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‘As one of those Crystal Palace fans mentioned, can I reply to this Newcastle United supporter?’

1 month ago

If possible, I would like to reply to the article by John Martin on The Mag about Crystal Palace fans.

As one of those Crystal Palace fans and certainly one who has a lot of respect for Newcastle United FC and Newcastle Upon Tyne generally, where my sister went to college and absolutely loved her time there.

As well as Newcastle being the home of two of my favourite ever bands, The Baghdaddies and the Old Rope string band.

Anyway, I digress.

I’d say one thing Crystal Palace fans and Newcastle fans have in common, is that we support our local side through thick and thin…and in both cases there has been plenty of thin. In our case, our recent run of 10 years in the Premier League is slightly weird, having watched the 40 years before that.

We are a small team in London and our locality has always been filled with supporters of the big teams, Arsenal, Chelsea, Luvapoo and ManUre, whoever happens to be winning at the time, as well as London being full of people from all over the country. I’m fairly sure Newcastle could sell 3,000 tickets to Newcastle fans in SE London alone.

We are trying to change this and it’s working to an extent by having an organised group of fanatics who take pride in supporting their local team, who sing throughout the game, create displays and generally support the side through thick and thin throughout games, even when we’re losing. That is really what makes us stand out against supporters of the big teams.

I grant you many of them are young and don’t remember our pre-prem wilderness, though not all, the fanatics started in 2005. The older Palace fans like me have to pinch ourselves every time we get a win in the Premier League frankly, we still remember crowds of 6,000 in the eighties when things were really grim and for many years we were the fourth best team in South London out of four.

I can understand your frustration with the demo when you played us last at Selhurst Park in October.

Personally, I can totally understand your ecstatic reaction to being rid of Ashley after an eternity of gross mismanagement and for sure it didn’t matter who or how. The whole of the prem seems to have dodgy owners these days and all the Americans who are taking over our clubs certainly aren’t doing it for the love of the clubs or football.

So I have no problem with Newcastle doing that and frankly I get a lot of pleasure out of seeing anyone challenging the big boys and dumping them out of the top six. I’m still enjoying Man City dominating Manchester as a team with fans that have experienced the lows like me and you.

So there you have it, I wish you, Newcastle United FC and even Alan Sharia well, with your new era and I’m sure most Crystal Palace fans, or certainly the ones I know, would feel the same.

All the best.


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