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Simon Jordan now gets all weird with Newcastle United Sporting Director appointment

3 weeks ago

Simon Jordan was doing so well when it came to Newcastle United.

The former Crystal Palace owner admitting he had got it totally wrong about the Newcastle United owners and Eddie Howe, accepting they had done a brilliant job this past season to turn around the shambles they inherited from Mike Ashley and Steve Bruce, having originally doubted their ability to do so.

Simon Jordan then following that up with an excellent demolition job on Jack Grealish, joining Newcastle fans in expressing his disgust at Grealish’s embarrassing drunken comments slagging off Miguel Almiron.

However, now the failed club owner turned pundit has only gone and ruined it all again, Simon Jordan getting all weird about Dan Ashworth as Newcastle United Sporting Director, ridiculing Newcastle fans for their happiness at the appointment…

Simon Jordan speaking to Talksport:

He (Dan Ashworth) is not turning water into wine.

“He will have the financial support to develop the opportunities to meet the exceptions, which we are yet to determine of these owners.

“Dan Ashworth comes with a reputation; some of it is well-earned and some of it is overblown.

“If you look at his involvement in the evolution at St George’s and the next generation of English footballers, that has been very successful.

“You look at the involvement at West Brom and Brighton…you can’t look at the Brighton recruitment policy and say ‘they aren’t very good’ because they are very good.

“If we are to believe that Newcastle are going to rip it up, then he has the most ideal and challenging of jobs.

“None of the other big clubs wanted him.

“Manchester United didn’t want him.

“Liverpool didn’t want him.”

After a near decade and a half of Mike Ashley, little surprise that Newcastle United fans were delirious when he finally sold up.

Ashley given such an easy ride by pretty much every single journalist and pundit (with very rare exceptions), including Simon Jordan, his neglect and shameful running of NUFC, including the minions  / stooges he generally employed at Newcastle United, making our club a laughing stock.

So yes, as fans we very much celebrated when Steve Bruce was given the sack and a decent calibre head coach appointed in the shape of Eddie Howe.

As supporters we were also ecstatic to see the shameless Lee Charnley also get the boot and I (we) will undoubtedly welcome whoever is brought in as the new CEO / MD, safe in the knowledge it will be somebody who we have far more confidence in than Ashley’s now departed sidekick.

As for Sporting Director / Director of Football, seen as the last one we had under Mike Ashley was JFK…why shouldn’t we be ecstatic with Dan Ashworth???

This is all before we rally analyse what Simon Jordan has said and in reality, his absolute contradiction of himself…

Simon Jordan says Dan Ashworth’s reputation is partly deserved and partly not, yet doesn’t really give any evidence to back up the ‘overblown’ bit.

This past decade and a half, ironically the same timeframe during which Mike Ashley had dragged Newcastle United down into the gutter and ran the club with only one aim and ambition, to benefit himself financially as much as possible, as well as (by association) the other shareholders in his retail empire.

So Simon Jordan acknowledges that with Brighton, West Brom and England, Ashworth has done a very good job…well, those are the three jobs that he has been employed to do these past 15 years. So I have absolutely zero idea of the jobs where Simon Jordan reckons he hasn’t done well this past decade and a half.

As for Simon Jordan declaring ‘None of the other big clubs wanted him. Manchester United didn’t want him. Liverpool didn’t want him.’

Firstly, how does he (Jordan) know for sure that no other ‘big club’ wanted Dan Ashworth? Seen as the start of February 2022 it was announced that Dan Ashworth was leaving Brighton, I think we can assume that contact was made by the new Newcastle United owners very quickly after taking control of NUFC in October. These things take time and no doubt negotiations going on between the new owners and Ashworth for some time, yet within less than four months of taking over, Brighton officially confirming that they were losing him. With the ambition and potential backing the new NUFC owners could give him, why shouldn’t have Dan Ashworth potentially seen Newcastle now as a better bet than other big clubs?

Secondly, Liverpool are currently one of the two best teams in the world and arguably the very best run club at the moment. If they indeed had somebody in mind who they thought was even better than Dan Ashworth, is that really such a negative against him? It is like saying a player currently prefers to go to Champions League winners Real Madrid or Premier League winners Man City, rather than Newcastle United, as though we should be outraged by that notion.

Thirdly, Man Utd didn’t want Dan Ashworth….well considering how shocking their decision making has been at Old Trafford when it comes to appointing pretty much anybody, I wouldn’t be getting upset if they did indeed think Dan Ashworth wasn’t good enough for them. Ed Woodward has been a disaster for Man Utd and yet they kept him for so long, whilst Ralf Rangnick has been another poor episode in their recruitment. This season Man Utd ending up with their lowest ever Premier League points total and this despite their first team squad having been the most expensive to assemble and with the biggest wage bill. Plus brilliant decision making that ends up with Man Utd receiving not a penny for players such as Jesse Lingard who Newcastle United were prepared to pay good money for in January, never mind now losing £90m Paul Pogba on a free!

Yes it might be amusing for the likes of Simon Jordan to see a fanbase such as ours showing such enthusiasm for a Sporting Director appointment.

The thing is though, we know just how rubbish our club has been these past fifteen years, so many people employed who weren’t fit for purpose. So I am quite happy for Simon Jordan to ridicule me / us when another credible building block is put in place, whether that is Eddie Howe, whether that is Bruno Guimaraes, whether that is Dan Ashworth, whether that is whoever is to be announced next…

Newcastle United are now doing things properly and acting like a proper / normal football club when it comes to having ambition and trying to employ the best people possible throughout the club.

It was an alien concept under Mike Ashley BUT now it is the new and very welcome reality.


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