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Man Utd, Sunderland, Everton, Liverpool fans react to Newcastle United owners food bank donation – Incredible comments

1 year ago

It was so inevitable, as Liverpool fans, Everton fans, Sunderland fans and Manchester United fans, reacted to the news that came out of Newcastle United on Wednesday.

Top journalist Henry Winter covering the news, he is the Chief football writer at The Times and one of the good guys when it comes to reporting on Newcastle United and indeed football in general.

The man from The Times reporting on the news that Newcastle United had donated £150,000 to the local foodbank, as well as financing other measures to help, including providing specialist staff to assist at no charge.

Henry Winter, Chief Football Writer at The Times:

‘Newcastle United donating £150k to Newcastle West End Foodbank and lending staff & volunteers to support the foodbank’s operations.

NUFC say “as temperatures plummet amid a steep rise in utility bills” that Newcastle United Foundation will open its NUCASTLE building “to provide free, warm safe spaces for families. It is vital that Newcastle United offers support to our communities and those who really need help during these difficult winter months. The club is at the heart of this community. The support the city gives us is incredible, so it is our duty to support our city,”

Darren Eales Newcastle United CEO’

Anyway, this was the reaction from Newcastle United fans to the update from Henry Winter, as well as fans of other clubs also having their say, including Liverpool fans, Man Utd fans (this is always so especially laughable, when their club has taken millions and millions every year for the last decade and a half in Saudi state sponsorships), Sunderland fans and those supporting Chelsea, Everton and others.

Fabian Crusoe (Liverpool fan):

‘This should cancel out the excessive use of the death penalty and destruction of Yemen.’

ABZ (Man Utd fan):

‘Glazers in the meantime ? Haven’t got a pot to p in.’

Ken out of Bros (Sunderland fan):

‘With a Tory party donator of the board.

Nufc is not the same club now. It might be rich, but it’s lost a lot in other areas.’

StuO (Newcastle fan):

‘You can expect an avalanche of negative comments on this Henry, from muppet fans of other clubs.

Lowered themselves to such a state of hatred that even clearly good and kind gestures are spat at.

They’ll say it’s about sportwashing, but the reality is they couldn’t give a’

Mathew Black (Sunderland fan):

‘Absolutely disgusting club. Innocent beheadings of WOMEN and CHILDREN yet the mythical Jawdie nation think its OK. Horrible fan base.’

Malcolm Shield (Newcastle fan):

‘£150k as a one off donation, in addition to the countless times jamie reuben for example has matched match day donations and idiots still twist.

By goodness, jealousy is rife is it not? The caring nature of the people in charge now compared with Mr Ashley #nightandday.’

Ohh Bully Bully (A motorbike racing fan):

‘£150,000. Whoo. That’ll do it eh? About a weeks wages for some of the players. Not even an accountancy rounding up error. But it got clicks for one of the richest men in the world.’

David Storey (Newcastle fan):

‘How weird. Complaining about giving money to a charity. Even if they’d given £1m knackers like this would still say it’s not enough.’

James (Liverpool fan):

‘And the sportswashing continues….’

L (Newcastle fan):

‘Better Mike Ashley and the food bank running empty I say. Empty stomachs but full morals.’

Karl Muirhead (Newcastle fan):

‘A football club helps feed local Men, women and children yet the comments on here are ridiculous!

We live in a world where people need help more than ever and there are people with other agenda’s stopping them realise this is a good thing the club has done.’

MB (Liverpool fan):

‘Other clubs do similar, they just don’t publish it.’

Sean Chater (Newcastle fan):

‘So how do you know?’

Just Jason (Liverpool fan):

‘They can afford it.’

Con (Newcastle fan):

‘So can the Government, they could put and end to foodbanks straight away….but here we are.’

Steve Ramsey (Newcastle fan):

‘It f…ing amazes me that when good stuff happens for people who generally desperately needs that help people come in and find a million reasons to say why the good is bad. Meanwhile those in need most don’t reach out as they will be judged So sad.’

Jordan Peebles (Man Utd fan):

‘I think you call it sportswashing.’

Graham Hall (Newcastle fan):

‘Great gesture… will make a difference. Respect to all who donate, and work for, foodbanks. But something has gone wrong in the UK when we think they are a normal and acceptable part of life…’

Keith Marchant (Man Utd fan):

‘Great cause. But its still sportswashing.’

Michael Sennett (Newcastle fan):

‘Then so is pumping millions of pounds into MUFC via a partnership with the Saudi Govt.’

John G (Sunderland fan):

‘As a Mackem , I have to say that’s a cracking effort.

Meaningful , daily, tangible help to those that need it most.’

Alan Huntingdon (Chelsea fan):

‘Any sort of help would do for people in need. Well done Newcastle United.’

