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Bruno Guimaraes has now agreed Newcastle United contract extension with release clause – Report

5 months ago

Bruno Guimaraes arrived at Newcastle United back in January 2022.

The Brazil international signing a four and a half year deal that took him up to 30 June 2026.

After the impression he has made these past 20 months, no surprise that Newcastle were trying to extend this Bruno Guimaraes contract.

The player himself confirming he wanted to do so and Eddie Howe stating a number of times that talks have been ongoing  to try and make it happen.

Two weeks ago, journalist Fabrizio Romano had an exclusive, saying his information was that a Bruno Guimaraes contract extension was ‘on the verge’ of being agreed.

Now on Saturday, Romano is saying that now he has been informed that agreement has been reached.

Nothing formal from the club yet but the Italian journalist says that as expected, the extension agreed is to 30 June 2028, just a few months short of having five years left, if the info proves to be good.

Whilst Fabrizio Romano says that he has also been told that the new contract includes a £100m release clause.

Not so much with Premier League clubs, but release clauses are the norm in contracts on the continent, so nothing really unusual if this indeed is the case in a new Bruno Guimaraes contract. Reality is anyway that if a player really wants to leave any club, then apart from in very rare instances, clubs usually have little option but to let the player move on. Otherwise it usually ends up as a big negative, if you keep an unhappy player at your club.

Bruno Guimaraes has been excellent these past 20 months for Newcastle United and whilst he hasn’t hit the heights in some of the games this season, he certainly looks to be playing himself into form and peak fitness judging by his improved showings against Brentford and AC Milan, as well as two starts for Brazil in World Cup group qualifiers ahead of those two most recent NUFC matches.

Craig Hope of The Mail is another usually reliable source and he says that Bruno Guimaraes and Newcastle United have ‘verbally’ agreed the contract extension and it now just needs to be formally signed. However, he says that the release clause is ‘in excess of’ £100m.

The Mag – 8 September 2023:

Back in July, Bruno Guimaraes confirmed that talks were taking place on a new contract.

Eddie Howe also saying the same.

Newcastle United wanting to extend the Bruno Guimaraes deal from end of June 2026, to end of June 2028.

Now on Friday (8 September 2023), journalist Fabrizio Romano is claiming an exclusive.

He says that agreement on a new extended contract is ‘on the verge’ of being completed.

Romano states that ‘secret talks’ have taken place over the course of the last ten days, with now only fine details to be ticked off.

Article on The Mag by Jack Watt – 29 July 2023:

Bruno Guimaraes signed for Newcastle United 18 months ago.

Newcastle paying Lyon £35m plus a potential £6.65m more in future add-ons as the midfielder signed a four and a half year contract.

I think fair to say that those £6.65m of future add-ons have now been triggered, with relegation avoided (believed to relate to most of the future add-on cash) in his opening half season, then top four and Champions League qualification coming along in the first full Bruno Guimaraes season with Newcastle United.

Newcastle United have now completed their mini tour of the USA and Bruno Guimaraes started in the 2-1 win over Brighton to round off the trip on Friday night, he and the rest of the squad now heading back to Tyneside.

Newcastle United are reported to be in talks with representatives of the Brazilian over a new contract, NUFC wanting to extend the deal from end of June 2026 to end of June 2028.

In America, both Bruno Guimaraes and Eddie Howe confirming these talks are taking place.

Bruno Guimaraes:

“There is no news.

“I want to stay but the doubt is ongoing.

“So let’s see.”

Eddie Howe:

“There is no doubt in my mind about his future.

“We would love Bruno to extend his time with us for a long time.

“I am not party to those talks every day.

“Those talks are ongoing and Bruno knows how we feel about him.

“He’s very happy here.

“We hope there’s solution to be found.”

The media’s takes on the midfielder’s comments have brought predictable mischief, in my opinion.

All the focus on the word ‘doubt’ when journalists are writing / talking about this.

I understand the interest when Bruno Guimaraes does use the word ‘doubt’ but you then have to apply a canny few other factors and context etc…

If this was a case of a player with one year left on his contract, then very very different to Bruno Guimaraes who still has three years of his four and a half year contract to go, as things stand.

When a player is asked about something like this, in an interview where he isn’t speaking in his first language, then you also have to give the use of such a word as ‘doubt’ a lot of leeway, as compared to if an English player was replying with it. My reading of this is that Bruno Guimaraes is simply talking about in general about a much longer time span (than the journalists want us to be thinking of!) regarding whether or not he signs a contract with extra years added on. It isn’t ‘doubt’ as in whether or not Bruno Guimaraes will or won’t still be at St James’ Park after this transfer window closes.

