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Letters to The Mag – From Newcastle United, Fulham, Leeds and Chelsea fans

2 months ago

The opinions continue to flow into The Mag, as fans debate the various issues affecting our club…this time though we have contributions from Fulham, Leeds and Chelsea fans.

Plus of course, the odd Newcastle United supporter.

A seventeen day gap between matches leaving plenty of time to devote to analysing exactly where NUFC are now at. Plus of course whatever else people want to talk about.

Contributions are sometimes too brief to make up into a full article and so we have gathered up a number of recent comments sent in, relating to issues at Newcastle United (if you would like to send anything in, long or short, then [email protected] is the place):

Dear Mag,

I arrived in the northeast in 1966 as an 18 yr old Leeds United fan.

I continued to support Leeds from a distance as I gradually grew to appreciate the region.

My eldest son grew up a Geordie and in December 2015 he got me to buy two half season tickets at St James‘ Park.

I quickly realised how much I’d missed live football.

Then it happened.

When Rafa Benitez took over in March 2016 and the crowd got behind him, I was swept away by the passion.

I suddenly realised that not only did I love living in the north east but I cared about the club and its fate.

I can remember the exact moment I stopped being a Leeds supporter and became a Newcastle fan.

It was 25 minutes into the final game of the season at home to Spurs.

We were relegated but as a crowd we had sung our Rafa songs non-stop for well over half an hour and, on an unstoppable tide of emotion, went on to crush Spurs 5-1.

That’s when I knew there was no going back.

I wasn’t a Geordie but I felt like one.

Dennis Wells

Dear Mag,

I refer to the Chelsea or Borussia Dortmund article on The Mag, which was penned by some guy called Robson.

He asked the question which team would Newcastle fans prefer to ‘be’ to which he then proceeded to pen a sneering anti Chelsea article pointing out our lack of trophies pre Abramovich and charmingly calling us a ‘plastic’ club with similar type fans!

For the record, I have supported Chelsea through thick and thin since 1970 but all I can say is he has some brass neck to cut Chelsea down.

Some fair hypocrisy considering who Newcastle new owners are.

But unlike him I don’t begrudge Newcastle their new found riches.

He also points to Chelsea’s 40000 capacity and lack of atmosphere??

Unfortunately we are unable to fit any more fans into Stamford Bridge due to you guessed it 40 k capacity limit!

Fair enough if you want to copy some other club’s ethos but spare us the sanctimonious cr.p about Chelsea and our nasty fan base, keep your stereotyped thoughts to yourself!


A true blue Chelsea fan!

Shane F

Dear Mag,

Good morning, Fulham supporter here.

Just like to say how much I like reading your articles.

Your fans are 100% correct about Bruce. Then we went to WBA and lost!

You are correct about this one as well…’Chelsea or Borussia Dortmund? I know what I’d prefer Newcastle United to be’

There is only 1 Team in Fulham. Hope to see you next season, and Keep up the good work.

Best regards

Edward (Only Fulham supporter in Altstadt Dusseldorf!)

Dear Mag,

I read recently in the local rag, that Miguel Almiron was now going to find himself a ‘victim’ of the new found riches at Newcastle United.

The article claiming that in the summer the Paraguayan will find himself sold off, due to the ambitious new owners being ready to make available big money to spend on better players.

Well, I think this ship sailed some time ago.

Miguel Almiron has only started in five of Eddie Howe’s eighteen games in charge.

Indeed, after three starts in December, it would be three months until the Head Coach put Almiron back in the team for the Chelsea and Everton matches.

Yet again we saw a lot of running from Miggy but to no great effect.

Bottom line is that this season Almiron hasn’t given us a single goal or assist and it is now 14 months since he last scored in the Premier League back in February 2021.

He looked a real asset when he arrived back in 2020, in those matches under Rafa Benitez we saw a real attacking asset, especially the impact he had on Perez and Rondon, how his largely unselfish work would increase our attacking threat.

Now we see a player who looks simply lost.

Miguel Almiron won’t be the ‘victim’ of new found riches at NUFC, instead he has clearly been the victim of just over two years of Steve Bruce, who absolutely wasted Miggy and ruined him as a potentially very decent level Premier League player.

Dave Charlton

Dear Mag,

The Saudi regime have been executing murderers for thousands of years.

So what annoyed me about Gary Neville saying Eddie Howe had to face up to intrusive journalism is like throwing stones at glass houses.

I can’t remember anyone asking Sir Alex Ferguson or any other Man U managers their morals on Saudi law. As they have been taking Saudi money for years, so come on Neville lets have your answers????

Eric Daley

Dear Mag,

Does some people even realise where Saudi money is invested?

It has nothing to do with Eddie Howe, he is an employee.

Please, if you are going to talk about owners, talk about them all, not just Newcastle.

Man u owners have put them in debt by borrowing the money to buy them, then you have man city’s owners and so on.

Keith Kerrigan

Dear Mag,

I agree with Simon Jordan, if you want to attack Newcastle, then be consistent.

All British sales to Saudi should stop.

This would allow all those other countries to supply them.

The winner would be the increased jobs needed in the Job Centre to deal with the thousand of British jobs displaced by this.

Newcastle are not the only team with foreign investment, but now they are a threat to those clubs who believe they and they only should be at the top.

Who knows, if by being (Saudis) involved with the West in many cultural areas such as Sport, it could be the start of changes in their cultural way.

I have always supported Newcastle throughout my life.

Only won 1 major trophy (inter City fairs Cup 69) in my time. Like many Newcastle Fans, we have black and white in our DNA.

We just want the days back when King Kev and Sir Bobby was at the helm.

It’s a pity Ashley couldn’t buy into that, had he, he would have been cheered and remembered as a Southern Geordie.

We don’t want to buy success, all we want is a team that has ambition.

Robert, a Wallsend Lad.


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