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Leeds fans with intriguing comments ahead of Newcastle United match

10 months ago

Leeds fans watched their team somehow escape with a point from St James’ Park.

Newcastle United totally dominant on New Year’s Eve but unable to find the net.

Leeds fans now find their club second bottom of the table and even if scraping another point today, that would guarantee them remaining in the relegation zone with two matches remaining.

Reading the comments (see below) from Leeds fans, interesting what they have to say about both Newcastle United and Sam Allardyce.

There appears to be a clear consensus amongst the Leeds fans, fearing that Allardyce will be too negative, the supporters thinking it is a case of needing at least two wins to stand a chance of staying up. So with three matches left, having to instead have a real go at beating Newcastle United, rather then thinking a ground out point would be a positive result against NUFC.

Leeds fans commenting via their Marching On Together forum:

‘Remember this fixture last season, when we outplayed the barcodes particularly in the first-half with Raphinha running the show, only for Shelvey to spoil our day.

Newcastle were sitting on 12 points prior to that game, the victory transformed their season as they avoided relegation comfortably.’

‘I was thinking about that game too

A season is a long time in football.’

‘Transformed by there Dictatorship lead owners.

Was always going to happen (maybe just not this fast).

Howe has done a great job.

Joelinton, Wilson, Alison transformed under him.

But vital players like Pope, Botman, Guimaraes, Isak, Trippier

Wouldn’t be there without the Saudi money.

Unless we have a takeover like that we haven’t much chance

Quite why we never seem to get this sort of interest baffles me.’

‘Trippier & Wood were the new signings who played against us, Wood wasn’t much good. Newcastle taking him off Burnley probably did us a favour.’

‘At least they have spent their money wisely.

Guimarees £40m, Botman £37m.

Look what we wasted nearly £40m on in January, to go along with several wasteful signings prior to our male model.’

‘Kieran Trippier is a classic example

£12 million. Not much different to what we paid for Rasmus.

But look at the difference in quality and contributions.

We’d never sign a player like Trippier though because he’s too old. Therein lies the problem.’

‘Same story as Man City – they have spent but spent extremely well. When they spent big money they spent it very well and when they spent smaller amounts such as the £12m for Trippier, £10m for Pope they have spent really well too. Shows what proper scouting is all about.’

‘They’ve spent well.

There owners may be a front for a brutal Dictatorship but they are serious people with a plan.

We have a mishmash of random faceless investors fronted by an accountant who’ve been sniffing around for a decade and a Italian chancer whose let an arrogant fantasist go unchecked.’

‘We just literally cannot put the onus on our defence to keep a clean sheet, i hope to jesus he’s learnt that.

If he does it will be pure luck, of that i’m sure.’

‘Don’t think Allardyce will do anything drastic like give the youth a chance.

He’s an old fashioned manager and expect him to go with the same tried and tested dull players.

Said as much in his press conference about pressure on younger players.’

‘IF we did get a point tomorrow, which seems Big Sam would be happy with, and the other three lost Forest (at Chelsea), Everton (home Citeh) and Leicester (at Liverpool) then.

I can see where he would regard that as a good weekend with two games to go.

It’s a very risky strategy though, we only have to look at last weekend to see how results can go haywire.

If I’ve looked at the table once today, I’ve looked at it a thousand times.’

‘Allardyce would be happy with a point by the sound of things.’

‘Does sound like that doesn’t it

Would be a mistake to have the same negative setup and performance as we did vs Man City.

But that is his way I suppose.

I suppose if Forest, Leicester and Everton Lose then a point is good

But if they all win that’s us basically done

Personally think we are past the decent point stage now.’

‘Even getting a point feels like a tall order, all 3 even more so. But I agree; in our predicament, a point isn’t really going to be enough. Stops the loss rot, maybe gives the players a modicum of belief, but nothing more.’

‘I haven’t been as nervous about a game in a long time as I am for this Newcastle match.’

‘I’ve been nervous for much of the season, as the writing was on the wall prior to the World Cup.

I was hoping the inevitable would be resolved around the new year, unfortunately it just became worse.

I’m now in resignation mode, feeling rather numb if truth be told.

Whatever will be, will be is my thinking now, quite relaxed about it all.’

‘I’m in full apathy mode.

Problem is you get closer to game time and you get your hopes up…. then they come crashing down.

Im actually glad that we play in the early game now as no mater happens I can just switch of the social media and check the scores later.’

‘I’m now focused on the tennis season, looking fwd to the French open, Queens and Wimbledon. I feel very let down this season by both of my beloved football clubs. Leeds United and Wakey Trinity. Resigned to failure by both.’

‘On form this is by far the toughest of the remaining 3 games. If we get a draw today Big Sam will change the tune to 7 points in the final 3 games will keep us up. That is still likely to be true.

Today we need a serious dose of luck (OG off Pope’s backside would do), for just once a home town ref, and a Saudi United meltdown under the pressure and noise of a manic ER.

The odds are massively against us with their wingers and scoring forwards, but their defence is not great and prone to letting them down. So, while it’s unlikely, it’s not impossible. This is what I tell myself anyway, in the gaps in the mourning process currently upon me.’

‘Newcastle, have only conceded 29 goals in 34 games, no team comes close apart from Citeh.’

‘If we get at them early on and get ER rocking that will put the pressure on their defence.

We have some quick tricky forwards who will cause problems for their backline. Other than Trippier they’re all big pondering defenders. So pace and trickery will bother them.

On the flip side our defence is a shambles. Hopefully Wober can galvanize our defence and marshall them into keeping a clean sheet.

Robles also has good leadership qualities.

They are a well organised side, with good attacking options. Newcastle will want to make amends for last week’s disappointment against Arsenal.

We need our guys to stand up and get a result today.

Hope for the best.’

‘Well today is championship day for us I beleive it is anyway too little too late. But we must realistically beat Newcastle today to have even the remotest chance of survival. Being at home too if they can’t rise to the occasion today and beat Newcastle then thats it cause it ain’t happening at Brighton or against West ham. Its really is now or never.’

‘With Man City they are a club where top players want to go. Newcastle suddenly had a competitive wage budget and a big investment future to entice players. Our best selling point is our history and fans and Bielsa’s reputation before he left – but even that for some players was a double edged sword. There is nothing visionary about the club – just investment pipe dreams.’

‘We’re going down, right?

Does any of this really matter?’


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