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Watford fans comments on recent events at Newcastle and Saturday expectations – Intriguing

4 days ago

Watford fans have seen their team lose their last seven matches.

In the process conceding 20 goals.

Despite losing 10 of the 12 games since Claudio Ranieri came in, including nine of eleven in the Premier League, remarkably the Hornets are still not in the relegation zone, yet.

With Burnley calling off their game tomorrow, Watford fans will indeed see their team sink into the relegation zone on Saturday, if losing to Newcastle United.

So how do Watford fans see this relegation six pointer going at St James Park?

Just as (more?) interestingly, how do Watford fans view the current situation at Newcastle United…?

Some interesting comments below.

Watford fans comment via their WFC Forums message board:

‘Newcastle fans hated their previous owner, Mike Ashley, despite him overseeing their longest period of success since they last won a domestic trophy 65 odd years ago.

But that wasn’t enough for the Toon Army, who always demanded more, as though history dictated they should be feasting at the top table.’

‘We need 7 points from our next 3 games and this is massive. We have a good opportunity in this one. I mean Newcastle have just got beaten by Cambridge United of league two (I think).’

‘Newcastle are poor we should attack them.’

‘Geordies will win by 1 or 2 goals, leapfrog us and the composition of the bottom 3 won’t change again this season.’

‘Is this the one game where the football-following world will be on our side?’

‘Get everyone behind the ball and try and frustrate them seems our only option. If we open up and try and outplay teams we will get smashed.’

‘Can’t see anything but a 3-0 rout for Eddie Howe’s heroes.’

‘The takeover looked to have stalled but ultimately the Premier League is never a beast that will turn down billions so they waved it through to nauseating scenes of celebration outside St James Park. The Geordies had previously styled themselves as “some of the best fans in the country” and argued that they needed Ashley out to get their club back. But as soon as they saw the riches on offer from the Saudis, they were like true Magpies, desperate to have their shiny baubles regardless of their provenance.

Just to add an extra bit of frisson to this game, Newcastle thought that the ideal manager to take them up a level was Eddie Howe. He immediately brought in his yapping mahogany chihuahua Jason Tindell, presumably as they thought that imbuing a culture of cheating and gamesmanship throughout the whole club might give them a different type of edge to the financial one. Howe has already obliged by creating a ludicrous “dossier” of decisions that have gone against them.’

‘We are like a badly wounded horse that needs putting down. At least the next 3 games will confirm relegation and put us out of our misery.’

‘I never thought I’d see any team match Liverpools persecution complex but watching and listening to Newcastle fans and team lately since the takeover has been absolutely nauseating.

“FFP is against us”

“VAR is against us”

“Referees are against us”

“Talk of not allowing our new players to play in rearranged fixtures because everyone is against us”

Geez it’s been so tiresome it’s actually making me dislike them.’

“I believe in my players, I believe in this squad, sooner or later also the pitch will tell me, Claudio you are right.”

A rallying call from the boss. There were two guys in white jackets flanking him when he said this, but I don’t think that was significant.’

‘Our problem is not scoring, so all I can see is us sitting in our supposed shape and hitting them on the break. 3-5-2 attacking 5-3-2 defending. Our current setup isn’t working and let’s be honest, Newcastle should of murdered us last time out. It’s a game we cannot afford to lose.’

‘We are not great, but neither are Newcastle; with all of their money, they have brought in Trippier, a decent player to be fair and Woods, who is on the decline and has scored three goals in the league this season. That is hardly a significant improvement. They are still going to be sh.t (hopefully). We mustn’t go down early in this one; if we score first, I can see their fans getting on their backs. Someone needs to go through hard and fair on Allan Saint-Maximin early on.’

‘Have Newcastle signed Robert Lewandowski from Bayern Munich? No, they’ve brought in Chris bloody Woods from Burnley! When he falls over his feet in front of an open goal the Geordies will give him dog’s abuse! This will be our first clean sheet of the season. 0-1.’

‘Newcastle 0-3 Watford (Kalu 3)

Super Kalu goes ballistic, Geordies are atrocious.’

‘Is it just us that has massively weird fans?’

‘I would imagine most clubs have them to at least some degree, but they stand out more relatively-speaking amongst the small overall numbers of our fanbase…’

‘I am kind of dreading this one. We are all over the shop.

But…. beating Howe’s boys would be delicious.’

‘The b.stards will probably put a bid in for Dennis on Friday.’

‘One thing I see repeated over the many seasons of supporting this club is that any team that is better than us at the Vic will nearly always beat us at their place. We drew with Newcastle but they missed some glorious chances and despite being utterly cr.p up to that point in the season were the better team. New manager, new signings, a far more street wise team, (IE going down easily and crying to the ref), means we’re in for a very bad day. Not a cat in hells chance of a single point in this one I’m sad to say.’

‘This is a team that just lost 1-0 at home, with a full strength side out, to a League One club.

We may be sh.t, but so are they.’

‘One of the biggest, if not the biggest, teams in the world shouldnt be losing to a League 1 team.’

‘And they have just signed a set piece specialist and a big striker to get on the end of those crosses.’

‘It’s incredible to think there are 3 teams below us. How bad must their seasons be if they are below Watford.’

‘£25m for Chris Wood is absolutely f.cking hilarious, regardless of whether he scores against us or not.’

‘£25m is small change for Newcastle. They have way more money than sense, although if Wood scored the goals to keep them up it’s probably well spent.’

‘If relegated it would be a whole year of severely diminished sports-washing prestige for the murderous regime in charge – less visibility, playing at a lower level, against worse teams, etc etc. Why would they be patient when prestige is literally the only thing they value at all, and they simply don’t need to be? There is no penalty to them for chucking as much money as they can at it this month, so they’ll do it to their maximum capacity.’

‘Why spend loads on mediocre players now (who might not even make a difference) when they could attract much better ones in 18 months time?’

‘Because it’s not an either/or for them.’

‘Chris Wood is an underrated PL striker to be fair – got a decent strike rate and very useful at the bottom of the table.’

‘So Chris Wood is the chosen one. Expect him to start on Saturday. Weakens Burnley, but is he good enough to keep Newcastle up? I guess the fact it weakens Burnley was taken into consideration.’

‘Not quite sure what to make of Wood joining Newcastle – he was mint last season, but hasn’t seemed as good so far in this one.’

‘It’s a very good strategy. We signed Kaboul who was rock solid at Sunderland and it was enough to see them disappear into obscurity.

Hopefully perfect timing – not quite ready for Newcastle and too early for Burnley to replace.’

‘You know what, I have zero concern of Newcastle as a team for us to play this week but I just know that St Maximin is likely to rip us apart if our defence play to their current standard.

I really believe its all about him and our defence stand up to him…. Keep him quiet we sneak a one-nil, let him get behind us we lose two-nil simple as that.’


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