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Manchester United ignored as Newcastle United named and shamed in Saudi Arabia golf controversy

2 years ago

I find this absolutely intriguing about Manchester United…

There I was with time to kill on Tuesday afternoon, checking for any movement on the Newcastle United transfer front.

Yet when I went online, what do I find?

Yes, Newcastle United yet again named and shamed thanks to the latest news concerning Saudi Arabia.

Turns out there is some big drama going on because the Saudis are buying up golf apparently.

To make it even worse, I am having to read all this rubbish where they are involving Newcastle United, when it is a story concerning a sport that I can’t stand. Golf surely the worst ever sport to watch on TV, whilst I can’t even begin to imagine how bad it would be to go and watch live, standing there watching somebody belt a ball hundreds of yards into the distance and not even having any idea where it has gone.

Anyway, here are just some of the comments I have seen this afternoon when I started looking for NUFC news online…

Ben Saunders, Assistant Sports Editor at the I Paper – 7 June 2022:

‘Shouldn’t be forgotten that this LIV golf debacle and the takeover of Newcastle United happened because of the West’s shamelessly comfortable relationship with the Saudi regime.’

Richard Keys – 7 June 2022:

‘I don’t really understand all the fuss about LIV golf. Surely it’s the same money that bought Newcastle? That staged GP in Jeddah? That hosted big fights? U.K. govt wanted Newcastle done so I get that but what about the rest?

It’s either ok or it’s not. There’s nothing in between.’

DW Sports – 2 June 2022:

‘Phil Mickelson is headlining a new golf series invested in by the Public Investment Fund (PIF) of Saudi Arabia. They took over Newcastle United last summer.

The LIV Golf Series is being accused of being an attack on the established PGA Tour.’

Chuck B – 7 June 2022:

‘Hope they all enjoy their blood money…..I’m sure they will, LIV ‘blood money‘ series golf…. Sports washing, same with Newcastle….’

Notmilkyway – 7 June 2022:

‘just remember that you can’t really tweet anything about women’s rights after taking Saudi money without being hypocritical. Doesnt matter if you go Liv or to Newcastle.’

Adam Crafton of The Athletic – 8 January 2022:

‘PIF governor and Newcastle chairman Al-Rumayyan flew in today, alongside Golf Saudi CEO (Majed Al Sorour – who was last month (May 2022) conformed as a new director at NUFC). PIF are listed as partners on Golf Saudi website, as well Saudi Aramco (who Al Rumayyan also chairs). Interesting to see if Golf Saudi becomes a partner/sponsor of Newcastle.’

So, whenever anything else negative is reported to do with Saudi Arabia and sport, Newcastle United has to be part of the story as well.

Fine then…BUT what I can’t understand, or accept, is that this is where it ends.

Indeed, as some of the comments above are stating, all are apparently guilty if linked to Saudi Arabia, especially if in a sporting context, not just some.

Well, if that is the case, how come Manchester United are NEVER name checked?

I find it absolutely totally bizarre.

On the one hand we keep getting told time and again that Manchester United are supposedly the biggest football club on the planet, even now when they are not even contenders on the pitch and a joke off it when it comes to the Glazers.

Yet they have had 14 years and counting of taking money from the Saudi Arabia regime and NEVER get mentioned when it comes to the controversy.

Why do the media not see this as newsworthy in any respect?

Where have the media and Manchester United been with their campaigning, outrage and principles these past 14 years and counting, with the Saudi regime as the longest existing sponsors of Man Utd?

The Saudi regime through the state owned Saudi Telecom have ploughed fortunes into Old Trafford for 14 years since 2008 and continue to do so.

Then in 2017, Man Utd agreed yet another very lucrative revenue stream from the Saudi regime, ‘the General Sports Authority of Saudi Arabia’ in partnership with Manchester United.

Whilst advertising and sponsorship deals are of course a smaller affair than an actual takeover of a club, the ‘principle’ remains very much the same. With sponsorship / advertising, you actually take money directly in return for some business (and / or regime…) then being able to attach their name to your brand / good name…

Why have we never heard the media these past 14 years demanding to know why the Manchester United fans aren’t bothered about seeing their club selling its good name to the Saudi regime in return for serious riches that have helped their club / team win loads of trophies?

It has got even more laughable in recent times when you have Man Utd supporters slagging off Newcastle United fans due to the Saudi PIF takeover, when these Man Utd fans clearly don’t even have a clue that their own club for a near decade and a half have been taking cash from Saudi Arabia. That absolutely sums up both how little so many Manchester United fans know about their own club, as well as just how shocking it is, that all of the media / journalists choose never to mention the Saudi Arabia Man Utd cash.

I would love to know why this is the case. Why is it when Saudi Arabia sporting stories are ran, that we don’t have ‘Golf, Boxing, Formula One, 8 months of Newcastle United ownership, 14 years of Manchester United sponsorship…?’


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