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Simon Jordan calls out Jack Grealish

1 month ago

Simon Jordan is on a roll.

On Tuesday the former Crystal Palace owner gave an excellent overview of what has happened at Newcastle United this season.

Simon Jordan holding his hands up and saying that so far Eddie Howe and the club’s new owners have done a brilliant job and proved him (Jordan) totally wrong.

Now on Wednesday, he (Simon Jordan) is at it again.

The Talksport pundit calling out Jack Grealish for his shameful remarks about Newcastle United’s Miguel Almiron.

Jack Grealish on Monday night celebrating Manchester City’s Premier League title win and coming out with the following…

Bernardo Silva:

“What were the secrets yesterday (to 3-2 comeback win against Aston Villa that won the title for Man City)?”

Jack Grealish:

“There were two.

“Riyad (Mahrez), take him off the pitch, as soon as possible. He played like (Miguel) Almiron.

“Secondly, he (pointing at Bernardo Silva), he has been so good this season but get him off the pitch.”

Bernardo Silva:

“Number three, keep Jack Grealish on the bench.”

A total lack of class shown by Jack Grealish, celebrating the pinnacle of his career so far, he chooses that moment to put down a fellow professional footballer.

What of course made this all the more embarrassing, is that Jack Grealish comes out with this crass comment on another pro, when he himself (Grealish) has contributed so little to Man City’s title success. Indeed, Manchester City came within a whisker of winning absolutely nothing this past season, despite such a squad of stars that included the summer 2021 £100m purchase – Man City’s record signing.

Record signing Jack Grealish has been an absolute passenger for much of this season, yet to hear his arrogance, you would think he had been the big star leading them to the title win.

In reality, Jack Grealish has been carried by the rest of the squad and in the entire season only scored three Premier League goals. That made him tenth highest scorer, even central defender Laporte scored more (four) than Grealish.

The absolute cherry on the top though, when it comes to Jack Grealish’s lack of class when celebrating this title win.

Is that in his absolute moment of need, having to win this final game of the season to clinch the title, Pep Guardiola selected fourteen players who ended up on the pitch and not one of them was Jack Grealish.

The club’s record signing and yet Pep Guardiola couldn’t trust Jack Grealish, not in his starting eleven on Sunday and certainly now when it came to making changes and bringing on substitutes to try and turn it around.

Guardiola leaving Jack Grealish sitting on the bench for the duration on Sunday as his squad mates won Manchester City (and Grealish) the title.

Honestly, Jack Grealish should be embarrassed to even pick up his Premier League winners medal, never mind trying to humiliate a fellow professional footballer such as Miguel Almiron just for cheap laughs.

This is what Simon Jordan has had to say on the matter today (Wednesday 25 May) to Talksport:

“The bottom line is, is that it takes Jack Grealish back to where he belongs, into moron territory. Engaging his mouth before he engages his brain.

“There’s no problem with him having banter with his own teammate, that’s absolutely (fine).

“If someone was to say that he was taking the mickey out of Riyad Mahrez, then you’d say that was banter, they’ve got that rapport, they’ve got that relationship.

“When you take it out of your domain into another domain and you pick out an individual player (Miguel Almiron), and single him out and ridicule him, because you think you are in a position to do so, where is that going to end?

“What does that bring? Someone somewhere is going to say to you ‘by the way, who are you? And what gives you the right to make that comparison and why would you want to do it? And where does your arrogance stop and intelligence begin?’

“Look, I’m sure he meant it tongue in cheek but why pick on an individual player?

“Because obviously, in the back of his mind, he thinks that player is not very good.

“Which is his prerogative…but why does he need to do that, to that particular player, in a moment when Man City are talking about their success? Why does he think he is on a platform, where he can look down on that player?

“You know, Jack Grealish is a very talented player. He is a long way in my view from being a £100m footballer and he’s incredibly fortuitous to be in a position where he plays for an elite club like Man City, that’s enabled him to win a Premier League. Because I don’t think his contribution has taken Man City to that Premier League, I think he has been a bit part player.

“So he would have been better served, saying you know, take me off the pitch more.”


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