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This would have been a perfect Newcastle United Christmas present to unwrap

2 months ago

An ideal time in the heart of the festive season to get a snapshot of views from Newcastle United fans on how they think things are going.

So we sent out various questions to a small number of regular / irregular contributors to The Mag.

Here we have GToon:

What would be a perfect Newcastle United Christmas present to unwrap?

I’d like us to wake up to the news that we are having a new 75k ground.

I understand the sentiment of people wanting to remain at St James’ Park but I can’t get a ticket anymore, so what’s the point for me?

The people who have tickets are happy but there’s another 20k at least who’d like to go.

This is our chance to build for our future and I hope we don’t pass it up just cos the ground is on a hill and it’s near some shops!

In 2023, what have been your three best Newcastle United moments?

The opening game of this season where we destroyed Villa was amazing. It was the perfect start to a season full of promise.

The PSG home game was great to watch. Never let them have a second and played a perfect Eddie Howe game.

Beating manyoo 3-0 at their place. I’ve waited 50 years for us to do that to them. I still remember the 7-2 so this felt great. Shame we didn’t score more.

In 2023, what have been your three worst Newcastle United moments?

The Liverpool game by an absolute mile. Probably the worst game in living memory for me.

I have my reasons for hating that team (more than Sunderland) and that game absolutely destroyed me. I still haven’t got over it. If they had said we’ll play with ten men for 70 mins, give you a goal head start and beat you at your own ground! The stuff of nightmares for me.

Second is the citeh away game. We bottled it. We should have gone for them but we stood off them and still lost.

Third is our injury list this season. It’s beyond a joke. It’s ruined any chance of competing this season.

In January, NUFC play Sunderland in the FA Cup, plus PL matches v Liverpool, Man City and Villa. Would you take defeat to the Mackems if it guaranteed three PL wins in January?

Yes. The EPL is how we will develop our squad to get better and better each year.

If you could guarantee five NUFC players to be fit for the rest of the season (including all those currently unavailable), who would you choose?

Pope, Trippier, Bruno, Gordon and Joe7.

Dubravka is now miles behind Pope. Trippier is our leader (not Lascelles). We win nothing without Bruno. Gordon allows us to play the Eddie way with pace on the counter. Joe7 is a beast!

Would you have a problem dressing up in a red and white Santa outfit if asked to?

No problem. I watched a film the other night on my iPad while my wife was asleep and that Santa had a great time so yeah, no problem!

If you could invite three current Newcastle United players to yours for a social gathering at Christmas, who would you invite and why?

I’d invite Tripper to tell him just what an influence he has been at our club. One of the best buys ever made by us. I’d tell him not to worry about the past month.

I’d invite Jacob Murphy as he’s a really funny bloke. I’d chat with him about how it must feel to play for his club.

Finally I’d invite Bruno. He’s barmy isn’t he.

If you could invite three past Newcastle United players and/or managers around to yours for a social gathering at Christmas, who would you invite and why?

KK so that I could thank him for all he’d done for us.

Ashley and Bruce. I’d sit them both down and explain just what they could have won, how easy it would have been to get the fans onside and to Ashley in particular, just how much money he could have made. Then I’d set my dogs on the pair of them and kick them out. BTW my dogs are only small.

Assuming you don’t think that position has been reached already, what would it take for you to think Newcastle United needed to consider replacing Eddie Howe?

I like to study people and I like to listen carefully to what they say and how they say it.

In the documentary you see there is genuine affection towards Eddie from Amanda and her team. That’s nice to see. We also hear a comment saying the best thing they have done to date is “appointing Eddie Howe.” But we also hear from our PIF owner who “wants to be number one.”

So the question is how soon does he want it? Eddie has never managed at this level before, so he is learning, as he openly admits. Will he be given time? I think next year is the year the owners will actually expect to see something won or achieved. I think this season will be like under KK when we came up: 3rd then a drop off to 6th and then reinvestment and a push for the top.

Is Eddie the man? I don’t think any of us know how far he can take us. I hope he is the man to do it as he’s what I want our manager to be like.

If you were granted three New Year’s wishes (apart from the obvious of winning something!) to come true in 2024…

There’s a few wars that could do with ending but I’ll concentrate on football.

1. Us to beat Liverpool and have their 1:1 record against us.

2. A new 75k ground.

3. Unbiased media reporting for our games and the media to be educated about how we see things.

Your New Year’s resolution that is Newcastle United related…?

Not to go absolutely mental when we concede.

My wife says it upsets one of our dogs who is old and he doesn’t know what’s going on.

Do you think this FA Cup derby match will make you wish for more derbies to return in years to come, or never to happen again?

I’d like us to play them as long as we win.

Win the FA Cup or League Cup sometime in the next five years AND finish between 8th and 10th in each of these five seasons, or win nothing AND finish between 2nd and 4th in every one of these five seasons?

Win something. There’s no such thing as a position cabinet.

Three words to sum up what has happened this season so far?

Amazing, devastating and injured.

What are your favourite ever past Newcastle United Christmas time moments / memories. Could be any kind of memories – matches, presents, whatever?

There’s nothing like opening the blue box back in the 70s to see my first ever Newcastle kit. That was a special moment.

I wore it every day, played footy every day and always thought one day I’d play for Newcastle.

Fifty years later and I still buy the shirt now and again, I keep fit and I’m still waiting for the call…

Happy Xmas and new year everyone. It’s been great to talk with you all this year. Glyn.


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