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Do I send the bill to Richard Masters? Absolutely fuming after cancellation of West Ham v Newcastle United

1 year ago

I thought I had heard the last of Richard Masters ruining my life.

However, that has not proved to be the case.

Richard Masters and the Premier League emerging yet again to deliver a cruel blow, when I least expected it.

This is a big, indeed massive, weekend for me.

Or should I say, I was.

I am meeting up with my two brothers and going to the West Ham match.

Or should I say, I was.

Then I saw this on The Mag this Friday morning…’Richard Masters, Premier League Chief Executive, said: “We and our clubs would like to pay tribute to Her Majesty’s long and unwavering service to our country.’

The full Richard Masters / Premier League statement is reproduced down below but…would you like to guess exactly how Richard Masters is paying tribute to the Queen, who passed away on Thursday?

Is he possibly donating a sizeable chunk of his obscene Premier League salary to good causes, maybe those especially favoured by the Queen?

The answer is of course, no. Instead, Richard Masters and his mates have massively disadvantaged hundreds of thousands of people for absolutely no reason.

Instead of honouring the Queen this weekend at Premier League matches with minutes of silence and black armbands, plus maybe a repeat of the national anthem sang by thousands of fans – as was the case at the London Stadium by West Ham fans last night, our match against the Hammers and all other games have been postponed.

So in deciding to make this supposedly respectful gesture of cancelling football matches, lets consider who is making the big sacrifices:

Richard Masters and his mates at the Premier League

Will still pick up their obscene salaries.

Possible ‘sacrifice’ of missing out on the usual jolly of going along to a Premier League match this weekend for free hospitality and so on.

The managers and players

(I don’t blame these of course BTW for this decision but this is still the reality…)

Will still pick up their millions per season salaries.

With matches called off, no doubt a bonus weekend off for many, flying off first class / private jet on a holiday break weekend and / or seeing friends and family.

The fans

No match to watch.

Whilst for those set to actually be at matches this weekend, thousands and thousands of tales of money lost / wasted on travel, accommodation, tickets and so on.

Hmmm, nice to see how these sacrifices are being shared by all, not!

I won’t go into too much detail but this weekend was extra special for me, very very extra special actually.

One of my brothers has flown in from New Zealand especially for the West Ham game, the three of us (my other brother heading down from Glasgow) used to stand in the old Leazes End together, the proper one with a roof on and filled with loads of headcases. It was great.

Now as happens for many of us, life moves on, your work / wife might take you elsewhere and so on. Long story short, Sunday would have been the first time the three of us had been together at a Newcastle United match for a long long time. More importantly / poignantly, Sunday’s match would have almost certainly been the very last one my brother living in NZ would ever see.

The money spent between the three of us on tickets, travel and accommodation…I wouldn’t like to add it all up. I can already hear some people saying well you are all getting the chance to meet up anyway and just missing out on the 90 minutes of football…well, if you are saying that, then you aren’t a football fan, certainly not a Newcastle United fan. Nor indeed are you somebody capable of understanding that this weekend’s West Ham match was about so much more than the football for us.

I say my New Zealand living brother won’t now ever again see a Newcastle United match in the flesh, with or without his two brothers…unless of course Richard Masters is happy to pay for him to fly over again in a few weeks time and sort out tickets for our match at Fulham???

This is nothing against the Queen and as I said already, I think a far better way of paying tribute to her would have been matches going ahead and a big showing of respect from the fans and players attending. Cancelling stuff achieves nothing, people just doing alternative stuff with their time and money, stuff that hasn’t been cancelled…

Us three aren’t really theatre types, so it is more time in the pub at a tenner a pint or whatever it is in London these days, or find something else to do.

In this crazy jigsaw of decisions taken by the rich, powerful and privileged I have just now read that with horse racing, they have cancelled it on Saturday BUT it goes ahead on Sunday. So whilst we can’t go and watch West Ham v Newcastle, me and my brothers could go to Doncaster or Chepstow drinking and gambling all day…with no disrespect to the passing of the Queen.

The whole thing is crazy. Those in positions of power, making decisions that massively impact on ordinary people.

Why not let the Premier League games go ahead this weekend and leave it up to the paying punters to decide whether or not they turn up or not? Whether they think it would be showing a lack of respect if they still went to the game or not?

Anyway, rant over.

I am now off to the pub to show my respect / disrespect by getting absolutely hammered. If I happen to bump into Richard Masters at any of these cockney boozers, well, that would prove interesting.

Premier League official announcement – 9 September 2022:

‘At a meeting this morning, Premier League clubs paid tribute to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.

To honour her extraordinary life and contribution to the nation, and as a mark of respect, this weekend’s Premier League match round will be postponed, including Monday evening’s game.

Richard Masters, Premier League Chief Executive, said: “We and our clubs would like to pay tribute to Her Majesty’s long and unwavering service to our country.

“As our longest-serving monarch, she has been an inspiration and leaves behind an incredible legacy following a life of dedication.

“This is a tremendously sad time for not just the nation but also for the millions of people around the world who admired her, and we join together with all those in mourning her passing.”

Further updates regarding Premier League fixtures during the period of mourning will be provided in due course.’


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