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Newcastle United transfer myths

1 year ago

Many Newcastle United transfer myths have existed for some time.

However, fair to say that since the takeover in October 2021, we have seen a dramatic escalation.

Both in the sheer number of myths that are put put there and how often they are repeated.

These are just a few of those Newcastle United transfer myths that I wanted to explode:

Newcastle United?

Who would sign for Newcastle United?

This is just one of the many things used to try and belittle us. As in, who are Newcastle United, why would anybody go there?

Well, I know I am preaching to the converted with the overwhelming majority who will be reading this, we / you all know just how big this club is and the potential that these new owners could now be unleashing.

However, suffice to say to outsiders, already in these past six months we have seen two members of the current England squad sign, somebody who is off to Qatar in November with Brazil, as well as a very exciting young Dutch prospect in Sven Botman – still only 22 but loads of experience and has a Ligue 1 winners medal already.

Clubs won’t sell to NUFC

Do you remember this one?

We were repeatedly told that all of the Premier League clubs had got together and were going to stand firm, refuse to trade with the new Saudi Arabia PIF led club, no Newcastle United transfer to happen.

Well that didn’t last long!

Within months we have seen Aston Villa, Burnley and Brighton all more than happy to take the Newcastle (Saudi!) money, as well as European mainland clubs Lille, Atletico Madrid and Lyon.

Truth is, of course, any club will take pretty much any other club’s money and Newcastle United are no pariahs.

Newcastle Upon Tyne

Who would want to live in Newcastle…?

This is honestly one of the most ridiculous and ignorant questions ever. Once again, I know I am preaching to the converted here, but just how good is it living here?

Especially if you have money, the kind of property you will be able to get, literally a castle I reckon if one of our top earners really wanted one! The lifestyle as well.

Naturally no problem convincing Dan Burn of the attractions of Newcastle Upon Tyne and the region. Nor as it happens the likes of Trippier, Pope, Targett and Wood.

Whilst Bruno clearly loves it here and Botman wasn’t ever flagging up living here as a problem.

Thing is as well, if fans of other clubs are honest, the ones who are regular travellers anyway, who actually visit other cities! They would happily admit that overwhelmingly Newcastle is the favourite away game, especially for a stay over. When do you ever hear any football fans saying this about going to Villa, Southampton or wherever?


Players, especially from abroad, want to live in London.

Well no doubt some players want to live in London but this idea that most quality players want a London club as their fantasy destination is surely laughable. If this were true, how in the Premier League era did Man Utd dominate for so long and how do Man City and Liverpool currently do so? Even clubs like Villa, Leicester and Everton in recent times, why have big money players, some real quality ones, gone to those clubs rather than insisting on a London one?

In reality of course, even if players do go to London clubs, very rarely I reckon do any of them live in London, or what we would see as London anyway, as in within easy reach of the sights / shops etc etc. Instead they will live in affluent areas outside of London, with decent access to their club’s training ground. A top footballer will often ‘work’ six days a week and on a day off will probably be most likely to be relaxing, taking it easy, rather than doing anything vaguely exciting.

Thing is as well, if say Newcastle players and their partners / families, or maybe a few of the partners together and without their husbands / boyfriends, did want to say go on a shopping trip etc to London. I reckon they could probably get into the centre of London quicker than many players (and their partners / families) who play for London clubs. Many Newcastle players tend to live north of the city and only a few minutes to Newcastle airport, pay for a helicopter / private plane for the day and down to London in no time. Plus of course there is such a thing as online shopping these days, I am led to believe…

Bottom line is that Newcastle United are like most clubs when it comes to competing with London, if indeed there is such a thing. Players are first and foremost all (at least the ones you’d want) are looking for an ambitious club and a willingness to pay competitive wages. England is such a small country anyway in terms of distance / area, especially if you have money you are never far away from anywhere else in the country, London or wherever.

Champions League

Not being able to offer Champions League football has also been put forward many times as an insurmountable hurdle, when it comes to players signing  for Newcastle United.

Of course being able to offer Champions League football is a help BUT it doesn’t stop many players from signing for Newcastle or indeed other clubs.

I’m sure that the likes of Bruno, Botman and Trippier could all have got new clubs that could offer Champions League football, if that had been an overriding factor, however, it clearly isn’t / wasn’t for that trio, nor of course many others.

Like so much else that is written about our club (and fans), these Newcastle United transfer myths are just exactly that, myths.


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