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Nottingham Forest fans reacting to defeat against Newcastle United – Intriguing

11 months ago

Interesting to see what Nottingham Forest fans have been saying after their side’s defeat to Newcastle United.

Sven Botman gifting the home side the chance to take the lead, totally against the run of play, though Dennis produced a superb finish.

Eddie Howe’s side though deservedly coming back to win the game, Alexander Isak superb and his two goals just topped off an excellent man of the match performance.

Intriguing to see the divide of opinions amongst Nottingham Forest fans.

Many of them accepting that Newcastle United were by far the better team and totally deserved their win.

Whilst others seeing it as a very tight game and NUFC maybe even slightly fortunate to win it so late.

I think for some football supporters, including those who follow Newcastle United, they believe the illusion that a game has been close and their side deserved something out of it, purely because the winning / losing goal comes so late.

The mentality is, because your team is level with the opposition going into the added time, then you are somehow unlucky to lose.

The reality is that in games like Friday night’s, Newcastle United could and should have won by three or four.

That they didn’t was down to any number of factors which makes football so compelling because unlike pretty much nearly every other sport, you can absolutely dominate a football match and yet still end up now winning. Due to inspired goalkeeping, dogged defending, the woodwork, bad luck / good luck, poor finishing, poor match officials and so on.

Nottingham Forest fans reflecting on the 2-1 defeat to Newcastle United, commenting via their LTLF Forum:

‘How Newcastle United fans are not lavishing praise on the referee is baffling. They were gifted many of the 50/50’s and some of their players went to ground very easily and were rewarded for it. That said they moved the ball well and were well on top for a lot of the game.’

‘Thought the ref was Newcastle supporter in disguise in the first half myself, woeful.

I thought we did okay against what is a vastly superior side, but at least we had a go. Sometimes you have to hold your hands up and say the best team won, simple as that.’

‘The club have underestimated just how immobile Shelvey is.’

‘Newcastle are a better side and have better players than I gave them credit for.’

‘Watching Shelvey against Newcastle, he was an absolute disaster when defending.

He’s been a huge net negative so far.

Tactically its a massive fail from Cooper.

Why do we need a quarterback who can’t defend? He makes us way worse in our weakest area.’

‘I can see the logic behind trying Shelvey, as I could with Wood, as ideal versions of both players. But, as you say, in practice it’s been a pretty dismal return so far because neither are in reality even decent versions of themselves at this point in their careers. It was an experiment that I don’t think we have the luxury of time to explore any further.’

‘We played well tonight against a top four contender. They battered us at their place and we made a match of it tonight. A silly mistake has cost us but this side is NOT going down!’

‘Very upsetting result. Not helped by absolutely biased Saudia Arabia United commentary.’

‘I thought we looked a lot better than we have recently.

For most of that game we looked like we’d get at least a point, and it was just two individual errors which led to their goals, Isak is a real talent and that Anderson lad looked good too, thought the pen was a bit soft but understandable why it was given, the ball came off their player into the arm he was jumping with but if it’s extended like that and hte ball hits it its going to be a pen.

We did show that we could compete with them, looked like we wanted it, and looked a bit better for the more open midfield and generally defended well.’

‘Isak is a quality player. He should be, he cost about £70m.’

‘Throwing around the word “scab” like confetti when they’re owned by a state which has banned trade unions, has detained and tortured hundreds of thousands of Ethiopian migrant workers and where it’s illegal to be gay.

Like Man City, any success they go on to have will always be dripping in the blood of working people. And they know it – disgusting club.’

‘I don’t feel too downhearted we showed a bit more aggression and weren’t a million miles off a team pushing for a champions league place.’

‘I can’t stand looking at Eddie Howe smiling and looking smug.

Mind you, I say the same about Ten Hag, Guardiola, and Arteta. There’s just something about them all when they win that makes you want to take them down a peg or two.’

‘Beaten by a better footballing side, we have no control in these PL games the keeper boots it most of the time then it is fight balls against huge defenders. So our forward players are feeding off scraps.’

‘We went close to getting a point and we’ll play many worse teams than Newcastle.’

‘Listen to the sky team and what they are saying about how one sided the game.

We were very poor.’

‘Let’s be honest we could have lost that by at least 4.’

‘To be honest Newcastle were the deserved winners but to lose in injury time with a needless penalty is gut wrenching way to end.’

‘Geordie-fest on Sky Sports. I do hate the bias towards the top teams.’

‘It was nice too see us have a few runners up top for once but we wasn’t good, if it wasn’t for the woodwork we would’ve been dead and buried at HT.

The Geordies let themselves down with how much they go down to the floor.’

‘Granted Newcastle are a good side, but considering that was our attempt at fielding a looser, attack focused side the stats make for pretty grim viewing.’

‘Listen lads, Newcastle are a very very good side, far superior to us and weve matched them tonight, barring individual errors. The mentality was there, 2 week lay off now so we go again. Keep ya chins up.’

‘We were second best all over the pitch,They ran thro our midfield and always have a player to pass to because we dont mark the runner.’

‘Narrow defeat against a top 6 team. Bodes well for when we come up against rubbish sides like West Ham and Everton.’

‘Newcastle were the better team, that’s to be expected with the amount of money they have spent.’

‘Think we were 1 light in midfield which meant Newcastle could transition the ball quickly forward.’

‘Narrowly getting beaten by Newcastle.’

‘By scoreline only, they completely dominated the ball, we couldn’t string barely any moves together, they hit the bar twice and had a goal ruled out.’

‘Always going to be tough against a top 6 side with quality all over the pitch. We were poor though no question.

I do fear for us to be honest. When you constantly leak clear chances like a sieve and struggle to score goals there’s only one direction you’re heading.’


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