1878 mate (Everton fan):

‘The equivalent of dangling keys to a baby to keep them occupied while you throw your partner off the roof.’

The name is Bean (Newcastle fan):

‘The point is those in need are receiving food and warmth. How can that be a bad thing? Grow up, and save your jealousy for match days.’

house of fraser:

‘Loving the amount of ppl rattled by this.

Although this doesn’t surprise me as we’re a proper club again

Well done NUFC.’

As I said at the start, so predictable what the response would be from some.

The shouts of Sportswashing, They are Tories, They have loads of money, Disgusting club and so on.

The comment from Newcastle United fan StuO surely the best of all when summing up this response from certain fans of certain other clubs…’You can expect an avalanche of negative comments on this Henry, from muppet fans of other clubs. Lowered themselves to such a state of hatred that even clearly good and kind gestures are spat at. They’ll say it’s about sportwashing, but the reality is they couldn’t give a’

The thing is, there are a lot of rich people out there and a lot of them have got significantly richer in recent times, as the vast majority have got ever poorer, yet very few of the rich ever give anything to those less well off, certainly not on this scale.

The Reubens and Amanda Staveley are very publicly supporters of the Tory party and I am happy to say that I would never ever dream of voting in that direction, for what it is worth. Are they personally responsible for Brexit and so many other recent decisions in particular by this Government, that have made things so much worse for ordinary people, particularly the very poorest? Well, I’m not sure how much blame can be pinned on them as individuals, it is a pointless exercise.

When Mike Ashley visits the polling station I very much doubt whether he is putting his cross next to Labour or the Green Party, like pretty much anybody else involved in controlling Premier League clubs, Ashley and the rest will almost certainly be on the right (not correct!) side of politics.

I think this is a case of very much judging on actions and what we know to be true as Newcastle United fans.

Mike Ashley never gave any cash to the local food bank, unless it was done so secretly nobody bothered to report it…

Instead he simply took every penny and benefit he could from our football club, our city, our region. Look how he acted during the lockdowns for example, with both Newcastle United and his retail businesses. Multi-billionaire Ashley working the system to get me and you, tax payers, to pay his staff via Furlough, a scheme that was never ever intended to help super rich owners of Premier League clubs. Mike Ashley even furloughing the Newcastle United recruitment and scouting staff! You literally couldn’t make it up.

Other PL clubs went out of their way to support all their staff, including casual workers, not so Mike Ashley.

This was the man that took years and years of free massive advertising at Newcastle United to make him and his retail empire ever richer. He even renamed St James’ Park and gave it the SD branding, without a single penny going into the football club from his retail empire.

As for Sportswashing…this has become a lazy largely meaningless term, as it needs you to believe that the likes of the Saudi Arabia PIF and indeed the Saudi state, are bothered about what people in the West think about them.

This isn’t to justify what goes on in Saudi Arabia, Qatar or wherever. I think the human rights issues in those countries are appalling, the same in China, Russia, Iran, North Korea, Afghanistan and so on.

Concentrating on Newcastle United and Saudi Arabia PIF, it is quite obvious they haven’t got involved for altruistic reasons, the same as pretty much every other Premier League owner there has ever been (very few exceptions such as Jack Walker, Delia at Norwich, plus the odd other)!

However, rather than ‘Sportswashing’, I think the Saudi Arabia PIF have got involved for the ‘good old fashioned reasons’ of making money (long-term), prestige, power, and as part of a bigger UK / North East project including property development and investing in other business etc (which probably helps explain why the Reuben family became part of the NUFC ownership).

If you accept these other reasons rather than the lazy ‘Sportswashing’ tag, it doesn’t then equal that you then believe what does and doesn’t go on in Saudi Arabia is acceptable, it is simply a statement of fact (as I see it) when it comes to why these people have got involved in owning Newcastle United.

As fans, I think the clear consensus is that the owners will be judged on how they run Newcastle United, as was the case with Mike Ashley and indeed all the owners who came before him.

This extends to what happens on AND off the pitch.

Whatever else they have and do in their lives, if those running Newcastle United decide to give £150,000 and so much other substantial help to local people via the food bank, then it is simply a good thing. Much as Mike Ashley year after year not doing anything similar in his 14 years at NUFC, was not a good thing.

When it comes to good and bad, it is very rare that anything is totally black or white, there are so many shades of grey.

Maybe the very best and most obvious place to go, if you wanted a definitive answer on how to judge this donation and other help, is to go to the very sharp end. Go and ask the people involved in running the local food banks and other support services, plus of course as well the most obvious people, the end users, those who will get the benefit of the £150,000 donation and other help.

These are desperate times for so many people and anything that goes towards helping them, can only be a good thing in my book.


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