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Premier League tribute madness to the Queen now fully exposed

1 year ago

I was brought up very much in a Royal household.

No, we didn’t have many servants, none actually.

However, what we did have, was pretty much every surface and every wall in the sitting room had a photo of the Queen on it, or some Royal commemorative collectable (tat!).

My mam loves (loved) the Queen and her mam (my gran) was the same.

My dad and (that) grandad not quite at the same level but still respectful of the Royal Family, which basically boiled down to respect for the Queen, because that is all that pretty much any of have known.

Whilst I make up my own mind about stuff, clearly my upbringing will have played a key part in how I personally feel about the Queen / Royal Family. Not sure how I will feel about them now she has gone, as the Queen pretty much held everything together, but anyway, a total shock when she did pass away on Thursday, even though she was aged 96.

She had always been there, so it feels a bit strange already thinking of all these occasions throughout the year when the Queen would be centre stage and now she won’t be.

Even if you aren’t a Royalist at all, the Queen has been a massive figure in UK and indeed World history. You only have to look at the reaction from other countries to get some kind of idea of the scale of it, so many brilliant speeches and statements from the likes of Macron in France and other leaders / major figures in countries around the globe.

Whatever side of the fence you are when it comes to the monarchy, this is a massive moment in history that we are currently living through, after 70 years in ‘the job’, the Queen is no longer reigning.

Which brings me to football and in particular, the Premier League.

The reaction of the Premier League and The FA and the other English football authorities, has been to call off all football this weekend. The guidance from the Government was that there was no need to call off any sporting events, they encouraged those events that did go ahead to have some kind of a tribute to the Queen, though they (the Government) did say that it was of course up to any sporting body if they wanted to call off any event(s).

When I first heard this yesterday (Friday) morning I was a bit disappointed with it but I was busy with work stuff and so had no time to really think about it.

However, reading an excellent article last night on The Mag, the absolute madness of the decision by The FA, Premier League, Football was fully exposed.

The article revealed (to me anyway, I hadn’t had time to catch up on other news during the day) that whilst football had called off everything, all of the other sports were continuing. So this weekend, top level Cricket, Rugby Union, Golf, Rugby League, Horse Racing etc etc are all going ahead, hundreds of thousands of people going to watch their favourite sports / teams and given the chance to pay tribute to the passing of the Queen.

I just had a look at what these other sporting bodies had said when releasing their statements that sport would continue this weekend.

Rugby Football Union via Twitter:

‘Rugby Union will go ahead this weekend as teams and supporters come together to honour Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II to be united in our grief as we express sorrow at her passing.

Rugby, at its heart, is about community and bringing people together, in good times and in sad.’

England and Wales Cricket Board via Twitter:

‘Cricket to Resume and Pay Tribute to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II’

Just read those key words back to yourself..’is about community and bringing people together, in good times and in sad’…’Resume and Pay Tribute’

The real true madness of The FA and Premier League is fully exposed here, all of these other sports are facilitating the fans who follow them, to be able to come together to pay tribute to the passing of the Queen.

When it comes to football it is the complete opposite, the authorities taking the decision to TAKE AWAY the opportunity for Newcastle fans and every other club’s supporters to pay tribute. How mental is that when you really think about it?

It gets worse.

The FA, Premier League and the rest of those who run football, are heavily reported to have the intention of continuing this policy through to next weekend, meaning that fans of English football clubs will be once again denied the chance to pay tribute to the Queen.

If indeed our home match against Bournemouth is called off next Saturday, it will then be 30 (THIRTY!!!) days after the death of the Queen before Newcastle fans will have the chance to pay tribute at St James’ Park to her passing, when NUFC play at home to Brentford. With an international break coming up.

How exactly is that the football authorities paying full and proper respect to the Queen?

Honestly, they (Premier League, The FA) are so out of touch it is unreal.

When I was catching up last night, there are of course countless Newcastle fans and those of other clubs who will have had wasted trips booked and serious amounts of money spent on travel and accommodation, with no football allowed.

As for The FA banning all football right down to seven year olds in kickabouts, that is truly beyond the pale. How do you explain that to your son / daughter when instead of turning out in their local kids league due to some absolute tw.ts at The FA dictating they shouldn’t, they are instead stuck in the house with you and sticking the TV on, they can see top level Cricket, Rugby, Golf and Horse Racing still going ahead.

As a football fan and as a Royalist, I am absolutely gutted at what those running football have done. They all need to be sacked, as they have proved to be not fit for purpose.

Did none of them see the West Ham match on Thursday night in Europe? I am no fan of the Hammers or their fans BUT it was absolutely class hearing / watching on TV them all singing God Save The Queen, a brilliant tribute to her passing that the football authorities have decided to ban the rest of us from doing.


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