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FFP – The true meaning (Football’s Fixed Positions)

2 years ago

Leicester City are the only team in Europe’s top five leagues failing to register a new player so far.

Winning the league back in 2015/16 and two Europa League campaigns in the past two seasons, prudent recruitment, being forced to sell key players N’Golo Kante, Riyad Mahrez, Harry Maguire etc… and reinvesting those funds back into the squad has failed. The trapdoor of FFP is open and for the moment, purgatory awaits. Too strong to go down and no chance of moving any higher, without ambition, players and managers will leave.

Last summer, for the first time since winning the leagu,e a major sale didn’t boost Leicester finances. Yet the outgoings have grown year on year, a wage bill of £158.7million. Making profits for four years in a row previously, doesn’t mean much when the wage to turnover ratio then becomes 85% and was at 105%.

FFP will crush any club that tries to break into the top end, of any league in Europe. If you go up the ladder, teams will circulate like vultures over your best players, you then need to replace those plays with higher wages due to wage inflation, “why should I come to you when I can go to a champions league side” Here’s an extra 20k a week for your troubles. And new contracts are always higher due to natural wage inflation.

This vicious circle continues until: wages are too much, you fail to recruit players of the quality that left, or fail to sell a player to keep the finances in order. It is a game where the outcome is virtually fixed, the Premier League, UEFA and FIFA are the bankers, or should I say dealers, in the casino, either way they always favour the cartel.

At the top end of the table the bigger teams are getting stronger, Bayern Munich’s ten in a row was only possible by asset stripping the competition year on year with FFP strangling teams, while simultaneously being knee capped by Bayern.

Juventus’s hold on Serie A has just been broken by the Milan teams who had to virtually bankrupt themselves in the process but that run of nine titles in a row would not have been possible without FFP to support them.

FFP does not mean fair play, it maintains the status quo and means Footballs Fixed Positions for those at the top, will remain so and everybody else must remain where they are, or pay a hefty price to dream.

Winning the league that flash in the pan doesn’t mean a thing seven years on for Leicester, today they are trapped in a rigged game – they say it happens every 37 years that a team not expected to win the league actually does so. So roughly in the year 2052 we can see another team win the league and then watch them crash and burn.

“But we did it the right way we grew organically that’s why we are at the top”. These current dominant clubs had no ceiling imposed on them, they could take their time, there was no ticking time bomb and somewhere along the way they spent more than anyone else, they are at the top due their financial clout and nothing else. Things have changed and the rules suit and benefit them and not the rest. Is it even a competition when you are not even allowed to compete on a level playing field, where the wind is always blowing against you with the lingering smell of stench of the cartel.

Leicester did everything right, played by the rules, tried to challenge and look where they are. If Newcastle United did exactly the same, this is what awaits.

Did Man City really have a choice when it comes to unusually large sponsorship deals. La Liga can cry foul all it wants, or should I say Barcelona and Madrid can, when at the same time those two teams are crushing and suffocating the rest of their league.

So I for one cannot wait for our big sponsorship deals and I WILL NOT APOLOGISE to anyone, or for what is going to happen, why should we, when we know what the alternative is.


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