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Letters to The Mag – Newcastle United fans (and odd Everton supporter) have their say

3 months ago

The opinions continue to flow into The Mag, as Newcastle United fans debate the various issues affecting our club.

Whether it is events on or off the pitch, always plenty to talk about.

Newcastle United fans with the latest collection of opinions below, plus the odd visitor from elsewhere…

Contributions are sometimes too brief to make up into a full article and so we have gathered up a number of recent comments sent in, relating to issues at Newcastle United (if you would like to send anything in, long or short, then is the place):

Dear Mag,

Regarding the 2022/2023 Premier League Table.

I’m not sure how long it takes to count up years of accountancy losses, however, Everton published their latest accounts on the 31st March 2023 and the Premier League final games played out on Sunday 28th May 2023 (two months later, as I was singing along with my 16 year old Cockney / Geordie son to Status Quo for Eddie and Jason).

If I was involved with Leicester City FC I’d feel very aggrieved today, as far as my sums and timelines go, Everton FC should have been relegated on 28th May 2023…. Not Leicester City?

Just saying on behalf of our big eared friend of Walkers Crisps fame….. who coincidentally also represented the Toffees.

Andy Maccas

Dear Mag,

I hate youse Geordies.

Youse have never won nothing.

A nothing club with nothing fans.

Everton wil be back.

True Blue

Dear Mag,

The jury’s still out regarding Tonali’s ability in my opinion.

Yes he’s got a good engine but you should have at 23.

He does the basics well, so he should as a footballer who has the ball at his feet every day in training.

However, I watched quite a lot of Milan games and he constantly gave the ball away. He doesn’t score a lot of goals either!!

If he’s been bought solely on his ratting and defensive ability to allow Bruno to create, then for me Newcastle have made a mistake and should have signed James Maddison.

David Hallam

Dear Mag,

It’s OK to use injury crisis as excuse but Eddie Howe has been here long enough to have sorted the squad out.

To be giving players like Dummett, Ritchie, Lascelles any credence as premier league quality players is not right.

No effort from any player at Bournemouth until went two down any explanation for that, its a question of going through the motions,

Hall starting instead of Livaremento plain stupidity let’s have less of the adulation and more of a balanced view of the motivation or lack of it re players professionalism.

You can’t live in the land of make believe , the romance is over if fans want to analyse and criticise performance then that’s their right it’s not a given that the protection given to the players and Howe re any scrutiny is a healthy thing ,blind faith not part of healthy debate we can do better.

Derek North

Nick Pope Lewis Hall Newcastle United

Dear Mag,

Sorry, but where do some of these fans come from and what do they expect from our players.

The injuries we have suffered would blight any premier team.

Stop crying, get serious and support your team.


Dear Mag,

Some thoughts on Bournemouth.

They won easy at a canter didnt break a sweat.


No team bar moan city could cope with our injury list, whole first ripped away.

In usual nufc style we have no strikers 2 injury prone types no replacements ..was predicted ..

Tripps has been awful for 3 games cant pass without giving the ball away there is a case for resting him bring in tino ..

We are in a maze then the exit moves and new questions asked.

The hatred directed toward nufc is palpable rule changes mid term voodoo dolls on overtime.

We are the centre of the world all roads lead to us right /wrong ..

Anthony Stafford

Dear Mag,

Yesterday we all saw the news, that Everton had been punished at long last for breaking financial fair play rules over a number of years.

Great, its about time the Premier league and the leading organisations finally act and start doing something about clubs abusing the rules and giving themselves an unfair advantage over others.

I hope Manchester City and Chelsea get what should come their way one day too. It would only be fair that teams like them who’ve probably broken more rules and abused the system far more than Everton has gets a bigger punishment than Everton’s 10 point deduction.

The thing is for me though I think now Everton have finally been caught and found guilty of the whole thing as far as I’m concerned they should be relegated with immediate effect. I say this because what they’ve been charged for isn’t for something that’s happened yesterday or just before the season started, it’s gone on for years.

