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Sunderland fans slagging off Champions League football and Newcastle fans travelling abroad – A joy to behold

6 months ago

I’m still laughing now, these comments from Sunderland fans about Newcastle United supporters going to watch their team play away in the Champions League.

Their ‘discussion’ starting off with one of them saying how he saw a load of NUFC fans flying out of Newcastle Airport for the AC Milan game.

This comment sparking some pretty ‘special’ comments.

I am now finding it difficult to decide just what claim / point of view I find the funniest.

Sunderland fans claiming that they would have no interest if their team qualified for the Champions League / European football.

Sunderland fans claiming that whether they would be interested in going to AC Milan or any other European away trip, would depend on exactly who owned their club at that particular time.

Sunderland fans claiming that their club / team are likely to be playing European football very soon.

Sunderland fans claiming they wouldn’t be interested because you might have to get more than one plane.

Take your pick.

Actually, after one of my mates tipped me off to this hilarious debate (see below) amongst Sunderland fans and European football, I checked out a few things and came upon an astonishing coincidence.

Sunderland fans have had two opportunities to attend a European away match, the most recent was a 2-0 defeat to Sporting Lisbon on 7 November 1973, whilst the one before that was a 2-0 win at Budapest Vasas on 19 September 1973.

That’s right, exactly 50 years to the day before Newcastle drew 0-0 away at AC Milan in the Champions League, it was the first ever (and second last) time Sunderland fans watched their team play away in Europe.

It was in the now defunct European Cup-Winners Cup and that is the sum total of their European away adventures.

No wonder the vast majority of them are so bitter and in denial (see below).

I can’t imagine 50 years ago too many of them went to Hungary but guessing a fair few went to see them lose in Lisbon.

However, I am assuming that pretty much everybody who went was aged 20+, so are at least in their 70s now, whilst in reality the vast majority would have been in their 30s and 40s who went to Lisbon and/or Budapest, so vast majority will be at least in their 80s or 90s if still alive and kicking.

It must be a pretty exclusive club, they must be revered like Gods on Wearside, Sunderland fans who have been to a European away match.

Anyway, here’s the thread that I was pointed in the direction of…. enjoy.

(I don’t have the time or inclination but maybe somebody in The Mag comments section below, can tell me how many European trips Newcastle fans have had the chance to go on since the glory days of Mackem European adventures. Don’t forget to include the upcoming trips to PSG and Borussia Dortmund!)

Sunderland fans kicking off about Newcastle United, European football and Champions League, this thread of comments kicking off on Monday on their Mackem message board Ready To Go (and cry because they aren’t in Europe…):

‘Have the displeasure of flying out of here (Newcastle Airport) today.

Place crawling with barcodes.

Absolutely sickening to see them off on a European adventure.

Difficult to contain the jealousy as its one thing I have always wanted to do with the Wizards.’

‘Long way to go to get humped.’

‘They’ll qualify from their group imo.’


‘I always fly from Leeds/Bradford. Easier on the eye and generally cheaper.’

‘Hadn’t realised the scum were playing this week. Come on you Absolute Class Milan.’

‘They are going by virtue of blood money … and therefore complicit.

Geordie awaybia is still a terrorist state.’

‘So a load of Newcastle fans are flying out of Newcastle Airport to go watch their team play in Italy. Fair enough that like.’

‘They’re only there because of their takeover. It could quite easily have been us. I’m 55 now and even I’m too young to remember our last (short lived) jaunt into Europe but got to hold onto that belief that it’ll be us one day.

Been away once with England many years ago but I didn’t feel the same buzz as going away with Sunderland. It would be a dream to do that even just once and in that Conference League. Must be some experience.’

‘Same age and personally it’s always gutted me that I never got the chance to follow the lads in a European game. Millwall semi final was the chance.
At 55 even if we somehow we got there in the next 5 years it wouldn’t be the same as going when I was a daft youngun.’

‘I’m very disappointed in everyone because we are 35 posts in and nobody has corrected him on his glaring error.

It’s Ponteland Airport mate.’

Newcastle International Airport

‘They arent representing their home town though.’

‘No point being jealous of them. Look how they have sold their souls to get there. There is nowt about them that I am envious of.’

‘So a load of Saudi Arabian fans are flying out of Newcastle Airport to go watch their team play in Italy. Fair enough that like.’

‘The only reason they’re playing in the champions league is because they are backed by blood money from an owner their fanbase begged the government to have as owner.

Why anyone would be jealous of that scenario is baffling.’

‘I’m not jealous of watching my nationalised beheaddi club being pumped in Italy, paying a fortune and losing out on two days graft.

I’d rather have what I’ve got now to be fair, and get there without wasting hundreds of millions on players who nobody else wants.’

‘Would genuinely rather be in an FA Vase Qualifying round than be jetting off to Milan all because my club was taken over by a murderous state mind.’

‘The thing is, I dont feel any level of jealousy in how this has been achieved. Their club has been sold to the highest bidder and are now simply a tool that the saudi government use to spread their fake views on the world. They know deep down inside what they are while we bask in our home made sustainable glory. Ill stay as I am thanks.’

‘I agree with you, the blood money they have used to get there, makes it all irrelevant to me. Wouldn’t want to get there if that’s what it took.’

‘As much as I’d love to go to a European away jaunt to watch ‘The Lads’, I’ll never ever be jealous of a Mag.’

‘Anyone who goes to away games with their mates would understand how much it would mean to be sitting in the airport having a pint about to head off to watch their team play abroad. I know loads of mags and believe it or not a lot of them are pretty similar blokes who love the crack of following their team. Seeing them in the airport doing just that is hard to watch, in my humble opinion.’

‘Tbh I couldn’t care less about what goes on in the Middle East. Im as much bothered about them as they are about me.’

‘I live within ear shot of the airport so Im constantly in amongst them. Since the take over Ive seen a different side to them though, I didn’t think their desperation for success was quite as ingrained to the point of it being literally at any cost, including helping to excuse the torture and execution of innocent people who didn’t fit into the culture of an awful country. We actually had thousands of mags sitting in Saudi Central cheering on their Saudi brothers last week.

On Saturday I got to go to London with the lads, and I had the privilege of seeing how our glorious support rallied round the lads when they went 1 down, we didn’t play well in the first half, but we now seem to have a support that understands its not always going to go perfect. I then basked in the glory of seeing one of the youngest squads in all 4 divisions genuinely laughing and carrying on while playing some of the best football I have ever witnessed my team play.

yes its canny to go abroad and one day it will happen, but this is a true feeling of proudness at the moment I wouldn’t change it for anything.’

‘I’ve had some amazing days on the road over the years including things like standing in a torrential downpour in an uncovered Wham
Stadium. And now my 12 year old son is completely hooked which is great for me. One thing I would love to do is get on a plane with me him and our group and head off on some European adventure before I’m too old to enjoy it properly.’

‘With the way things are going marra, you’ll be in europe with your son one day watching our lads. And we will have done it the right way.
As for the murderers, Im sure they are really happen with their newly purchased success.’

‘Don’t get this clamour to be in the Champions League personally. More often than not your club has compromised its morales and lost its real identity to get there.’

‘I alway find European club football peculiar. Utterly garbage until after Christmas until it becomes a knockout competition and watching non champions play in a champions league. Also, as a fan, just seems like a right faff on, I have seen reports of some people doing 3 flight changes, sod that.’


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