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Trevor Sinclair speaks up for Newcastle United and their fans – The replies from other fans…

3 weeks ago

Trevor Sinclair had been arguing with Simon Jordan about Newcastle United.

Appearing on Talksport, as always desperately trying to get people to notice him, Jordan claiming that Kieran Trippier is only coming to Newcastle United for the money.

Trevor Sinclair, rarely for any Talksport pundit, defending Newcastle United and saying Simon Jordan was talking nonsense.

Following the radio show, Trevor Sinclair then used his Twitter account to follow up on his positive NUFC comments, which inevitably sparked some very varied replies from supporters of other clubs…

Trevor Sinclair via Twitter – 5 January 2022:

“So many people want Newcastle Utd to fail, get relegated and make a horlicks under their new ownership and opportunity.

“I don’t get it!!

“Great City to visit, great fans, who love the club plus they have it in their dna to entertain.

“Cmon the Geordies

“They just cant see the passion and glory like I’ve seen at that club in the Shearer & Sir Les days!!

“May not have won anything but that was the place to be once upon a time and will be again.”

A selection of the replies to Trevor Sinclair from fans of various clubs…:

Danny (Man Utd fan – That is Man Utd who have been taking millions every season for 14 years now and counting (since) 2008, from…Saudi Arabia!):

‘Because the owner is Saudi Arabia sport washing. I’ve never wanted a club to get relegated so much. How can you not get it.’

West Ham hub:

‘I mean them literally getting games postponed so they can play them when Wilson and Max is back and they have 4/5 new signings is not right its not fair on the teams down there with them. Deserve relegation for that alone.’

Mark (NUFC fan):

‘I can’t speak for all Newcastle fans but I’m certainly warming to all the bitterness.’

David Anderson (Man Utd fan – That is Man Utd who…):

‘Why? Because clubs (owners really) like Newcastle, Man City and PSG whos actions have ruined the very fabric of football. Spending endless amount of bloody money on players and wages to ultimately buy trophies. It’s so far from a fair playing field it’s ridiculous. That’s why.’

Konate Prop (Liverpool fan):

‘Newcastle are the one club who deserved a takeover more then any other club in the top tier, it’s jealousy that’s bothering people I think, finally a top team from up north.’

Anthony Hufton (West Ham fan):

‘It’s pretty simple isn’t it. I want every team to fail except my own. Now we are improving I want Newcastle to fail even more to prolong and increase our chances of progressing.’


‘All power to the fans. I remember watching Newcastle v Juventus in St James’ Park about 20 years ago and it’s still my favourite ground in Britain. But there are legitimate concerns about having a club that has so much money that eventually clubs further down the pyramid struggle.’

Harling Dave (Norwich fan):

‘I want them to fail.’

Dean Nelson (Spurs fan):

‘It may have something to do with owners associated with a regime that murders people it disagrees with. I’d like to see them dropped from the league for that alone. Nothing to do with the fans, although the wearing dishdashas doesn’t help.’

Bryan Gilmour (NUFC fan):

‘You obviously didn’t read the script for Geordie bashing this morning, they’ll get agbonlasnore on tomorrow instead.’

Villa mad:

‘Do you really think Trippier would sign for Newcastle in normal circumstances?’

Lilywhite (Spurs fan):

‘The positives you state are all the more reason the whole thing seems distasteful.’

Andy Hodgson (Man City fan):

‘As a city fan I feel their pain, pure jealousy, come on the bar codes.’

West Ham Jase:

‘I love newcastle went on a stag do few years back people was so lovely and friendly’

Gav (Liverpool fan):

‘I haven’t got an issue with Newcastle Utd as a club. It’s their owners and how state run football clubs are ruining football. I wouldn’t expect anything less from you as a Man City fan. It would be pretty hypocritical to condemn shady owners when your club is owned by one too.’

Stephen Coakley (Celtic fan):

‘I’d love them to get relegated. Ownership a huge issue for me and there would be some fabulous irony that the richest team in the world could be playing 2nd tier football.’

Yidoo (Spurs fan):

‘To right. These owners make it impossible for normal funded clubs to compete, letting them make up fake sponsorship deals from businesses they own to get round ffp. It’s starting to make the whole thing pointless as you know who’s going to be competing at the top every year.’

Robbie (Leeds fan):

‘Great fans? Only when things are going OK….. how fast they forgot how they hounded Sir Bobby Robson out too… now talk about him like he was a legend, yet made his life hell when he was alive!’

Daz Williamson (Man Utd fan):

‘Buying success basically.

Never won a title or anything else of note for years.

Having good “local” support doesn’t make a big club.

The clubs sold its soul to succeed.

So much for Sir John Halls dream of a team of geordies.’

Peter D Legg (Peterborough fan):

‘They’re a so called a massive club?? The best fans? Won nothing? Crucify an owner that saved them? Hung managers out to dry! The list is endless!’

Matt Gray:

‘As a Reading fan I want them to get relegated so we can enjoy a great weekend up there next season (providing we stay up of course!).’

Joseph Shirley (Liverpool fan):

‘Money ruining the game.’


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