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I thought this was long gone at Newcastle United

1 year ago

These are strange times at Newcastle United, for the first time in years, I’m excited.

Now as I’m in my 60s, there is not a lot that gets me going these days, unless I have a blue pill of course, but in the summer of 2022, it is as if it is 2003 again. Without the hair.

I reckon that I am not alone in feeling this way. How long has it been since you felt as engaged in the club as you do now?

It’s not because I think we are going to win something…because the odds are that we won’t.

For me it is simply about renewed hope and actually wanting to watch a game of football involving blokes in black and white shirts.

I thought that the feelings first games of the season used to produce in me were long gone…but they are back.

Just like;

Leeds away 1983

An unforgettable day out. John Anderson scored! Ten thousand away fans?

Leicester away 1984

Unforgettable day out. Steve Carney scored. A very underrated player in my humble opinion.

Everton away 1988

Unforgettable day out, for all the wrong reasons. We were going to set the league on fire that year. Hmm, not quite.

Spurs home 1993

Unforgettable day out, despite the result. We showed we belonged at the top table and once we got into our stride, we were a wonderful team

So, is the Forest game in a few days time going to be a Leeds or a Spurs?

One thing I’m certain of, is that it won’t be an Everton, because fighting relegation is in the past.

I’m in agreement with the majority on here, in that I would like to see the squad strengthened, but what we have now is good enough for a top half finish. An injured Wilson would be a problem but we had our wonder run last season without him.

Confidence is my concern. Get off to a decent start and their belief in themselves grows even more. A fight for a European place beckons.

Get off to a start like we did in 1993 (lost to Spurs, lost to Coventry, Man Utd draw) and the likes of talksport will have whole programmes dedicated to “Saudi blood money doesn’t buy you success”, with expert opinions from giants of the game such as…well you know who.

However, remember in that season we won just one of our first seven games and finished third, so if we have a couple of setbacks, it is vital we stick with the club .

We can’t do anything about the odd spanner ringing Radio Newcastle wanting Howe out for failing to beat Man City and Liverpool.

These people always existed, except in the past their thoughts stayed in the Red Lion bar.

So lets leave the negativity to others.

The support shown against Arsenal is what is needed to drive us forward and encourage others to join us in the future.

I know I sound like a happy clapper but I don’t care. This is the start of our journey to becoming a club who wins things.

I’m going to say that again because I haven’t said those words for two decades.

Newcastle United are a club who are going to win things.


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