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Hypocrite journalist at it again with embarrassing Saudi Arabia attack on Eddie Howe – Shameful

2 months ago

Ever since it became clear that the Saudi Arabia PIF were trying to lead a buyout of Newcastle United from Mike Ashley, certain journalists have been relentless in their attacks on Newcastle United and especially the Newcastle fans.

One of the most prolific is Oliver Holt.

Amongst the many embarrassing moments in his relentless attacks on Newcastle United fans, there was a classic at the Qatar World Cup.

Oliver Holt had refused to boycott that latest World Cup and instead gave it his vote of support and added credibility by travelling there, any morals thrown out of the window, actually paid to be in Qatar, staying in luxury hotels and eating in top end restaurants on expenses, ensuring extra cash flows into the regime in Qatar.

Then he had the nerve to come out with this after Argentina 1 Saudi Arabia 2…

Oliver Holt 22 November 2022

Honestly, what an embarrassment this bloke is.

Oliver Holt, Chief Sports Writer at The Mail on Sunday…coming out with this lame attempted provocation of Newcastle United fans. His employers pay all that money on wages and expenses for this character to be in Qatar, then that is what he comes out with???

The fact that Holt sees himself as some kind of moral champion is surely the funniest thing of all, he is simply an absolute hypocrite of the highest order.

If journalists are so disgusted with where money comes from when it comes to Premier League clubs, then surely they couldn’t work for any employer who does business with any such country / regime that they disapprove of…

Maybe somebody such as Oliver Holt?

Now Oliver Holt has somehow managed to have the nerve to write this shameful cowardly attack on Eddie Howe.

Oliver Holt writing for The Mail – 29 December 2023:

‘Newcastle are not an underdog club any more. They sold their soul to the Saudis and are now stuck in ninth…there is DANGER lurking for Eddie Howe

It was in March 2022 that Eddie Howe said he was educating himself about Saudi Arabia, the repressive state that owns Newcastle United, so that he might be better qualified to talk about the fabulously wealthy, authoritarian regime which pays his wages.

Nearly two years have passed since then, without a word on the subject from the Newcastle boss so it is not so much a comment in a press conference that we are hoping for any more but rather news that Howe is about to present a doctoral thesis on the matter for his PhD.

Maybe it will even include an insight into how the Saudis might view the manager of a team that has the richest owners in the world, spent lavishly in the transfer market, has lost six of its last seven games, finished bottom of its Champions League group, got knocked out of the Carabao Cup and has tumbled to ninth place in the Premier League in the space of a few weeks.

We know what the recent track record of the Newcastle owners looks like on some things: a retweet can get you 34 years in jail if you’re a young mother called Salma al-Shehab and more concerted opposition to the regime can earn you a meeting with a bone-saw and a body bag if you’re a journalist called Jamal Khashoggi.

He [Eddie Howe] has been, unwittingly, the human shield for a regime notorious for its persecution of opponents and minorities.

He has given Newcastle character and identity, too, when the reality is that the club’s soul has been sold to the Saudis. Howe’s success has allowed everyone to ignore the unpalatable part of the takeover, to pretend that Newcastle are the same club they always were, not the vassal state of a nation that stands for so much the people of the North East oppose.’

Honestly, you couldn’t make it up.

This is always though the real silver bullet when it comes to Holt’s shameless embarrassing attacks on Eddie Howe, Newcastle United and the NUFC fanbase.

In February 2015, Oliver Holt changed jobs, he moved from the Daily Mirror to the Mail on Sunday, Holt’s new employers were/are DMGT (Daily Mail and General Trust).

Oliver Holt took this new job almost nine years ago, fully aware (unless he is thick and idle) that his new employers make a significant proportion of their profits from their business dealings with the Saudi Arabia state.

Then he has been happy to pick up massive wages for nine years and counting from his bosses who have been actually trading in Saudi Arabia for a long long time.

Why does Oliver Holt not have a problem with this?

Why does Oliver Holt always ‘forget’ to mention where his company generates fortunes from every single year, money that ultimately helps pay his wages?

Surely only a shameless hypocrite would do this time after time?

Somebody with zero morals who doesn’t care where the money comes from to help pay his wages and everybody else who works for DMGT.

Oliver Holt’s employers actually have an office in Saudi Arabia and here are just a few of the upcoming events they are organising in Saudi Arabia in 2024:

February 2024

Big 5 Construct Saudi

FM Expo Saudi

Stone and Surface Saudi Arabia

Hvac R Expo Saudi

Windows, Doors and Facades Event Saudi

March 2024

Saudi Signage Expo

April 2024

Saudi Food Manufacturing

May 2024

Saudi Entertainment and Amusement (Sea) Expo

Saudi Light and Sound (SLS) Expo

Saudi Energy Convention

Smart Manufacturing Saudi

The Saudi Food Show

This only takes us up until the end of May 2024!

I can’t wait to read all these editorials from the human rights champions, slating DMGT for organising all these events in Saudi Arabia and working so closely with the Saudi state. As they have done for all nine years Oliver Holt has worked for them.

Surely Oliver Holt will be paying for a plane ticket out of his own pocket and flying out to these events, protesting outside them, demanding that DMGT stop doing business with the Saudi Arabia state? Or is the reality that he is only happy to go to the likes of Qatar and Saudi Arabia when he is paid to do so? Happy to take luxury flights, stay in luxury hotels, eat at top end restaurants, rather than having any morals and refusing to travel to these places, giving them credibility via his presence? If all of these high morals journalists refused to go there and cover boxing, football, whatever, it would massively devalue what the likes of the Saudi Arabia rulers get out of putting on the events.

Surely he will be so ashamed he will now donate every penny he has ever earned from his current employers. Surely he can’t sit there like a big fat shameless hypocrite and stuff Saudi Arabia money into his pocket every month, yet at the same time make such shameless disgusting attacks on somebody like Eddie Howe AND Newcastle United fans?

Oliver Holt chooses who he works for, so if he has such Mount Everest level principles, how can he face working for an organisation that has such huge business interests involving Saudi Arabia. where it generates millions and millions of pounds in revenue that help pay Holt’s wages?

If the hypocrite Oliver Holt one day refuses to continue taking money from his employers who generate so much cash from Saudi Arabia, then just maybe he could be able to throw cheap insults at Eddie Howe, Newcastle United and its fans without being a hypocrite, instead just only be plain embarrassing.

For starters though, surely if he has any integrity, then at the very least, every time Oliver Holt writes something about Newcastle United / Eddie Howe / NUFC fans and the Saudi Arabia PIF majority ownership, he is surely duty bound to at the same time admit that his wages are paid by an employer who makes millions due to numerous business relationships with the Saudi Arabia state….and then stridently condemn them for doing so.

Of course, there are plenty of other embarrassing skeletons in the Oliver Holt cupboard that he wishes would just disappear…

Oliver Holt – 7 December 2019 in The Mail:

‘When the UK government trades with the Saudis, it is hard to blame Hearn and Joshua for taking their money, too.’

Oliver Holt had this to say on likes of Chelsea and Man City back in 2011:

Yes, there is shameless, then there is Oliver Holt.


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