The 10 point deduction may well be the right and fair punishment, but is it fair on clubs like Leeds United, Leicester City, Burnley a couple of seasons ago etc. No it isn’t by far.

Barry Paul Henry

Dear Mag,

We have just witnessed two top class matches with no real firm conclusion, on how these games were controlled and to a certain extent won and lost .

Arsenal game, after waiting on Uncle Dermot’s findings I agree with his conclusions . Therefore Arsenal have to be charged with bringing the game into disrepute by not controlling their players and Manager along with the Club backing his comments, therefore only reasonable fine being points deduction as monetary fine and or bans are easily accommodated.

Borussia away game, I am convinced that Borussia knew they were in for a hard time as they were out on their legs at St. James Park, so they lay down against Bayern Munich and kept themselves for the Toon ( more important game ).

Their supporters must have accepted this (few bets landed I would think ) as they came out firing on the night it matter. Note, a well controlled game.

Referees, there does seem to be a far better control from continental referees in high profile games and players seem to respect this. Premiership games deserve this high standard and UK referees need to be trained accordingly .

Sky Sports – Turn down the sound and enjoy the NUFC games if you can’t get a ticket and don’t watch Sky Sport news.

Finally, AC MILAN , this needs to be a night for the NUFC support to be looked after by the ballot with no holiday makers, only the true MAGPIES .

Ian Aitken

Dear Mag,

No surprises from Gareth ‘Pluto’ Southgate with his latest team of friends.

He can find a place for some fullback from Chelsea who has done absolutely nothing (Collvill?) but he overlooks Tino who looks world class.

Rest assured, if Tino was playing for a London club the media would have been all over his inclusion and Gareth would have duly obliged. In midfield he includes Henderson who has retired and Philips who never plays along with out of position TAA and the ineffective Gallagher. No room for Longstaff?

Up front it’s the same old story of selecting a team full of injured players alongside Jack ‘pass back’ Grealish and Marcus ‘nice person useless player’ Rashford. No place for Anthony Gordon then.

I would urge all of our players to go online and research their ancestry to try and avoid being drawn into that shower of sh..e.

And ppl wonder why Southgate gets criticised. I have no interest in the national team but I am interested in our players receiving the recognition they deserve.


Dear Mag,

You Newcastle fans make me laugh.

You might be laughing at us Everton fans now but it will be you lot next.

Your shameful Saudi ownership, breaking all the rules.

You will get it big time when the Premier League stop being scared to do something.


Dear Mag,

Newcastle are just on the cusp of being the blueprint to the rest of football.

Very similar to Holland’s “Total Football” phenomenon in the early 70s!!!

Eddie Howe has only been manager for 2 years and has implemented strategies and tactics that “bigger names” can’t compete with and my word doesn’t it taste fantastic!!

Regularly playing 4.3.3 this team keeps on giving and giving and giving.

It doesn’t matter who plays where, everyone knows their jobs and more importantly understands what’s expected of them.

If you don’t do what the manager asks then you don’t play.

Brilliantly supported by Tindall and Jones, Newcastle really have strength in depth!! “Bonner” has come a long way since our days of leading Blue Star’s attack together and good luck to him, proper football man.

The club has come an awful long way since the bad old days of the 1980s, Benwell was always blowing a hoolie and sometimes we had no hot water. However, we were just young apprentices and loved every minute of it!!

My only two regrets are that Sir Bobby isn’t here to witness what’s happening down the road.

And on a personal level my beloved Father-In-Law, who followed The Toon all over. Rip Allan.

Thanks for all your great content.

David Hallam

Dear Mag,

Reading the ‘Time to stop banging the drum at St James’ Park’ article.

I disagree.

I think the toon needs a drum, and a bigger one than theirs (Dortmund’s)! …and some new chants to compliment it.

Jordan Burridge-Coates


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