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Sunderland fans comments on drawing Newcastle United in FA Cup – Even more amusing than I dreamt of

3 months ago

Sunderland fans have been reacting to drawing Newcastle United in the FA Cup.

The third round draw on Sunday afternoon seeing the Mackems drawn out at home to NUFC (to be played on weekend of Saturday 6 January / Sunday 7 January 2024).

I was looking forward to seeing what the Sunderland fans would be coming out with.

Well, it was beyond even what I had dreamt of.

They really are a special bunch.

Abuse, panic, confidence, more abuse. Lovely to see.

Sunderland fans commenting on drawing Newcastle United via their Ready To Go message board:

‘Howe would probably lose every bit of goodwill he has bought since he arrived there if they were to lose this one.

They’ll go as full strength as possible.’

‘Hopefully Spirit of 73 come up with a decent display.

Ideally drawing attention to their disgusting ownership.

Highlight what the wan.ers in the media would rather we all forget.’

‘yep, we need to highlight it. if our club won’t allow it, then we need to do it anyway.

i’m happy to help make, smuggle in and hold up banners if the club won’t let us do it officially

murdering f…ing scum that they are’

‘Will we have to give them loads of tickets?’

‘Rules say away club gets 15% of tickets for FA cup games, which would make it 7,000+. I think they’ll be lucky to get anywhere near half that.’

‘Of all the years, couldn’t have come at a worse time.’

‘Nice extra income.’

‘This will be on TV.’

‘I feel sick.’

‘Win or lose – no blood on our hands. FTM.’

‘My Apple Watch is worried about my heart rate.’

‘No way can we play a second team.’

‘We’ll get beat. Hopefully we play well though.’

‘We’ll be on our new manager bounce.’

‘It’ll be January and they’ll have everyone back.’

‘We have absolutely nothing to lose we a mid table championship side use are a champions league side. Literally a free hit for us But it could get embarrassing.’

‘Absolute free hit like some people have said. Hardly like it’s Prem v Prem is it.’

‘Best sell the out.’

‘We aren’t going to turn them over

We lost to Huddersfield with a near full strength side.’

‘Good v evil, light v darkness, cuddly uncle v tiny mouthed freakshow.

Nice to get them out of the FA cup early … we probably won’t even need VAR to humble them.’

‘Magic the cup we have nothing to loose let’s get into them and fu.. them up FTM.’

‘I reckon it’ll be £30 maybe.’

‘Aye the club will get it wrong. Should be cheap as fu.. Sell it out.’

‘Unbelievable. Get the banners knocked up to protest their ownership.’

‘Hope Mowbray gone by then.

Will be a cricket score with Moggadons tactics and selection.’

‘Fu.. the Mags,

And their Jihads,.

They adore their Saudi leader,

Sold their soul to Al Qaeda,

They bomb kids you know?

Beat them 6 times in a row.’

‘We’ll beat them. It’s the cup 11 v 11. They’ll not be happy with that draw.’

‘We lose, no drama ( would hate it but…) as they’re a premier league club with unlimited resources . Beat them and they will never get over it.’

‘Massive anti-Saudi banner needed.’

‘Police will limit it to 2000 away fans I reckon.’

‘It’s absolutely not a free hit though is it.

They’ll absolutely batter us and it’ll be embarrassing as fu.. The fact they’re currently miles better than us, doesn’t make it a free hit.’

‘Positives – no VAR, should fill the ground, be a first experience for a whole generation of fans.’

‘Bring the dirty unwashed horse punching sportswashing black and white ba..ards on…..’

‘If they lost it would be their worst ever. 1 in 10 chance.’

‘If they lose ‘it’s just the cup’

If they win it’ll never be dropped for years, especially if it’s a thumping, sad fu..ers still talk about 5-1 to this day.’

‘Win or lose – no blood on our hands. FTM.’

‘It will sell out if it was £50 a ticket.’

‘Somewhat of a free hit, but don’t want to be getting embarrassed. A narrow defeat would be respectable but if we somehow managed to pull off a shock it would be amazing.’

‘Hope our FA cup stayaways bother with this one!’

‘Mags are away to Liverpool the week before and home to Man City the week after.’

‘Only way this could have been a worse draw is if it was at their place.’

‘They’ll care more about us, small time fans they are.’

‘Probably entitled to 6k to 8k but think NP will have a say in that…last thing you want is loads of them rattling their keys FTM.’

‘The first priority is to make sure we sell it out. Come on everyone, make sure you get ya ticket.’

‘Playing Newcastle’s never a free hit, not sure why people are trying to kid themselves.

Unless we get in the play offs it’s the biggest game of our season.’

‘Self proclaimed richest and best clerb in the world should have nee bother v little old Sunderland

Pressure all on one side here, let’s get into the back and white tw.ts.’

‘Who’s the go to banner bloke on here again? Helps with them usually at home games? Get hi tagged. Massive massive banners!!!’

‘I’m praying for a draw.

Play them in NewJeddah on a night time with 8,000 tickets.’

‘Let’s be honest,they live in our shadow. Yes they are playing good,so what .They aint coming for a draw ,so let’s just give it a go.’

‘Nothing to lose. Easy game for the mags, it’s only took selling their soul to (probably) break our winning streak.’

‘Mags will be fuming when they realise they are only going to get 2200 tickets.’

‘Id rather have had Man City….we could play really well and still lose 3 or 4 nill. That lot dont concede many and are pretty decent going forward.’

‘Nee way the police will want 8000 of them coming over. Be 2.5k at the very very most.’

‘Their style of play is a nightmare for us unfortunately. Non stop hoofs into the box. As long as we’re not embarrassed I’ll be happy.

They should beat us seeing as they’ve spent hundreds of millions.’

‘Praying we’ve got a central midfielder lined up to sign on 1st Jan. Imagining Neil and Ekwah in a derby is making me feel sick.’

‘Get them banners and flags out.’


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