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Letters to The Mag – Newcastle United fans (and odd visitor from Everton and Sunderland) have their say

1 year ago

The opinions continue to flow into The Mag, as Newcastle United fans debate the various issues affecting our club.

Whether it is events on or off the pitch, always plenty to talk about.

Newcastle United fans with the latest collection of opinions below, plus the odd visitor from elsewhere…

Contributions are sometimes too brief to make up into a full article and so we have gathered up a number of recent comments sent in, relating to issues at Newcastle United (if you would like to send anything in, long or short, then is the place):

Dear Mag,

I’m a Burnley supporter for my sins and am still annoyed at how we let Pope go for only £10million.

He was worth every penny of twice that! Eddie Howe made a great buy!

And I’ve been banging on for over 2 years now that Pope should be the England keeper. But will Southgate see beyond his pet Pickford, I doubt it?

I’m glad Pope and his calming presence is well appreciated at Newcastle, in stark contrast to hothead Pickford! Long may Pope’s great form continue

John Ward (via The Mag comments section)

Dear Mag,

Newcastle United have never had more members, indeed, the club had to close off the membership scheme in the summer because with tens and tens of thousands having bought them, it would have been unfair to keep selling more, as only a limited number of tickets go on sale each home game.

An estimated 12,000 / 13,000 tickets on sale each time BUT not even close to touching the sides when it comes to meeting demand.

Anyway, the club announce how Carabao Cup Final Tickets are going to be allocated.

Now, I am one of those who gave up my season tickets (and loyalty points…) after many many years, as it was the only way to get rid of Mike Ashley. I tried to get season tickets again straight after the takeover but the club refused to sell any.

So now I rely on memberships to get tickets.

Anyway, despite that, I have no issue with all season tickets getting a go at a ticket before anybody else. It is the only way to do it.

As no doubt you are aware, certainly all season ticket holders, cup final tickets are on sale this week, from Priority One on Monday, ending with Priority Five on Friday.

Then, if there are any left, it goes to members on Saturday.

Do me a favour and consider these three fans this season who are all members

Fan/Member One

Has been to all 15 home games (11 league and 4 cup) this season.

Fan/Member Two

Has been to 11 home games (all Premier League matches) this season.

Fan/Member Three

Has been to 1 home game (Southampton semi-final second leg) this season.

I happen to think there will be a small number of cup final tickets that will remain for the members, maybe 1,000 to 1,500 possibly.

Anyway, this is what the club have decided:

Period 6: Members that have attended at least one home Carabao Cup match during the 2022/23 campaign

Ballot opens: Saturday 11 February at 10am / Ballot closes: Sun 12 February at 8am

Successful applications notified by: 5pm on Tuesday, 14th February.

If you look back at three different members above, the one who has been to all 15 home games has the same chance as the one who has only been to the Southampton home semi, both go into a ballot on equal footing.

Even worse for the member / fan who has been to every single home Premier League match, all eleven of them, but hasn’t been to any of the four cup games for whatever reason, he doesn’t even get to stick his name in the hat!

Rob C

Dear Mag,

Good evening chaps

I’ve just deleted your app from my PC.

Until now, I’ve been a regular reader. However I’ve finally tired of the predictable negativity of some of your contributors. Its sounding very dog-eared.

I want to read about the positives rather than the regular revisiting of the same old critics repeating much the same negative things. Time to change the record!

Tonight we have three negative articles up front: Chelsea, Poor old Michael Owen and Newcastle really are a big club (so big you still find it necessary to constantly argue the case!)

I can understand that “controversy” is a tried and tested editorial tool, but it’s become overworked, tedious and not so well done.

Concerning what the opposing supporters have to say, it’s hardly creative writing. Predictable rubbish Im afraid.

Far from inspiring me, I usually sign out feeling somewhat irked. I guess the minions still love it but its not for me an anymore.

A couple of new, imaginative writers – perhaps less juvenile – would do you the world of good!


Dear Mag,

Greetings from Berlin (well, not that Berlin),

My Partner has four children following the EPL. All had played soccer at some point, her son played some in college.

They each have their separate teams (Chelsea, Liverpool, Man City and Brighton).

I had watched Ted Lasso and thought… is crazy. Promotion, relegation, loaning players out, international duties….it made my head hurt a wee bit.

So to bond with the family I had to select my own team.

This was a year ago and though they were in a relegation battle at the time, the storyline was way too interesting.

