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Everton fans comments after beating Newcastle United – You have to laugh…

3 months ago

Interesting to see what Everton fans have been saying after their win on Thursday night.

Newcastle United the better team on the night but couldn’t make their superiority count where it mattered.

Everton scoring with pretty much their first serious threat on the United goal, nine minutes into added time.

So what did the Everton fans have to say after this match…?

Well, there was the usual lack of class with many of these Everton fans comments below, as normal, plenty of deranged abuse for Newcastle United and the club’s supporters. You have to laugh…

As for their views on the match itself, a mixture of the odd honest take on the game and then the rest…?

Everton fans commenting via their Grand Old Team message board:

‘More shots, more shots on target, more passes, better passing accuracy, more corners, better possession, less fouls. They were better than us in every metric. A draw would have flattered us. Be honest, if it wasn’t for those extra 15 mins. You would all be fuming with that result as you were at half time.’

‘Delighted for Alex.

It could only have been bettered if it was Rondon that had scored.

He would have been in bits!’

‘Imo it was only not dangerous because Saint Maximin kind of got out of the way and not because Allan took any type of care. My opinion is professional fouls where you absolutely destroy the man with no regard for the ball should be closer to red than yellow.

Now they aren’t like that so to give him a red is a ridiculous decision.’

‘Have watched the goal from every angle over and over. Loved watching Lampard and gray hugging it out and even more so richy ending up in the celebration. His passion for this club is undeniable.’

‘Thought we were worse against Wolves and they were better than newcastle.’

‘There’s few things better in life than being at a game when you score a stoppage time winner, in particular when it’s against the odds.’

‘Forgot how much better life is when we win. Had the hangover from hell this morning but a big grin on my face.’

‘I just couldn’t believe it when the goal went in.

I couldn’t believe that we had won a match.

Honestly, I’m so in love with Everton.’

‘Last night was amazing, not becuase of the standard of football, but the game as an event, the drama and reaction, it will be remembered for years.’

‘Toast to the lad who cable tied himself to the goal – great drama.’

‘That match was hardly a masterclass was it. They were bossing us for the majority of the match. We got lucky that we had 15 mins of extra time.’

‘Somebody throwing stats around today that Everton were lucky.

Far be it for me to point out that the ONLY stat that ever really matters in a football match is how many goals both teams scored.’

‘Thought we thoroughly deserved the 3 points. I hope we show that same level of fight for the rest of the season.’

‘Thought Begovic played well too, particularly against Newcaste where Pickford does tend to get more than a bit excitable.’

‘I laughed like a freaking maniac on my way into work this morning thinking about yesterday’s win. Can’t stop watching Iwobi’s goal and hearing the roar belted out from the Goodison faithful. Also DCL’s assist was smooth. Boss that!’

‘Make no mistake, we the faithful won that game last night – even those of us who only sit and worry in our computer back rooms. We won it through sheer power of the will.’

‘All the toon fans I’ve seen today have said we deserved it from the 2nd half performance because they didn’t turn up.

We won. We overcame abysmal var and reffing decisions and after a poor start, were the better team throughout the second half.’

‘I can’t stand Newcastle fans, and people would ask why, I just say they are just the kopites of the North same breed, accept they hadn’t won anything.

Also have a bit of the worst bit ‘s of the jocks about them , they really would suit playing the Glasgow two they so alike

Deluded whoppers.

Even there own chairman have given them stick at one point,

I actually stopped disliking Villa as they share are dislike for the barcodes.

It’s now spreading to the RS who used to be will mates with them, more than likely because they have money now.

Can’t understand how a city that has some fine people in it produces this many t.ts that turn out for the football..

Give me Sunderland any day of the week proper fans, sooner have Middlesbrough as well same , can have a proper talk about the game with either away from the game and not a hint of delusion.’

‘In Scotland they say that geordies are Scots with their brains removed.

I never like generalising but they certainly have a tendency to celebrate stupidity.

I lived in Newcastle during the Robson era.

Had a lot of time for Robson like but the players (Dyer and Bramble especially) were always about town getting up to very nasty things and were largely protected due to their ‘celeb’ status.

Of course, none of the fans batted an eyelid as long as their team was decent.

They even built a statue of Robson after sacking him ffs.’

‘Only one stat that counts. We scored, the horse punchers didn’t.’

‘Last night was amazing, not becuase of the standard of football, but the game as an event, the drama and reaction, it will be remembered for years.’

‘I didn’t know a fan give a steward a knife to try and cut that lad free from the post.’

‘Calling us little Scouse Makems ffs.’

‘I have just watched the game back again, and whilst I am made up with the result, the lack of composure and control of the ball from our lot is truly shocking for premier league players. It is like watching schoolkids who aren’t thinking beyond their first touch.’

‘The victory against all odds. Screw Newcastle, they’ve stolen so many points of us, in the past, so glad we took the three points when we needed it most. Screw their oil money, screw the FA for trying to screw us, screw VAR and the officials, and screw Moshiri for making all these bad decisions and putting this on the players.’

‘Well we have a second chance now, palace are beatable on Sunday and it’s away from the league so a way we can relax a little bit and enjoy it in the FA Cup.’

‘I think we introduced a new concept into football last night.

I call it ‘supporting your team through the tough times’.

Imagine if that caught on.’


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