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Kevin Phillips embarrasses himself with comments on Newcastle United fans

2 months ago

Kevin Phillips has been reacting to the decision by Sunderland to allocate Newcastle United fans 6,000 tickets for Saturday’s match, especially the 720 NUFC supporters in the Black Cats Bar, which is normally where home fans go.

This Black Cats Bar decision getting maximum publicity these past 24 hours after it emerged (see below) that the Sunderland hierarchy had made the decision to change all the pro Sunderland decoration, to Newcastle United themed.

Hilariously, the Sunderland ownership allowing the Black Cats Bar to be decorated with banners that included ‘Cheer up Peter Reid’, ‘We are United’, ‘Howay The Lads’ and ‘Keep the black and white flying high.’

Then only once there was a backlash when their own fans found out about it, has the Sunderland owner now desperately backtracked and ordered the NUFC branding to be taken down from the Black Cats Bar, pretending he knew nothing about it. Even though as some Sunderland fans have pointed out, the club made the decision to allow this black and white Newcastle United branding three weeks ago.

Anyway, an interesting take on this from Sunderland ‘legend’ Kevin Phillips.

He has tried to deflect attention away from this simply being an embarrassing Sunderland story.

Instead, he has bizarrely tried to make it all about how disgraceful Newcastle United fans are and how shameful their behaviour is guaranteed to be.

There were 720 hospitality tickets available for Newcastle United fans in the Black Cats Bar, these tickets not made available to season ticket holders when the thousands of tickets in normal seating areas went on sale to those ST holders with enough loyalty points.

These 720 Newcastle United fans in the Black Cats Bar have paid £600 each for a package that as well as their padded seat, they get a three course meal and drinks included.

According to Kevin Phillips though, rather than eating and drinking what they have paid £600 for, these Newcastle United fans who have paid a fortune for hospitality, will instead be heading straight to the toilets to smash them up.

Then according to Kevin Phillips, the £600 a head NUFC hospitality fans will if Newcastle lose, be guaranteed to ‘absolutely destroy’ the Black Cats Bar. ‘There will be no stopping them’ the Sunderland ‘legend’ guarantees.

What a pathetic take on it from the former South Shields manager, you would almost think their former player is just desperate to please the Sunderland fans who want to believe this nonsense.

Kevin Phillips speaking to Talksport – 5 January 2024:

“The last game at the Stadium of Light, Newcastle fans smashed the toilets up in the away end.

“They’ve not played each other for eight or nine years and with the pressure as well, imagine if Sunderland win the game, Newcastle fans will absolutely destroy that bar.

“There will be no stopping them.

“I feel sorry for the stewards in there.

“It’s just a crazy decision.

“They could have shut the bar for the game and kept the two tiers.”

Earlier today on The Mag – 5 January 2024:

Newcastle United travel to Sunderland tomorrow.

However, in advance of the FA Cup match, a massive own goal scored by Sunderland owner Kyril Louis-Dreyfus.

He had already infuriated Sunderland fans by agreeing to move season ticket holders out of their usual seats AND the fact that 6,000 tickets had been given to Newcastle United fans.

On top of that though, Sunderland have now had to apologise less than 48 hours before the game, after it was revealed that the Black Cats Bar had been redecorated. As well as the usual Sunderland fans who inhabit it having been kicked out to make way for 720 Newcastle United fans to go in there instead, the Sunderland hierarchy had also taken down all the usual stuff celebrating their club AND replaced it with pro-Newcastle United banners / decoration.

Hilariously, the Sunderland ownership allowing the Black Cats Bar to be decorated with banners that included ‘Cheer up Peter Reid’, ‘We are United’, ‘Howay The Lads’ and ‘Keep the black and white flying high.’

Black Cats Bar Sunderland Stadium Of Light Signs

When images of the banners started to emerge on social media and the Sunderland fans displayed their fury, Sunderland backing down, less than 48 hours before the match…

Sunderland Official Statement – 4 January 2024:

‘Sunderland AFC acknowledges that a serious error in judgement was made in relation to Black Cats Bar earlier this afternoon.

We apologise to our fans for the understandable concern they have fairly voiced in response and this sentiment is shared by the Club’s Ownership Group and Board of Directors, who have requested an immediate review is undertaken to determine how this process unfolded.

A direct decision has also been taken by the Ownership Group and Board of Directors to return the space to its original state and we once again apologise to our supporters that this was not addressed sooner.’

Black Cats Bar Sunderland Stadium Of Light Signs

A BBC Sport report then following up that initial apology, with quotes from the Sunderland owner – 4 January 2024:

Sunderland owner Kyril Louis-Dreyfus says he was “disgusted” after a bar at the Stadium of Light was redecorated with Newcastle slogans.

The Black Cats Bar, to be used by away fans, was furnished with the signage for Saturday’s FA Cup third-round tie.

“I regret to have let you down,” said Louis-Dreyfus, 27.

“I would like to apologise to everyone associated with Sunderland AFC for the events that have unfolded today,” added Frenchman Louis-Dreyfus.

“Like our supporters I was disgusted and hurt by the pictures circulating online of the inappropriate signs that have now been ripped down.

“I take full responsibility for every decision that is taken by the employees of our club and you have my word that I will personally make sure that we make the necessary changes required to improve because it is clear there are many areas where we need to be better.”

Speaking to BBC Radio Newcastle, former Sunderland striker Marco Gabbiadini described the error as “embarrassing”.

“We’ve got a group who’ve taken over the club who you would think, after the last lot we’ve had, would have a bit more knowledge of how football works,” he said.

“There are people from the region on the board. The owner, his club was involved in one of the biggest rivalries in French football with his family’s club, and we’ve opened ourselves up to this. I don’t believe it if I’m honest.

“It’s embarrassing. This will be mentioned by Newcastle fans in 50 years’ time.”

Black Cats Bar Sunderland Stadium Of Light Signs

Just like a politician who has been caught out, the Sunderland owner desperately trying to distance himself from the embarrassing decisions he had been responsible for.

Trying to make out that he had been totally unaware of what had been planned to replace the usual Sunderland themed decoration.

Only one problem with that…

Sunderland fans taking to social media to make clear that some three weeks ago it was common knowledge what the Sunderland owner and his people had agreed to…

As other Sunderland fans have pointed out, the supporters who organise their flag displays have to put their plans to the club ahead of every match for approval. Which in this case saw the Sunderland owner tell them they had to remove abusive anti-Newcastle United banners referring to the NUFC ownership.

So it is beyond belief that Kyril Louis-Dreyfus now claims he had no idea of what was happening with the redecoration of the Black Cats Bar and the pro-Newcastle United banners that would replace the usual stuff.


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