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Weird and wonderful world of Newcastle United ITKs

4 weeks ago

When it comes this article about Newcastle United ITKs, I am guessing that those reading it will be pretty much split into two groupings.

Those who spend a fair amount of time on Twitter.

Those who spend no / very little time on Twitter.

Just so we are all on the same starting page, we all need to know what exactly Newcastle United ITKs are.

This is one definition of football ITKs (ITK = In The Know)…

‘Football transfer (and sometimes other) news accounts on Twitter, that pretends they have insiders at a football club.

Insiders who supposedly provide them with info which they then tweet to their gullible followers who will believe.

They generally base their tweets on what other reports are saying and copy and paste it, usually making slight adjustments.

And / or they make (A LOT OF) guesses and once every blue moon they get a transfer / bit of news right which convinces gullible followers of their credibility.’

When it comes to Newcastle United ITKs (In The Knows), it is no surprise that the takeover in October 2021 has seen their numbers / activity soar in these past seven months.

As NUFC are now a club ran with ambition, that potentially could buy pretty much anybody now, a club and fanbase that is now getting far more attention…absolutely zero surprise that the Newcastle United ITKs are loving it.

So many more stories / guesses to put out there AND so many more fish in the sea (Newcastle United fans who may end up becoming one of their Twitter followers.

What do they get out of it?

Difficult to say if you are a normal person and use normal logic / behaviour to guide you BUT I am guessing it is simply notoriety, the modern day (especially on social media) desperation to be noticed.

Maybe a modern day equivalent of the proverbial bloke down the pub, who used to try and tell you he had inside info on Newcastle United. Usually a bit of a billy no mates and thinking these kind of fantasy claims / connection would make him more popular and make you want to be his friend. The inside info back then, would often be some feeble tortuous series of links that ended up with the NUFC info having been passed down the line. Something like he had a mate, who knew someone, who worked with somebody, who lived next door to somebody, who had a mate, who had a postman / milkman, who delivered to ***INSERT NAME OF PLAYER / MANAGER HERE.

Now it is a lot more simple, we are supposed to believe that some random person on Twitter, has an inside track into what the boss of the Saudi Arabia PIF is thinking. Or at the very least, has access to what is discussed between the likes of Yasir Al-Rumayyan, Amanda Staveley, Mehrdad Ghodoussi, Majed Al Sorour and Jamie Reuben on a daily, if not hourly basis.

Then having access to this inside exclusive info, chooses to put it out for free on Twitter to the gullible and bemused (overwhelming majority of us), rather than approaching any of the major newspapers and other media, where they would happily pay good money to have this access to round the clock exclusives from inside the ‘richest club in the world’ …

There is so much bizarre behaviour when it comes to the Newcastle United ITKs, deleting previous (countless!) Tweets that proved they knew absolutely nothing with grand claims that clearly never had any substance, whilst some have multiple other Twitter accounts that are then used to try and back up the ‘credibility’ of the main account.

The amount of effort / energy is impressive, if not the content!

Amongst what I have seen since the October 2021 NUFC takeover and especially in more recent times:

Naming players that NUFC are going to bid for

Naming companies that are going to sponsor Newcastle United

Who is going to be the new CEO

Naming players who NUFC have supposedly already signed and just waiting to announce them

New contracts given to players

The stadium going to be definitely expanded to ??k capacity

The stadium definitely going to be moved elsewhere

When Director of Football Dan Ashworth will start his job

Players who Newcastle are watching

How much the transfer budget is

Players who are desperate to sign for NUFC

Agents who are in talks with Newcastle with signing imminent

And so on and so on and so on…

Back in the real world though.

So despite these Newcastle United ITKs knowing everything that is going on inside Newcastle United (and Saudi Arabia, other clubs, agencies etc etc) and who NUFC are going to buy and for how much, not a single one of them knew anything about the two friendlies that were announced yesterday (Saturday 28 May 2022).

Two games at St James Park against Atalanta and Athletic Bilbao, which will have taken some time planning, that plenty of junior people at the club will have known about, friendlies that are in no way top secret (unlike delicate transfer negotiations) and yet…not a single one of the Newcastle United ITKs knew anything about them!!!

The truth is, it is the same with every single other thing that happens at Newcastle United, they haven’t got a clue.

Unless you think having a clue is somebody namechecking in countless Tweets every single player Newcastle United are linked with in the media (and potentially adding some more of their own) and saying they have heard they are going to sign, then when the one in a hundred does actually sign sometime in the future, you are then astonished at what they ‘knew’ back whenever…

I suppose there again, we shouldn’t be so surprised at this modern day proliferation of fan fantasists claiming inside knowledge. Not when you take into account just how laughable most of the modern day media coverage is of Newcastle United, so much of it transparently made up, especially when it comes to transfer ‘exclusives’ in the newspapers and elsewhere.


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