Eddie Howe Newcastle United Manager

As a comparison, just compare it to when Eddie Howe uses ‘doubt’ when declaring ‘There is no doubt in my mind about his future. We would love Bruno to extend his time with us for a long time.’ You can know exactly what he means for sure.

The reality is that this is just a very obvious situation that should ideally be happening at this moment in time.

Bruno Guimaraes has came in and had a massive impact at Newcastle United since 18 months ago NUFC agreed to pay £41.65m and Bruno agreed to take whatever level of wages.

Eighteen months on, just as Bruno Guimaraes is now an £80m-£100m player in the transfer market, as a proven top level Premier League midfielder he is also now on a very different valuation when it comes to wages in the market place. Putting it simply / roughly, if Newcastle were signing Bruno now, they would be having to pay twice the transfer fee and twice the wages.

It is great to see both sides proactive in trying to agree a longer deal now with three years left on the current deal, rather than waiting until it is two years or less and then things so often can become messy.

This isn’t a case of conflict between player and club, no matter what journalists would want you to believe, it is a case of coming to a compromise.

Bruno Guimaraes and his agents have every right now to say, as a far more valuable asset and proven PL player, if you want me to sign a longer deal then how much more are you going to pay me? The club wanting to ensure they have one of their top assets tied down to as long a contract as possible, something that doesn’t cage the player in these modern times, instead it simply means the longer the contract the stronger your negotiating position if ever we did reach a case of the player wanting to leave and what a club would then need to pay.

Bottom line is that these days we all know you can’t keep a player who is desperate to leave, or if you do force them to stay against their will, you are then setting yourself up for a big fall.

We know that there is another clear backdrop to all of this, whereby Newcastle United are trying to keep their wage bill rising at a manageable rate, not get out of control. So how they get on with this new Bruno Guimaraes contract, will then have an impact no doubt on other NUFC players as well and the wage bill overall. So it has to be carefully looked after.

I feel though that many journalists want to obviously turn it into a here and now potential crisis for our club, when it is clearly anything but.

Bruno Guimaraes has played a massive part in getting Newcastle United competitive in the Premier League and into the Champions League, which in turn has then helped NUFC to further strengthen with players of the calibre of Tonali and Barnes.

Bruno Guimaraes Sandro Tonali Handshake

Bruno is 100% wanting to stick around and see what could happen this coming season.

In 12 months time, the situation could be very different for Bruno Guimaraes, as is the case with every single other player. If say Newcastle had a really bad season, dropping to mid-table, tamely exiting the Champions League and the domestic cups, then if say a really attractive offer came in from another club, then who knows what Bruno, or any other NUFC player, would do?

If you needed any more convincing, then rather than relying on a couple of lines that included the word ‘doubt’ in them, instead look at what was said over in Brazil three weeks ago, before he flew back to Tyneside. Bruno Guimaraes giving this emotional interview to media in Brazil ahead of the upcoming 2023/24 season.

Bruno Guimaraes talking to Globo Esporte and asked about Newcastle United set for Champions League football and the original decision to move to St James’ Park:

You come back for a special season at Newcastle, back in the Champions League after 20 years. How proud are you to achieve this feat so quickly? A year and a half ago, you arrived with the club practically relegated…

‘For me, it was even more special.

‘When I arrived, it was already the new project (with a new owner), but the club was in the relegation zone.

‘A lot of people called me crazy, crazy for going there, but it was the best decision of my life.

‘In the following season, we already got a place in the Champions League and stopped the city. I can’t even imagine what it’s going to be like if we’re champions. The guys are going to put that down.

‘It was special, a remarkable year for everyone. We stayed at the G-4 for almost 30 rounds. We really deserve this Champions League qualification.’

Your adaptation [at Newcastle United] was immediate, right?!

‘I think it’s the first club like this.

‘At Lyon I felt good but at Newcastle I’m really at home.

‘The fans love me, the coach loves me, everyone loves me. It’s a wonderful feeling.

Bruno Guimaraes

Joelinton at the beginning was my translator, a big brother, who also had a wonderful season. Everyone on the team had a year of hats off.

‘Adaptation was very good. French I learned faster but English took me a little longer. Today, I manage, I give interviews. I quite like it. It has always been my dream to play in the Premier League.

‘I’m already an idol of the fans [at Newcastle United], it’s too cool.

‘Even my father is famous as hell there (laughs).

‘In a season and a half, we reached the Champions League, and the tendency is to improve.

‘It’s a process that is not meant to be like PSG to go out and hire the best. The guys think about the future’


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