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Deloitte reports tell you all you need to know about AC Milan and Newcastle United

8 months ago

AC Milan have sold Sandro Tonali.

Newcastle United the buying club.

This has led to an incredible amount of debate, some of it has even been worth reading / hearing!

However, so much nonsense talked, including / especially by those who have no real invested interest in the transfer.

Some of the most laughable comments, have come from those wanting to ridicule the idea of Sandro Tonali moving from ‘a club like’ AC Milan to ‘a club like’ Newcastle United.

When it comes to embarrassing, insults from Italian media and AC Milan fans on Newcastle Upon Tyne and why would would anybody want to live there (here!), have really scraped the barrel. On this occasion I won’t go into all the usual stuff about why Newcastle is such a great place, you all know it already, but it is shameful as to why anybody would go down this route of attack, when it is patently obvious that pretty much all of those writing / saying the insults, have never even been to our great city.

On the other hand, I have been to Milan… and indeed many other cities / places in Italy. Italy is a truly great place and it is easily my first choice of where to visit when going abroad, from the incredible city of Rome and others such as Florence, to brilliant summer holiday destinations such as Sardinia, Lake Garda, the Amalfi coast and so on.

One thing I would safely say is that Milan is the worst place I have visited in Italy and I certainly wouldn’t be choosing to live there ahead of Newcastle Upon Tyne.

Another insult is about Newcastle United having no history…

Hmmm, the fans of both clubs in Milan only have teams to support thanks to Englishmen coming along and founding clubs for them to follow. This happening years after Newcastle United were founded and long long after the likes of Newcastle West End and East End were first kicking a football about.

Then in the first 65 years or so of our history, Newcastle United had a record to rival any club in England and by virtue of that, anywhere in the World. Not the fault of the fans that this legacy and the massive fanbase was wasted by clueless owners lacking ambition whilst other clubs prospered. Then the first half of the Premier League era seeing Newcastle United allowed at last to try and reach its potential once again and becoming competitive, only for Mike Ashley to come along and kill all of that off.

Meanwhile in Italy, in depth they have never had the strongest of leagues, allowing a small number of clubs to dominate throughout the history of football in their country.

Plus, if we are talking about the modern glory days of AC Milan, we are talking about them being achieved under the shameless scandal-ridden ownership of Berlusconi for three decades.

Anyway, enough about the more distant past, we are now looking only to the future!

When we are talking about Newcastle United and AC Milan, we can clearly see where exactly the direction of travel is heading.

These recent Deloitte reports tell you all you need to know about AC Milan and Newcastle United…

The 2019 Deloitte Football Money League report (covering the 2017/18 season):

The 2022 Deloitte Football Money League report (covering the 2020/21 season):

The 2023 Deloitte Football Money League report (covering the 2021/22 season):

2019 Deloitte report (2017/18 season)

Looking at the first Deloitte table, the 2019 report covering 2017/18, Rafa Benitez performed miracles getting Newcastle to tenth place, whilst AC Milan finished sixth and that season were also losing finalists in the Italian Cup and got to the last 16 of the Europa League. Yet only 6.2m Euros (all figures above are in Euros) separated AC Milan in 19th and Newcastle United in 20th in the Deloitte table.

2022 Deloitte report (2020/21 season)

AC Milan 19th and Newcastle United 29th in the Deloitte table, with 46.2m Euros separating the clubs.

Newcastle fighting relegation and staying up in lower middle table, whilst AC Milan finished runners-up in Serie A and last 16 of Europa League.

2023 Deloitte report (2021/22 season)

AC Milan 16th and Newcastle United 20th in the Deloitte list, 52.6m Euros separating the two clubs.

Mike Ashley set to relegate Newcastle for a third time until the takeover and Eddie Howe saved us mid-season, whilst AC Milan won Serie A, played Champions League football and reached the semis of the Italian cup.

Overall Conclusions

AC Milan are ahead of Newcastle United in all three of these Deloitte reports.

However, you had two very differently ran clubs.

AC Milan the more traditional trying to win trophies kind of one, competing for (and winning!) the league title, competing in Europe and doing everything they could to bring in as much revenue as possible to make the club stronger.

On the other hand, we have Newcastle United under Mike Ashley.

An owner with no interest in trophies or competing in Europe, or bringing in as much revenue as possible to make the club as healthy / powerful as possible, instead sucking the club dry for the benefit of himself and his retail empire and actually turning down the chance of NUFC additional revenues, by giving himself and his retail empire massive free advertising / promotion.

What will the 2024 Deloitte report tell us? Covering the 2022/23 season, both clubs finished fourth in their respective leagues but AC Milan got to the semi-finals of the Champions League. Are AC Milan guaranteed to finish above Newcastle when it comes to revenue and the Deloitte list? I wouldn’t be so sure.

Such is the dominance of the Premier League and its massive popularity around the world, the domestic cash difference is massive. Just look again at that 2023 report again, AC Milan won Serie A and competed in the Champions League, yet West Ham (seventh in the Premier League and competing in the Europa League) had 36.6m Euros more revenue than AC Milan!

I think that even though Newcastle United still in recovery from the Ashley years, especially on the commercial revenue side, AND AC Milan having got to the semis of the Champions League last season, I still wouldn’t be surprised if the 2024 Deloitte report for last (2022/23) season will see Newcastle higher in the revenue producing table.

Whilst looking at this upcoming 2023/24 season, if say AC Milan both finished fourth in their domestic leagues, then had similar seasons in the Champions League, the simple fact is that Newcastle United would be guaranteed to be a serious amount of cash ahead of AC Milan, when it comes to revenues next season.

The Premier League is THE league to play in AND Newcastle United are now becoming one of the competitive clubs in that (financially and on the pitch) dominant league, NUFC with so much potential.

That is why Sandro Tonali chose to swap AC Milan for Newcastle United. Simple as.


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