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Aston Villa fans with plenty to say in the aftermath of losing to Newcastle United

4 months ago

Aston Villa fans have been debating Sunday’s defeat at St James Park.

Newcastle United making it three wins in a row, whilst the visitors left wondering where their next win is coming from.

Steven Gerrard winning four of his first six games, however, the honeymoon apparently over as Aston Villa fans have seen their team win only one of the last seven matches under the new boss.

Interesting to see what the Aston Villa fans have had to say.

Not a lot of praise for what Newcastle United did, unless you count the alleged ability of the NUFC players to physically dominate and ‘bully’ the opposition!

Aston Villa fans commenting via their Villa Talk message board:

‘Expect Newcastle to get most decisions until the end of this season. I think it has already been mentioned, an it’s so true, the Premier League will not want the Billions Newcastle have going to into the Championship, not a chance.

Whoever don’t believe this, needs to give there head a wobble. Ref was gagging to give a penalty with that foul and our goal, was a goal. The offside was not clear an obvious, not only were the lines and angle dodgy, it has been agreed to drop all the millimetre decisions by the Premier League for the rest of the season, until today of course.’

‘Newcastle were sh.t, had players out, and we didn’t get near them. Absolute garbage.

That was worse than any performance under Smith.

It is absolutely criminal that we ended up with more yellows than Newcastle, 2 different sets of rules and it absolutely affected the flow of the game.’

‘A game to make you hate life.’

‘We can all blame the ref as much as we like, he was poor for sure, but we were just out muscled for most of the game. I said it when he managed Bournemouth, Howe sets out his sides to be physically intimidating. They are happy to commit fouls and slow play down and we just fell straight into that trap.’

‘Newcastle did nothing to win that match, we just rolled over to have our belly tickled, we can belly ache about the officials, we we are getting what we deserve right now and its nobody’s sympathy.’

‘Difficult to find a single positive except at least we didn’t get hammered.

We are normally sh.t at Newcastle for some strange reason but this was special – if we really did give the ball away 136 times (and it felt like we did) then that’s once very 40-50 seconds/’

‘Newcastle werent even good which is the most frustrating thing.’

‘Newcastle wanted that far more. Being outplayed i can take, but we were simply worked off the park.

Horrible game summed up by the winner being a deflected goal and a ref determined to see that as the winner!’

‘We are falling in to that trap again… Man U with Ronaldo.

I agree on paper, they are better and I wouldn’t swap……but its about being effective.

Coutinho was just negated on Sunday.’

‘I have come to a very quick conclusion this season….that if you don’t look after yourself, ref’s are not going to do it for you.

We have to find a nasty streak, but in a stealthy way like Man city.’

‘We didn’t deserve anything from that game on the balance of our inept play.’

‘Can I say what worries me is that Gerrard talks about changes because of the performance, witch is exactly what Dean Smith said when he dropped Mings, and nothing improved. This is a squad attitude problem, not an ability problem.’

‘As soon as anything goes to VAR I just assume now it will go against us.’

‘That Newcastle goal goes in literally once in a blue moon. And our goal should have stood what with VAR measuring from the toe and not the heel. So another day that’s an awful 1-0 win to us.

Which would still be cause for concern, because lets face it we should be rolling these over by 2 or 3 not getting out of second gear.’

‘New signings in today’s lineup were Burn, Trippier and Wood. That’s it ain’t it? We should be competing against them. Yet what we served up today was absolute dross.’

‘Yep up against – Digne, Countinho – whose new recruits would most fans choose.’

‘Physically, we were second best all day, Newcastle were notably bigger than us and when long balls were played forward, they were almost always either quicker or stronger than our fullbacks or Watkins.

It wasn’t a good game, there were lots of interruptions and both sides were sloppy. Newcastle will play better and lose, but fair play to them, they took their chance and it is three really big points for them, I’m sure all of the nine hundred fans who had their birthday’s read out at half time will go home happy.

For us, it’s worrying and the manager needs to have a serious look at figuring out what isn’t working. I heard someone on the way out say that the honeymoon was over for Steven Gerrard and I think that’s probably right; the hard work starts now and we’ll need to be a lot better than this if he and we are to progress.’

‘Some of you sound absolutely deranged right now, maybe take a breather/few hours offline.’

‘I genuinely can’t tell if people are serious or on a windup. A large part of our fan base always embarrass themselves after a loss but the reaction today has been something else.’

‘Same games played. 6 points clear of newcastle.


‘What’s the obsession with Newcastle.’

‘Because Newcastle have just had a joke of 2/3rds of a season, and we’ve been heartily laughing at them. Yet they are now within touching distance of us.’

‘We are only 6 points off one of the worst teams in the division. No obsession with the geordies, just pointing out how disappointing this season has been.’

‘Today was a disgraceful result.’

‘We should be beating them not competing, they played Chris Wood, Shelvey, Manquillo, Krafth, Dummett and Joelinton

Hardly Man City or Liverpool.’

‘Did anyone else think during the match it was futile to keep crossing the ball into the box from corners and free-kicks considering they have a defender who is 8ft 2in?’

‘I honestly don’t think we will have a more winnable game in the prem than this one. Newcastle are an average team, their best player went off at half time leaving a makeshift defense. ASM looked a bit injured too. I don’t understand how we couldn’t work out a way to create more chances, really appalling. Gerrard has really gone down in my estimations today.’

‘Is one shot on target against Newcastle acceptable?’


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