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Jurgen Klopp in shameful Newcastle United move

1 month ago

Jurgen Klopp is at it again.

I always used to think he was one of the good guys, one of those in football management with integrity…and in indeed, a lot of the time I still think that, the Liverpool manager someone who wants to see things done the right way, including the fans properly considered and looked after.

However, every so often this mask appears to slip, then I really doubt Jurgen Klopp and his good guy credentials.

Jurgen Klopp now demanding that the Newcastle v Liverpool match is moved, with only two weeks notice given to fans of the two sides,

The Athletic reporting that after Jurgen Klopp made clear what he wanted, Liverpool have now made an official request to the Premier League for the Newcastle game to be pushed back.

That Newcastle v Liverpool match is scheduled for 15 days time at St James Park on Saturday 30 April with a 12.30pm kick-off.

Jurgen Klopp making public his demands:

“If you want to cause us problems you send us to 12.30 at Newcastle.

“I don’t understand it.

“I can understand that people want to see a football match between Liverpool and Newcastle…but I don’t see why any team should have an advantage or a disadvantage.

“The league and the broadcaster really have to try at least to help.

“We will see. I haven’t heard anything yet. Nobody from BT contacted me yet.

“But I’d say common sense would tell you that it’s probably the right thing to do to move the game slightly backwards.”

This latest shameful behaviour from Jurgen Klopp is because Liverpool play at home to Villarreal on Wednesday 27 April in their Champions League first leg semi-final tie, then the away game at Villarreal on Tuesday 3 May.

This simply cannot be allowed, who is going to compensate the thousands and thousands of Newcastle and Liverpool fans who will have made travel arrangements etc based on the (seemingly!) set in stone 12.30pm kick-off on Saturday 30 April?

Jurgen Klopp declaring it is ‘common sense’ to cause so much hassle and monetary loss for so many fans.

Honestly, just when you think the barrel can’t be scraped any deeper in terms of fans being treated in such a shocking way, the likes of Jurgen Klopp finds a way.

If he was / is a man of integrity, rather than going down this route of impacting thousands of fans, Jurgen Klopp had two options.

Firstly, he could /should have made a request to UEFA regarding the scheduling of these semi-final Champions League games BEFORE the draw was made.

Secondly, Jurgen Klopp could have got Liverpool to request they didn’t get a 12.30pm kick-off at St James Park BEFORE the broadcasters chose the matches for live broadcast. It wasn’t exactly rocket science  that this scenario could / would happen with Liverpool massive favourites to get through to the CL semis.

At this stage, Jurgen Klopp should simply put up and shut up, rather than launching this attack on the fans of the two sides, when trying to force a game to be moved with only two weeks notice (at most).


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