he says.’

‘Didn’t really hit home until we got in the Stadium, but seeing mine and my sons season ticket seat with black and white in was gutting. And then seeing the black cats bar packed with them was just as bad. KLD had/has no idea of our club and should look to sell asap.’

‘Loss making football clubs dont change hands easily.

Outside of KLD the only other interested parties in the last few years are Billy Storey and some NFT crypto grifters.’

‘There’s far too much bed wetting on here, and negativity.

We lost a 3rd round FA cup game against a top half PL side. We didn’t embarrass ourselves on and off the pitch.’

‘We didnt embarrass ourselves off the pitch? Have you been on Mars?’

‘We’ve been globally embarrassed by our nearest rivals on and off the pitch over the last few weeks and our owners at the club have been complicit with all of it.’

‘The off pitch stuff was an utter disgrace, leading to countless brands taking the and giving NUFC enough ammo to last until the next derby.’

‘Spat my cornflakes out when you said “didn’t embarrass ourselves off the pitch” even neutral fans have said that what had went on with the bcb had been disgraceful and disrespectful’

Alex Isak Goal Celebration Newcastle

Stats via BBC Sport:

Sunderland 0 Newcastle 3 – Saturday 6 January 2024 12.30pm:


Newcastle United:

Ballard OG 35, Isak 46, 90 pen


(Half-time stats in brackets)

Possession was Sunderland 36% (28%) Newcastle 64% (72%)

Total shots were Sunderland 5 (1) Newcastle 10 (6)

Shots on target were Sunderland 2 (0) Newcastle 4 (2)

Corners were Sunderland 0 (0) Newcastle 5 (2)

Attendance: 44,814 (6,000 Newcastle)

Referee: Craig Pawson

Newcastle team v Sunderland:

Dubravka, Trippier, Schar (Lascelles 90+2), Botman, Burn (Dummett 90+2), Guimaraes, Longstaff, Joelinton (Miley 47), Isak, Gordon (Ritchie 90+2), Almiron (Livramento 90+2)

Unused subs:

Karius, Krafth, Hall, Parkinson

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Newcastle United confirmed matches to end of February 2024:

Saturday 13 January 2024 – Newcastle v Man City (5.30pm) TNT Sports

Tuesday 30 January 2024 – Aston Villa v Newcastle (8.15pm) TNT Sports

Saturday 3 February 2024 – Newcastle v Luton (3pm)

Saturday 10 February 2024 – Forest v Newcastle (5.30pm) Sky Sports

Saturday 17 February 2024 – Newcastle v Bournemouth (3pm)

Saturday 24 February 2024 – Arsenal v Newcastle (8pm) TNT Sports


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