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Letters to The Mag – Newcastle United fans (and odd AC Milan visitor) have their say

8 months ago

The opinions continue to flow into The Mag, as Newcastle United fans debate the various issues affecting our club.

Whether it is events on or off the pitch, always plenty to talk about.

Newcastle United fans with the latest collection of opinions below, plus the odd visitor from elsewhere…

Contributions are sometimes too brief to make up into a full article and so we have gathered up a number of recent comments sent in, relating to issues at Newcastle United (if you would like to send anything in, long or short, then is the place):

Dear Mag,


That will be his nickname.

Robert Nolan

Dear Mag,

The idiot press have claimed Newcastle united are interested in Marc Cucurella.

Don’t think he’s got the power or the skill to fit into our defence.

Eddie likes the men at back big and beefy.

Newcastle captain Trippier covers that by being a world class player.


Dear Mag,

Whatever incompetent journalist wrote this article (Sandro Tonali true transfer fee for AC Milan move to Newcastle United now made public (£52m)).

They didn’t consider a simple notion which makes this article pointless.

The exchange rate between the pound sterling and the euro. At current rate, 52mn GBP equal 61mn Euros which is the number all the newspapers have been talking about.

No idea how this meaningless information flawed by basic currency exchange ignorance made it into an article but this Jake guy (article was written by Ms Jackie Smithfield!) should probably take more time and find some meaningful and interesting topic to write about.

Pathetic article.

Ugo Catterina

(ED: Italian media still continue to claim Sandro Tonali cost anything between 70m euros and 90m euros, never seen any Italian journalist accept the transfer fee was anything close to as low as 60m euros / £52m)

Dear Mag,

As a great back up, why not sign Willian?

Out of contract at Fulham and a ready made right or left winger.

Gtting on age wise but playing well and what experience!!

Ivor Moore

Dear Mag,

I’ve just watched the Ronnie Gill’s latest Everything in black & white, YouTube offering, about the potential expansion of the East Stand of SJP, in which Andrew Musgrove, the podcast’s primary presenter, claims that “these buildings (Leazes Terrace) are part of the city’s history and heritage.”

I’ve just commented…

“You claim that Leazes Terrace is part of Newcastle’s history and heritage and your argument is, of course, valid.

It is a very TINY PART of a very SHORT period in its history, spanning roughly 80 years from 1820 to 1900 (specifically 5 years from 1829 to 1834), a period of rapid growth and, significantly, huge architectural development.

Leazes Terrace is a tiny example of literally hundreds of such grand designs which arose at the time. There is nothing unique about it.

There are currently 75 Grade 1 listed buildings and 208 Grade 2 listed buildings in the City of Newcastle upon Tyne, the vast majority of which were built during the mid to late 19th century. Almost all of them are far more architecturally significant, and most importantly, visible and accessible to the general public, than Leazes Terrace is.

Out of the more than 1000-year history of the City, the 5-year period in question is but a tiny part and is already dwarfed by the more-than-130-year period during which time Newcastle United have impacted the City and its far wider environs.

There cannot even be a debate as to which – Leazes Terrace or Newcastle United – is more important to the vast majority of the City and its citizens.

It’s time for some good old common sense to prevail and for the club to be allowed to carry out the only financially viable expansion option, which would not result in them moving out of the city, to a brand new, fit-for-purpose stadium, a move which would absolutely destroy hundreds of businesses employing 1000s of people in an already-impoverished city centre.

If that means demolishing Leazes Terrace, so be it.

With modern technology, not available when many of the buildings were awarded their listed status, any features of the building which are deemed worthy could be 360⁰-videoed, moved to Beamish, or digitally preserved in some other manner.
The small number of people who will be affected by such a decision should not be allowed to override the interests of tens of thousands of others.”

Feel free to utilise if you deem it suitable.

The more publicity the better as far as I’m concerned.


Derek Platten

Dear Mag,

Check out this potential concept for the East Stand extension.

Shows what can be achieved.

This is actually a commercial build in Canada but I thought it demonstrated the combination the club are trying to achieve.

My thought has always been that Leazes Terrace could become the club offices / museum alongside this sort of integration.



Dear Mag,

Here’s an idea for a bit of fun and solidarity

Let’s start a campaign “I’m Jason Tindall”. Asking all NUFC fans around the world to edit their profile pics on social media to paste Jason’s face over your own profile mug shot with the byline “I’m Jason Tindall”.

Or don’t. I’ve drank too much tonight.


Dear Mag,

The heart of Tonali still remains with us.

He will realise very soon his big mistake.

Deserves better than Newcastle.

Ha ha…Who are you?

He will not stay.


Dear Mag

I find the reaction to Newcastle’s transfer business hilarious.

So many fans clueless.

So many fans not able to understand that things have changed.

In pretty much any previous summer, I think any supporter thought we needed to get at least a handful of new signings.

A combination of losing players and far too many current players not good enough, a fair few new signings was usually essential but pretty much never delivered since the Sir Bobby Robson days.

Under Ashley, if Newcastle had a positive transfer window, you could pretty much guarantee it was because he’d dragged NUFC down into yet another crisis by refusing to act when any kind of half decent situation. The biggie of course was when United finished fifth via a series on incredible factors and then Ashley refused to allow a single penny of net spend in summer 2012.

That totally demoralised the squad and Ashley had turned a European qualifying position instantly into a desperate relegation one, so he then to maintain the Premier League TV exposure for his tat empire, he suddenly in January 2013 allowed the signing of five French players to try and recover the situation.

Newcastle United are now in a situation of strength.

We are not losing any quality key player this summer.

Instead, Tonali has already been added to the core elite quality half a dozen or so at the very top of our team / squad.

As well, we have seen the ambitious signing of future star Minteh, sent out on loan to a team playing Champions League next season!

As well as maybe a bit of cover here and there, this window is all about looking for maybe one or two stand out players who can lift the quality of the first eleven, we already have one in and I have zero doubts at least one more will be arriving.

Just stop for a minute and think…

A first eleven that was more than good enough to finish top four last season and now, in my opinion, at least two of those positions will have significantly better quality next season.

Rob Masters


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