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Fulham fans comments pre-match – Plenty to say about Newcastle United, NUFC fans, the FA Cup…

4 weeks ago

Fulham fans have been commenting pre-match.

Intriguing to read what they have been saying about Newcastle United, NUFC fans, the FA Cup…

Fulham fans clearly gutted after losing to Liverpool on Wednesday night in the League Cup semis.

They seem very divided as to how they should approach this Newcastle game.

Some Fulham fans thinking they should have been allowed in for free, whilst others wondering if they even want to win and stay in the FA Cup.

With clearly loads of Newcastle United fans buying up seats in the home sections, as Fulham fans decide to stay at home and watch on TV, interesting to see the scenes at Craven Cottage when NUFC score / win (hopefully!!).

Fulham fans comment via their FulhamWeb message board:

‘Bit strange how despite having 3 home matches in 6 days how many fans can afford or want to give up there Saturday evening for a a 7pm kick off that’s on a free view channel is beyond me, apart from the passionate Geordies gonna be a bit soulless.’

‘After the tense semi-final with Liverpool in mid-week, the FA Cup game with Newcastle is almost an anti climax, and in my opinion, is not a match that I would be too worried about losing, if we do.

Let’s be honest, we are not going to win the cup, as that is almost pencilled in to be two teams from the top 6 in the final, which is becoming almost as boring as a Rangers v Celtic final in Scotland. Yes there are odd surprises, but they are just that, surprises.

To my mind whoever reaches Wembley, we will play them twice in Premier League matches over the season, and so as far as I am concerned, the bread and butter League matches, are far more interesting and important. By the way,going on last night’s match with Spurs, why don’t we all stop wasting our time and money, and just give City the cup now.’

‘I agree. This match isn’t a priority for us and I reckon it’ll be pretty boring to watch.’

‘I just think we are looking at it the wrong way. Do we go into the Newcastle game with a half-hearted and not too bothered approach?

Personally i didn’t like the way we finished up at Newcastle and the game got a bit tasty and there were a few off the ball incidents that the ref ignored or didn’t see.

I wouldn’t want them turning up at Fulham expecting an easy ride to the next round.

How do we know we can’t win a cup? There has got to be one time in the history of mankind that will say Fulham won a cup. Why not now? I also think the door is still open for someone to step up before the transfer window closes shut.

If i were those guys, i would tell them to try harder and everything is on the line. We want performances worth noting, we want to beat Newcastle today!’

‘Our club should have given our loyal season ticket holders a free ticket for tonight’s match….it would have helped to fill the stadium create atmosphere and spend more in the ground.

No thought that season ticket holders already forked out money mid week and with the match tonight televised they should have known they would need to give financial incentives to those fans who have already financially shown their loyalty by buying an expensive season ticket.’

‘Same for Members like me who always buy tickets and support the club and team, £40 was always too much for an adult ticket for this game, we have 3 games in the space of 6 days.

This should have been made a special price game as a reward for all of us during the always money difficult month of January.’

‘I could see what was going to happen years ago. Sky dictating what and when games were going to be played.. I lost money on my season ticket because o f the game changes for years. So i stopped my season ticket. And i have never ever paid money to sky or who ever . We all have a choice.’

‘I am beginning to forget our last 3pm Saturday kick off.

I am old enough to remember when most cup games were on Saturday at 3pm. TV coverage has both saved and ruined football for the fans.

Living 60 miles from the ground three evening games in six days was daunting so we are missing the cup game and will watch it on TV if we can find ITV 4.’

‘It looks like we have to sell big before we can sign somebody.’

‘Clubs all running scared of FFP, the penalties given to Everton have spooked everyone. Just waiting and hopeful Man City get their penalty. Man City are surely the most disliked team.’

‘Please please can you buy tickets for tomorrow game?

I have messed up with the prices for tomorrows game and don’t want my dads ground looking empty on ITV8….’

‘We know that we need a proper target man after the departure of Mitrovic and we just can’t keep on blaming some players who are not the perfect player we crave.

People say Liverpool played their reserves but even their reserves cost more than our thin squad put together. Why beat ourselves up over this game?

Newcastle next but they are also a team that can throw money around like nothing.

Without money they are not much better than Sunderland.’

‘The crush outside the ground before Liverpool match was dangerous, if somebody was pushed over people could have been killed. The problem are the ticket where people did not know where to put the ticket and what way up it should be. The entry to the ground should be like a season ticket that goes up the top. The Club have denied there was a crush, that is because all the steward cleared off to safety. To be fair once we mentioned the problem to a covering steward about 20 police arrived to try and sort it out. We arrived 20 minutes before kick off and got in 20 minutes after kick off.’

‘I know that it’s a case of, ifs and ands, but had we have had both Bassey and Iwobi in our line up, then maybe, just maybe, the result might have been different, but we will never ever know, but the Liverpool game is in the past now, so we should now put out our strongest possible team against Newcastle on Saturday, and then whatever the outcome, press on from there.’

‘We are a smallish squad and with 3 key players away at the African Nations, we have done well.

A big congrats to our guys’ they have done us proud.

Don’t forget we are still in another cup so bring on Newcastle sat.

Marco Silva is a great manager and he is a master tactician who is working with what resources he has which is not enough even with the 3 gone too.’


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