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Sunderland fans furious as Wor Flags boost Gateshead celebrations – Spectacular comments

2 weeks ago

You certainly have to hand it to Sunderland fans.

They never let you down when it comes to having bizarre views on pretty much any issue, with their readiness to be outraged being absolutely impressive.

Every fanbase (including Newcastle United) has a lunatic fringe, however, Sunderland fans do appear to have by far the biggest and are so so (unintentionally) funny.

Their latest thing to wind themselves up about, is the Gateshead match on Saturday.

Happily, Gateshead have already ensured they have finished top of the table and on Saturday the play their final game of the season at home to Hereford. A game set to be a real celebration of a great season and they will be presented with the National League North trophy after the final whistle.

If you want to get along and support Gateshead and join in with the celebrations, you can buy tickets online HERE, it is a 3pm kick-off on Saturday and Newcastle not playing until 4.30pm Sunday at Man City, so a chance to take in a match.

As well as enjoying a Wor Flags display, away from St James Park…

Gateshead have reported that they’ve joined up with the Newcastle fans who put the SJP flag displays on, with two of the large flags and fifty of the smaller ones, set to travel over the Tyne Bridge and be part of Saturday’s celebrations at the International Stadium.

All good stuff…hmmm, well for the vast majority of normal people BUT not apparently for some of our friends down the road!

Sunderland fans commenting via their Ready To Go message board:

‘They will foist themselves onto any glory.’

‘First the womans team, then Gateshead……. all part of the sportswashing plan.’

‘I’m grew up in Low Fell by the way and why anyone would want to watch Gateshead is utterly beyond me.’

‘I went to a heed game before xmas and had to move as a mag was talking behind us all through the first half about the mags. No-one was engaging with him but also no-one told him to shut up.’

‘Jumping on the bandwagon when Gateshead have won the league yet they where no where to be seen when the club was in trouble.’

‘This! Same with the Newcastle women team.’

‘It’s always about them.’

‘Any sunderland fan going to watch gateshead or wish them well can do one and stop through there for me.’

‘I’m sure the die hard Gateshead fans won’t be too happy with this.’

‘Was gonna go to Gateshead on Saturday, but that’s made my decision….. Pools v Colchester instead.’

‘Same. I was going to go over as well. Absolutely no chance now.’

‘Will shell with bae armaments and invade Gateshead and demand the dissolution of the team as its taking the focus from the great jawdi sawdi project.’

‘The irony of a club pallying up with another when they once voted them out of existence.’

‘Loads of Gateshead fans hate the mags actually they have a strong following from teams who follow the lads more have stopped going to Gateshead due to the mags.’

‘Ive enjoyed watching them over the years. If anything they pick up more casual Sunderland support than Newcastle, but stuff like this makes me just not bother.’

‘Will be annexing Gateshead soon.’

‘They did that Years ago with Newcastle Gateshead.’

‘Imagine how insufferable theses would be if they actually won something?’

‘My dad would be turning in his grave.

And he wouldn’t like the Saudi’s either.’

‘I don’t understand why Gateshead would welcome this. They’re their own club and should have their own identity without their premier league neighbours imposing their influence upon them.

I don’t like the local clubs becoming subsidiaries of bigger clubs. What’s the point?’

‘Waving flags generates an atmosphere?


‘Anything stopping our lads turning up with our flags…now that I would pay to see!’

‘I would ban all flags from all grounds.

Sadly we now have them at SOL.’

‘Likely just be black and white ones and some generic message I’d imagine.

Don’t really see the issue with them allowing flags to be used by another team, and said team giving them credit for it. It’s just a good gesture?

If one of our local teams that play in red and white had won the league, and Spirit of ’37 (?) decided to lend them some generic flags whilst we weren’t playing we’d all be canny happy with that. Wouldn’t we?’

‘As a heed fan who also support Sunderland at first a was a bit miffed. But it’s literally just black and white flags that they’ve donated to help the club celebrate winning the league.

Can’t see the problem in that and the outrage is weird.’

‘Imagine if Gateshead played in red and white and a load of generic Sunderland flags waving about. The Chronic would spin the story so safc taking over little old gateshead, mags up in arms etc but anytime sunderland fans have an opinion we are obsessed and the phrase always used “chips on shoulders”. Gateshead should have told the Mags thank you but no. Gateshead are no long competi g with nufc and safc, but the women’s teams, South Shields and even Hartlepool. If you had 30 quid in your pocket and no football allegiance and live in the north east who might you go and watch – probably not Gateshead. 22k turned up to watch the nufc women (which I think could be a one off) doubt you would get 22k to watch Gateshead.’

Where do you start???

I love the fact that so many of them are on their high horses and pretending they were going to go to the Gateshead match but now principle will stop them. We obviously know they are lying but this is rubber stamped by the fact that if they were hardcore Gateshead fans they would already have their tickets and not at this late stage refusing to get one due to this late development (Gateshead only announced this Wor Flags collaboration on Wednesday.

As for claims that the vast majority of those who go to Gateshead matches are also Sunderland fans…you have to laugh.

There also doesn’t seem to be any understanding that Newcastle United (the club) have zero to do with this. The NUFC fans behind Wor Flags do all the graft and it is crowdfunding by Newcastle supporters that pays for all the flags.

As for Newcastle United being one of the clubs to vote Gateshead out of the football league in 1960 (those who finished at the bottom end of the fourth tier back then, had their fate decided on a vote by all the other clubs in all divisions, to decide if they would be kicked out and a club instead brought from non-league to replace them. No automatic promotion back then.), well safe to say I don’t think anybody at Wor Flags (or indeed anybody at all now associated with NUFC) had any part in making that decision to vote Gateshead out 62 years ago.

A couple of voices of reason amongst the village idiots above, the happy coincidence of both clubs playing in black and white obviously a big factor in the flags in question being suitable for use on Saturday at Gateshead.

The Sunderland fans above, also wanting to include Saudi Arabia (as always) the NUFC Women’s team and a desperation to be attached to the glory of Gateshead winning the sixth tier.

You couldn’t make it up.

Hope it is a great day on Saturday and everybody enjoys themselves, Mike Williamson and everybody else associated with Gateshead deserves great credit, including their hardcore fans (even the Sunderland masses!) who have played a key role in the team / club bouncing back.


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