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Garth Crooks with embarrassing comments on Newcastle United fans

4 weeks ago

Garth Crooks has been talking about what happened on Saturday down at the Bournemouth v Newcastle match.

Bournemouth winning 2-0 and putting a little bit  of distance between themselves and the bottom three.

Garth Crooks saying that despite Newcastle United missing 12 first team squad outfield players, for Bournemouth ‘to beat Newcastle at home regardless of their circumstances is a big deal.’

I think this is fair, up to a point.

You can say Bournemouth played well and deserved the win, which they did. However, at the same time, Newcastle United missing as many players as a dozen, many of them their very best players (Isak, Botman, Bruno etc), obviously was a huge help to the home side.

However, what isn’t fair, is what Garth Crook then went on to say…

Garth Crooks talking about Bournemouth 2 Newcastle 0 to BBC Sport:

“These were three massive points for Bournemouth and manager Andoni Iraola.

“The Cherries and their new boss have struggled this season but to beat Newcastle at home regardless of their circumstances is a big deal.

“I was amazed to see some Newcastle fans complaining to Kieran Trippier after the game about their defeat.

“Have they lost their minds?

“Not only are their team suffering from a long list of injuries, they have encountered three brutal matches in seven days.

“You’d expect your own fans, better than anyone, to understand their team’s situation.

“What jaw-dropping audacity that any Newcastle supporter would question the effort of this current team.

“Perhaps they should bring Mike Ashley back.

“Remember those days?”

We all watched on as Kieran Trippier did end up at the final whistle having a heated exchange with a Newcastle FAN, not Newcastle FANS.

There is an important difference.

Are all Newcastle United fans guilty because of what one individual says.

It totally mispresents the situation, it distorts the truth, to make out this was loads of Newcastle United fans having an over the top go at Trippier and the rest of the Newcastle team. It was anything but.

Indeed, during the exchange between player and FAN, you quite clearly see the other Newcastle fans around him, turning on the one supporter, he ends up looking very sheepish as he turns around to get away from the situation he has caused, with the other Newcastle fans having turned on him and NOT Kieran Trippier.

In other footage posted online after the final whistle, there are plenty video clips you can find, where the incident actually sparked the away section to en masse sing in support of Kieran Trippier, NOT against him.

Even the one supporter in question later apologised on social media, admitting that he been out of order and over the top in what he had said. A long trip and the disappointing performance and result just sparking the spur of the moment outburst.

This is the thing, modern day reporting and social media massively magnifies everything, especially when something is misreported / distorted and the same lies keep getting repeated over and over again.

So according to Garth Crooks, millions of Newcastle United fans should be punished with the return of Mike Ashley just because of what one supporter says / does.

That seems fair, not.

Modern day media is such a mess these days and it is often the case that lazy journalists will base an entire article on a comment or a few comments from social media, as in ‘Newcastle United fans are saying…’, well on social media you can always find somebody saying something that fits your agenda to ‘prove’ anything. Indeed, as we all know, there are countless people on Twitter and comments sections claiming to be something they are not for all kinds of mischief reasons, including pretending to be a fan of another football club.


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