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Jake Humphrey forced to come out and clarify his praise for Newcastle United – This is getting ridiculous

3 weeks ago

Jake Humphrey was in charge of BT Sport’s coverage of Saturday’s match at St James Park.

Ahead of the game, the presenter put out this message on his personal Twitter account: ‘It is an irrefutable fact that the 2 best teams in the Premier League this year are Liverpool and Newcastle United. Join us at St James’ Park as we bring you live coverage from 11.30am, including Eddie Howe joining us pitchside. See you there!’

It was a simple statement of fact, referring to the fact that ahead of Saturday, Liverpool and Newcastle United were the two teams in 2022 who had picked up the most Premier League points. Liverpool with 38 points, then Newcastle 32, followed by Man City on 30. NUFC obviously now dropping to third in that comparison, after the results yesterday.

Jake Humphrey has for some time got stick, simply for speaking the truth about Newcastle United and the club’s supporters. A Norwich fan, Humphrey simply giving NUFC and the fans a fair crack of the whip, unlike your average lowlife pundit / presenter / journalist these days, that populate most of the media.

Those pre-match comments then predictably leading to a scenario of pathetic criticism of Jake Humphrey from random fans of other clubs, whilst Newcastle supporters put them right.

A clip then went up on Twitter from BT Sport on Saturday ahead of the match, which showed Jake Humphrey saying ‘As ever with this football club, there are people standing on the sidelines, ready to snipe and have a bit of a pop. But at the moment, the way they are running it, is proving it difficult for them, isn’t it.’

That then led to more predictable abuse for Jake Humphrey, with random people talking about the NUFC owners.

As he mentioned, Jake Humphrey did indeed have Eddie Howe pitchside ahead of the game

Jake Humphrey then forced to take to Twitter to clarify exactly what the context was, of what he had said in that clip…’I appreciate how this clip looks. Let me be absolutely clear though, Eddie Howe had left us moments before this, we were talking about him, and my praise, my use of ‘they’ was aimed squarely and only at him and his staff.’

Even despite this clarification, the trolls still determined to find fault with something that just wasn’t there, with Newcastle fans yet again coming to the defence of Jake Humphrey:

‘Not sure that makes it any better. Isn’t that what sportswashing is.

The teams doing well so it’s harder to criticise the Saudis?’

‘Comment wasn’t about owners at all. He said it after Howe’s interview. Everyone in the media laughed at us when we appointed him.’

‘You don’t have to clarify it. It’s obvious your comment was about people undermining Howe and saying it was just money spent.’

‘All fair enough. So what’s your view on their owners since you’ve put yourself in this position? You’ve defended them, said you didn’t, so what is your take on the money and the people behind Newcastle?’

‘Do you really think it’s up to BT and sky to call out who owns clubs. They’re football broadcasters. They show football matches.’

‘How is defending Howe sportwashing? Being honest 99% of fans didn’t think about the Saudis before the takeover and 99% don’t now, we are enjoying the football and the buzz around the city, not falling in love with a despotic regime.’

‘Everyone laughed at us for appointing Howe, everyone in the media in December were saying he done a bad job and that we already relegated. Jake correctly said these words.’

‘I’ve literally not heard one person’s criticise Eddie Howe or his staff, on footballing grounds? Only moral ones.

This excuse is flimsier than an MP claiming they were searching for tractors…’

‘You obviously don’t listen to Talksport then.’

‘Before anyone has a go at Jake can we please get into public consciousness that Middle Eastern money funds every club in the league, all 20. Add to that that some have had lucrative Saudi deals for years without any scrutiny at all. Also add that Saudi is a strategic UK partner.’

‘There’s been plenty of sniping at Howe, “only done the job due to money”, “players only going there for cash”, “can’t organise a defence”. I get that our ownership are abhorrent and that you hate JH being probably the only non Geordie MSM who likes, but this is clap trap.’

‘We know what you meant Jake, even before the takeover the fans have always had plenty of sniping at us in the media over Ashley or Bruce’s treatment. They just have a new stick to beat us with now, but thanks as always for talking common sense, as you did throughout the Ashley era.’

‘People need to stop looking for outrage from edited clips. Sign of the times that apologies are needed, without the full content being viewed. We can get them all a big red mute button, hit it, move on, follow your own outrage and do something, rather than show offence.’


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