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Everton fans react to news of Anthony Gordon set to join Newcastle United – Some pretty special comments

1 year ago

Some pretty special comments from Everton fans, as they react to reports of Anthony Gordon set to join Newcastle United.

You know the way they go on, about pretty much anything…

However, the sheer hatred and aggression from so many Everton fans still makes you shake your head.

No wonder this 21 year old homegrown player is desperate to get away from them, the wishing violence on him, Anthony Gordon having his car surrounded by Everton fans and getting abused…

Who would want to play for them?

There is the odd voice of reason below, however, they are drowned out by the masses with their burning torches and pitchforks.

Amongst the comments from Everton fans are the classics that actually Anthony Gordon is useless and they would be better off without him, funny how not so long ago they were all saying how great he was…

Everton fans commenting on reports that Anthony Gordon is set to join Newcastle United, via their Grand Old Team message board:

‘He’s a dog sh.t left out in the sun.’

‘He’s our joint-leading scorer in the PL… scary stuff.’

‘Apparently Newcastle are offering £33m upfront plus £7m of add ons, so a total of £40m, there are some suggestions we are looking for closer to £50m. We are going to mess this up aren’t we.’

Absolute Bel,end. Kid my, he knows what he is doing. No respect in the bleached up t.rd.’


‘Glad he’s leaving…..the most overrated player we’ve ever had… has sulked all season, shown no interest in the relegation fight…this club has helped make him a very rich man already, and this is how he has repaid us

He won’t be missed….what actual memories do we have of him?!’

‘Not sure what all the fuss is about to be honest. He can’t even get into OUR team at the moment and is much more miss than hit.

I wish him no ill will but think £30 to £40 mill is a good price for someone who flatters to deceive most of the time. Take the money, re-invest it in the squad and move on.’

‘What a diva, the quicker we get rid the better.’

‘If he was half as good as he thinks he is we would be in the top half.

Let’s get the new manager in, replacement lined up and Gordon out asap.’

‘You’re all mad.

I feel like fighting you on Gordon’s behalf for acting like morons.

You don’t know the facts – his future is in the hands of Kenwright and Moshiri… Can you imagine how frustrating the last two transfer windows have been when those two are in charge of your future?

They’ve probably promised him all kinds and maybe even the ones trying to orchestrate the move themselves because they know they can cash in – its been done before!

Pipe down, haters. He’s 21.’

‘Yeah I can understand why he doesn’t want too be here, after the way he was treated outside the stadium too.

We love a witch hunt.’

‘Well yes that was out of order, some fans dont help themselves!’

‘Absolutely. I can’t believe what I’m reading on here.

He’s a kid. He’s a footballer. He plays for us. If he’s not a good enough player, that’s not his fault. It is what it is.

If he wants to change clubs, so what? It happens all the time. We can all change jobs without being hated.’

‘Think it’s probably got more to do with the fact that Coady is meant to have leathered him after one of the recent games.’

‘He didn’t, it’s drivel.’

‘He hasn’t wanted to be here since the Chelsea stuff in the summer. Get the fee agreed and get him f..Ked off.’

‘Speedo got the same when he moved up to Newcastle.’

‘I think if we got 30m-35m guaranteed, plus some incentives and maybe a sell on clause, we would have to take the deal without doubt. Unfortunately the player’s actions mean Newcastle hold the cards.’

‘What an absolute piece of trash he is…’

‘To be fair. Would you want to come back to a club where the fans chased you down the road banging on the sides of your car?’

‘The problem is that everyone knows we have to sell now so our bargaining position is weak.’

‘Nobody should feel sorry for him. Everton invested time and money for him to become a millionaire and get to play at the highest level and he won’t come in and do the job he’s paid to do because a few k.obs (and they were k.obs absolutely) gave him a bit of stick after his rash decision lost us a game against the bottom of the league team (not justified but that’s why).’

‘Send him to Newcastle with a few agreed tgen at the last minute pull the plug and put him in the reserves for the rest of the season.

If he don’t turn up fine him and sue for breach of contract, then reassess in the summer depending on where we are.

It’s not like we’re going to miss him.’

‘SSN struggling to fill 20 seconds worth of career highlights tells you all you need to know.’

‘Indulge at treacherous rat for aiding in the lowball offers from rivals hell no.’

‘The cost of a weasel in January is 40m with 10m add ons.’

‘Spurs fans here. First I’ve heard of him being linked to us. Not sure we could compete with NUFC even if we wanted to.’

‘Why wouldn’t you compete with Newcastle? You’re in Europe, managed by Conte, and spend fortunes upon fortunes of money every year anyway?’

‘They have unlimited funds.’

‘Well they won’t go over £35m rising to £50m it seems, so you can definitely compete with that as you buy multiple players every year for those sort of amounts.’

‘How long until he gets floored in shipping forecast like Ross?’

‘It was Santa’s but yeah…would be lovely.’

‘The closer it gets to the deadline the more desperate we obviously are. We just need the player out the door at this point otherwise we’re absolutely snookered if we end up stuck with him.’

‘Funniest part is that he’s rubbish.’

‘This is what happens when scruffs get money.’

‘It would be very foolish to keep him at this point. I don’t think he can be relied on to be fully committed if he is willing to skip training and force a move.

His value to us will just continue to fall if we keep him. There could well be a very good player in there, but we aren’t going to see it if he isn’t fully committed.

No real positive outcomes for the club in this situation. The least bad option is getting as much money as we can, even if it is less than we’d ideally want. His lack of professionalism has put us in a tough negotiating position.’

‘If we don’t sell, throw him in with the U23’s. Remind him regardless of the mess we’re in we are Everton Football Club and he’s just Anthony Gordon.’

‘The only good thing I can read into that is that negotiations are going slowly because we’re trying to sort out his replacement(s). If we can’t get them sorted, he doesn’t go.’

‘He’s clearly never gonna kick a ball for us ever again so why on earth would we keep him?’

‘I do wonder if it suits the club to paint Gordon as the bad guy here.’

‘Think in politics it’s known as the dead cat.’

‘If we had a backbone as a club and we’re not the sorry state of affairs that we are, we would take that to the FA and report clubs for tapping up before issuing a months fine for every day he doesn’t rock up due to breach of contract, setting a precedent that we aren’t a soft touch.’

‘I wish him all the failure in the world.’


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