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Newcastle United owners making rapid strides behind scenes – To backdrop of naive journalists and fans

1 month ago

I think fair to say that the media are very much still coming to terms with the new Newcastle United owners.

I am not talking about all the stuff surrounding the political aspects regarding the ownership, nor indeed those random national journalists who only get involved when there is the latest NUFC pile on / baiting of Newcastle fans.

Instead, I am meaning the journalists whose job it is to regularly cover Newcastle United, as the main / sole part of their job description.

Fair to say I think, that almost a decade and a half of Mike Ashley ownership hasn’t helped the state of the coverage of our great football club.

Far too many journalists happy to go along with the Ashley ownership, in many cases due to fear of getting banned by the fat controller and his minions, whilst in numerous cases I think just a case of individuals losing the plot. Forgetting / ignoring  what is the norm when covering a Premier League club, their standards arguably dropping in line with the way Mike Ashley ran our football club.

Faced with the new Newcastle United owners, most journalists have floundered.

Then with what they subsequently feed the fans, I think in many cases it has left so many supporters also floundering, not quite able to comprehend what is and isn’t happening.

I think this certainly applies to the Newcastle United owners making rapid strides behind scenes, at least that is my opinion, in that I’m absolutely sure rapid strides are taking / have taken place. Just because what is happening hasn’t been (so far) spoon fed to journalists and fans, doesn’t mean it isn’t happening.

To a backdrop of naive journalists and fans, I think safe to take an educated guess on what the Newcastle United owners have been up to.

Whatever you believe the reasons as to exactly what the prime motivations were for these Newcastle United owners who bought the football club from Mike Ashley, they certainly didn’t do it just to then mess around without any ambitious plans then to be put in place once Ashley handed over the keys.

The ownership model includes a massive public investment fund AND the richest and most powerful family in the UK.

I have seen numerous comments from both fans and journalists questioning why there hasn’t been more happening at the club? One of the things these days of course is that the media are clueless when it comes to the inner workings of the club, it is only when the new Newcastle United owners want things to be known, that they end up in the public domain. Unlike in the past when things were leaked without the owner(s) say so.

Which brings us to now…and the frantic (short) period that leads into next season.

I was / am amazed (well not really!) at how many fans and journalists say they are really surprised how little is happening with recruiting key people, getting sponsors etc etc., as well as their naivety regarding reporting Howe’s comments downplaying a big transfer window.

Only 11 weeks after this season ends, the next Premier League season kicks off. The Qatar World Cup helping to ensure things end up even more congested than usual.

I think at the very maximum there will be only six weeks from this season ending next weekend and pre-season starting at beginning of July, which still only gives just under five weeks to get ready for season, including a USA tour reportedly. The return of the NUFC players pre-season could happen even earlier, perhaps only five weeks after the end of this season.

I would be amazed if the Newcastle United owners don’t have signings lined up and will obviously want as many as possible here, in time for pre-season.

When asked at his pre-Arsenal press conference about plans for this upcoming transfer window, Eddie Howe was never going to do anything other than play it down, having to take note of FFP restrictions, he is hardly going to come out and say what they really intend to down. Yes the FFP restrictions are there BUT Newcastle United still have a serious amount of wriggle room in terms of what they can do if they choose, especially with Mike Ashley having allowed so little spending in the transfer windows leading up to the takeover.

For things on the business side, I think it makes absolute sense for the Newcastle United owners to get this mad first (part-) season in charge out of the way, before then revealing what has been quietly done behind the scenes.

I very much believe that once this season is ended, it will be one announcement after the other.

I think a new CEO is almost certainly already signed up with that announcement to come very soon.

Whilst a good chance we will see a deal done with Brighton and Dan Ashworth ending his gardening leave in time to take up his Director of Football position ahead of the summer window.

Same with sponsors, the idea that the Saudis haven’t by now got new sponsors lined up is laughable. They will have had high level people working on these behind the scenes, well away from Tyneside.

Wanting to get the football part of things out of the way before then announcing the big off the pitch moves, almost sounds like a plan!

Not quite one of Mike Ashley’s infamous ‘five year plans’…but it will do for starters.

The only things that have come into the public domain recently, are things that can’t be avoided. Plans put forward for consent by the Newcastle United owners to North Tyneside council, in order to make major improvements to the current training complex in the short-term. Something Mike Ashley refused to do for almost a decade and a half. This is a temporary measure until a whole new top notch training complex is built on a new site, no surprise if that new site will also be one of the upcoming announcements once the season comes to an end.

Companies House this past week showed that Majed Al Sorour had been appointed to the Newcastle United board, this is a legal requirement (that Companies House publish it as a public record), yet the club have made no comment.

Like the proverbial swan gliding along BUT frantically paddling away underneath the water, I believe the Newcastle United owners are doing the same. Not allowing anything to be seen in public BUT on all kinds of fronts, working in the background to progress this football club as swiftly as possible.


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