My ancestors came from the northeast originally, though all had made it over here before the club was formed, one of them was an original Geordie.

I have become slightly obsessed with NUFC to say the least and pull up The Mag several times a day for information and updates.

Great articles, great writing.

Thank you so much for the excellent coverage.

You all must be flying there.

Being a latecomer to the club and not a ‘long suffering” fan I’ve only witnessed the amazing evolution of the team but I am so happy for the faithful.



Berlin, Wisconsin

Dear Mag,

It seems that you and your fans live in cuckoo land

Sunderland fans are not in meltdown mode.

I have already bet that Newcastle will be defeated at Wembley.

But having said that I don’t begrudge NUFC getting to any final.

I want to see all NE teams in the Premiership.

JW (Sunderland fan)

Dear Mag,

What is the problem with our home crowd – it is flat as anything and I cant understand it, after all what has been achieved in such a small time you would think the place would be rocking.

I love everything Wor flags do before the kick-off, it really sets things up nicely, yet once the game kicks off the majority just sit in silence – over the last few matches the away fans always sing ‘this is a library’ and ‘where is your famous atmosphere’, can’t really argue against this.

So what can we do?

Well a good option would be to turn the Gallogate into rail seating (well at least one area) and get all the like minded fans together to raise the atmosphere, fans need to realise the importance of this, it helps the players enormously.

I was shocked on Saturday against West Ham and was even next to a few fans who booed.

Please help fans like us to get out of sections like this, I was so angry it was hard to keep my gob shut – if fans want to sit in silence and moan, dedicated a stand for this lot – let the passion fans thrive away from them.

Rant over but I do hope the club do something about this – it will only damage the team going forward if not



Dear Mag,

We dominate possession and play on the front front but Saturday against West Ham something was missing.

A certain Brazilian showed why he is a quality player breaking up play pushing us forward. We stopped going forward miss placed passes and gave up possession cheaply .

Teams are working us out now

Playing us in our style.

Harsh to say these things but we look tired, we may even have cup fever and we may start sliding away from the top four.

Play like this against Moan U and a certain Mr Rashford will be doing a Michael Owen, smiling and rubbing his hands.

Anthony Stafford

Dear Mag,

Good evening

I am writing today to express how appalled I am at the article that Jackie Smithfield has written about Everton as I feel there is a massive bias in this as the person is a newcastle fan and is tarnishing the name of Everton.

Absolutely no need to call Everton an insincere club, when Gordon forced a move by not going to training and being a little ratty kid who doesn’t even know how to play football.

The only highlights of his 22-23 season are the highlights he got in his hair.

This is complete unprofessional by the author as they try to ‘deliver honest news’ but completely bias in this article, it’s an absolute disgrace and I believe the person deserves to be sanctioned as this is complete unprofessional.

Unkind regards


Dear Mag,

Why is it after over 15 years people are still going on about the last owner and useless manager, this is to you people personally why are you still making comparisons, are you attention seeking.

What is it that makes you compelled to bring them back into a debate on our future, they are gone. please listen to me as other people have said on The Mag they are gone, they are no more, now if you are old enough to remember Monty Python, this parrot is…

John P

Dear Mag,

Newcastle have a good run and suddenly the geordie rabble are in the mood to slag off “Neverton” over the Anthony Gordon saga.

Everton, only 4 years out of the top flight since 1878, 4th most successful team in terms of top division titles.

What the hell have Newcastle won???

Yes, Everton are in the s… at the moment, whacky board, some mediocre players, dreadful results, in the relegation zone and yet, we’re still revered by all in the know as a top club with a proud and successful history.

Something which Newcastle football club will undoubtedly will never achieve.

‘Toon town sign Roger Rabbit’ !!!!

Jog on Geordies!!!!


Dear Mag,

Compared to where we were 12 months ago Newcastle United have made astounding progress on and off the field.

We have created a pleasant but significant problem, we are at least 18 months ahead of schedule.

We do not have the squad embedded for european football or the infrastructure to train, keep fit, or accommodate such a squad at the moment.

We will have but it takes time and we have become victims of our own success.

I’m not saying let’s not enjoy every second of it but it will be hard to sustain in the short term until we can bring things into balance.

It is vital we stick with the team the manager and the owners while this happens.

I know the 40,000 will do this anyway but the 12,000 who whinge at home draws or ‘just spending 40m’ in a transfer window, bear this in mind please.

In Eddie we trust

Keith Dixon


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