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Premier League table updated – Shows the reality of Newcastle United situation

3 months ago

The Premier League table never lies.

Well, it sometimes tells a few fibs, but in the end the truth is there to see.

As the season pushes on, the Premier League table begins to tell a clearer and clearer story.

This is particularly so when you are looking to be one of the clubs aspiring to be towards the top end.

When you are at the bottom or even just looking to hang around the middle, you relish every single victory.

When you aspire towards that top end though, a draw tends to hit you hard, whilst any defeat leaves you staring at that Premier League table, wondering just how much damage it has done.

Newcastle United spent far too many years under Mike Ashley permanently looking below us at the trapdoor that could open at any time. Under Eddie Howe and the new ownership era though, we aspire to better.

At the weekend it was one of those where the results overwhelmingly went the way of Newcastle United, Eddie Howe’s side dominating and beating Man U, whilst of the others who hope for places at the top end when we get to May 2024, only Liverpool and Arsenal won.

These midweek fixtures though have gone the other way…

Luton 3 Arsenal 4

Brighton 2 Brentford 1

Sheffield United 0 Liverpool 2

Aston Villa 1 Man City 0

Man U 2 Chelsea 1

That has left the Premier League table looking like this on Thursday morning:

As you can see, things are hotting up, the top eight I think are becoming defined.

A point has been reached I reckon where I would be very surprised is this current top eight aren’t also the top eight after the season ends.

I am very confident that Newcastle United will be one of that top eight who end the season in that pack, the only question is where exactly NUFC will finish in that group of eight?

At the weekend we saw Eddie Howe and his team improve their situation compared to all but a couple of those at the top end.

Now this midweek, it is a case of needing to win to keep up the pace, sprinting flat out just to stand still, if you like.

If the worst happened and Spurs won at home to West Ham tonight and Newcastle lost at Goodison Park, it wouldn’t of course then be a complete disaster. However, it would see a bit of a gap opening up between the top five and the rest, in Newcastle’s they would find themselves four points adrift of the top five with then fifth place Spurs to face away from home on Sunday.

Tonight is anything but a walkover BUT the fact remains that after the last two Premier matches have produced superb dominant wins over Chelsea and Man U, that platform absolutely needs to be built on with a victory at Everton. An NUFC win would put Howe’s side into the top five, only a point off fourth and three points off third (seven points off very top…).

I think as well you have accept that a win tonight will be a massive help then when approaching the Spurs away game.

Time for Newcastle United to pick it up away from home, seven wins from eight Premier League games at home, only one from six away.

It is relentless when you have these aspirations now to be competitive, especially with all the other matches in other competitions to deal with as well.

However, this is what we signed up for, it is where we all want to be. Where every game matters for all the right reasons.

We all know and understand that the bad luck has been unprecedented when it comes to Eddie Howe having players missing, but there is just maybe light at the end of the tunnel on that front, with the NUFC boss saying on Wednesday that a few players are now edging back towards availability.

So a bit of a case maybe of holding out further until the cavalry arrive, with also the possibility of January signings.

This small group of available players has already given Newcastle fans so much, now simply a case of those same people having to go again tonight at Goodison Park and deliver, again!


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