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Jurgen Klopp embarrassing – Shamefully uses Newcastle United to deflect from his Liverpool failings

1 year ago

Jurgen Klopp absolutely loves it when everything is going his way.

I know what you might be saying / thinking, that every Premier League manager is like that, which is of course true.

However, I don’t think any other Premier League boss is close to on the same level as Jurgen Klopp, when things aren’t going quite so well.

I know that the more you win the tougher it is to take defeats BUT that still doesn’t justify the way the Liverpool manager goes on.

It is simply embarrassing the way he lashes out, tries to do a Mourinho with journalists but without the charm…the way he tries to deflect attention away from his and his team’s own shortcomings.

The pressure is now massively building on Jurgen Klopp and Liverpool, in the bottom half of the table, only four points off the relegation zone and this weekend they play Man City.

Only two Premier League wins all season (Bournemouth and Newcastle, where the referee allowed play to continue and continue until they scored their winner) and now ahead of playing Manchester City, Jurgen Klopp has once again lashed out at just how unfair it is for little old Liverpool…

“We can’t act like them (Manchester City), it is not possible, not possible.

“There are three clubs (Manchester City, PSG, Newcastle United) in world football who can do what they want financially.

“They can do what they want.

“We (Liverpool) have to do that, look at this, make it younger, here a prospect, here a talent, that’s what you have to do.

“Newcastle, there is no ceiling for this club.

“There is no ceiling for Newcastle.


“Some other clubs have ceilings

“There’s no ceiling for Newcastle. Congratulations. Some other club’s have ceilings.”

Would Jurgen Klopp be coming out with this deflection twaddle if Liverpool were top top ahead of facing Man City?

Obviously not.

The trouble is, he knows exactly what he is doing AND it works. Instead of talking about how poor Jurgen Klopp and his players have been, journalists lap it up and instead start writing about how impossible it is for Liverpool to compete.

Yes, the power of Newcastle United is now making it impossible for Liverpool…yet NUFC were after Darwin Nunez in the summer but…couldn’t compete with Liverpool, who bought him for £85m!

Nunez £85m, Jota £40m, Van Dijk £75m, Alisson £65m, Fabinho £40m, Keita £54m, Diaz £50m, Salah £38m, Oxlade-Chamberlain £34m, Firmino £37m…it is indeed a miracle how Liverpool are even surviving in the top tier!

As for wages, this table from Sportac shows the estimated current Premier League wage bills:

Obviously these are only estimates but bottom line is that Liverpool pay far far higher wages, a reported £350k a week to Salah, £200k or more to the likes of Van Dijk, Thiago and others.

Just how on earth are Liverpool supposed to compete???

Jurgen Klopp has undoubtedly done a brilliant job at Liverpool BUT when things start going wrong, he needs to be looking a lot closer to home than Newcastle United, when it comes to reasons as to why they are struggling to compete.

Nunez has been poor since arriving in the summer, only two Premier League goals so far and a red card. His (Nunez’) own embarrassing behaviour when on the sidelines during the win over Newcastle United, maybe you have to look at how his behaviour has been influenced by that of Jurgen Klopp, this sense of automatic entitlement to believe Liverpool should be up at the top.

It shouldn’t be forgotten either, how the likes of poor little Liverpool and others have ruthlessly exploited their dominant position to steal away the best young talent from other clubs for next to nothing. How much stronger would Fulham be if they still had Cavalho (who scored that winner against Newcastle) and Harvey Elliott, instead of receiving an absolute pittance for their two brightest young prospects that end up as squad players under Jurgen Klopp at Liverpool.

More importantly / seriously, never forget that it was Liverpool who were one of the prime movers in trying to steal all the power in the Premier League, by attempting to force the other clubs to agree  to them (Liverpool) and the other five usual suspects having all powerful voting rights that would allow them to dictate PL rules forever more. Then when that was blocked, Liverpool once again at the forefront of trying to steal football again, by attempting to form a European Super League, where they and their co-conspirators would never have to qualify.

Funnily enough, I never heard Jurgen Klopp, or indeed anybody else, saying what a disgrace it was that for a decade and a half, Mike Ashley was allowed (without criticism / scrutiny from neutrals) to run the club with zero ambition, the only aim of survival on lowest budget possible, whilst ripping out all the benefits for himself and his retail empire shareholders.

As Newcastle United fans, great to hear we already have Jurgen Klopp and Liverpool rattled and we haven’t even really done anything of note yet.

Klopp is right about one thing though, this is only the start of Newcastle United at last having the freedom to fulfil the club’s potential.


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