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‘I don’t care about Saudi Arabia PIF ownership – Their money is as good or as bad as anyone’s’

1 month ago

If I’m honest, I would have to say that I have gone through life as a glass half empty type of guy.

The reason is probably due to the genes I have inherited, however, supporting Newcastle United for 50 odd years hasn’t helped in the slightest.

You know the score.

A striker hasn’t scored for 12 games. His next game is Newcastle United. The bloke scores a hat-trick.

Or Newcastle get to the fifth round of the cup and in the hat are Rochdale, Barnsley and Preston. We get Chelsea away.

It is just how it always seems to have been.

However, as I sit here in Greece, drinking non-alcoholic cocktails, because alcohol and a dodgy heart don’t mix, if I can’t be a glass overflowing kind of guy this summer, I never will be.

There hasn’t been a better time to be a United fan for nearly 20 years.

How can I say that when we are owned by the devil, I here some say.

Well, for the record, I don’t care about Saudi Arabia PIF ownership. Not in the slightest. Their money is as good or as bad as anyone else.

No obscenely rich person on this earth is squeaky clean. Not one. That’s just the facts of life. That’s why they are rich and you are not.

So please spare me the hideous Saudis routine.

Chelsea have just been bought by Americans.

You may have heard of America. Its that country where their police force gunned down a thousand of its own citizens in the streets last year .

However, there is no issues with taking cash from the land of the free apparently.

Anyway, it matters not. This is our time, finally, this is our time.

I may be one who thinks we won’t win anything in the next couple of years but I obviously pray to be wrong.

My reasoning is that we aren’t strong enough for the title, so it has to be a cup.

And one off games can be “influenced”…

It may be my glass empty head talking again, but this season, I think we may see some shocking decisions made against us. However, eventually, even the Premier League’s ‘elite’ will not be able to hold us back.

I for one, have been very impressed by the way the owners are moving this ship of ours in a different direction. It takes time and skill to turn a huge ship around, but once it’s done, all the little boats need to get out the way.

We are heading for the top, so lets show some patience with the team. After all, we are not going to win every game from now on in.

Remember that Spurs lost eleven last season and yet still qualified for the Champions League.

So lets all enjoy the ride that’s coming our way because its going to be Kevin Keegan times again, except with trophies.

My old empty glass attitude tells me that the day before Newcastle United are to pronounced Premier League Champions of 2027, a Nuclear Armageddon will start and destroy the planet.

No doubt the residents of Sunderland would prefer seeing their place turned into a barren wasteland, rather than see the Mags become league champions.

Although to be honest, I’m not sure they would notice the bomb had gone off.


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