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Premier League rules for unscrupulous owners

1 week ago

Why is it that the Premier League want to stop clubs investing huge amounts of money in the game, yet they don’t want to stop owners from tarnishing their brand and taking money / benefits out?

With reference to the first point above, I’m thinking of Manchester City and Newcastle United (now).

Whilst for the second point, I am of course referring to Newcastle United under the previous owner of 14+ years.

Mike Ashley being the bottom of the barrel scraper that he is, squeezing every last penny / benefit out of NUFC and the Premier League in general, for his own personal gain.

This has all been well documented for years and years so I won’t go on, but our commercial revenue didn’t go up over the course of his 14+ years, in fact it actually dropped!

Ashley has taken more money / benefits out of the game during his running of Newcastle United than any other owner in history. He has made our club a toxic entity in football, a place full of negativity, a brand that lost its identity to his jumble sale advertising. Tarnishing the club and the Premier League with his single-minded goal of personal wealth.

Yet he has gone unchecked by the people at the top.

Yes it’s big business now and very few people come into the game without the goal of making money, in one way or another, but primarily it’s a sport and the object of the business should be to be as successful as possible in that sport.

The rules should be changed to stop the likes of Mike Ashley and his ilk from stopping fair sporting chance at the bottom, as well as the top.

Still there are no rules to stop a bottom feeder like Ashley coming along and pillaging a club.

It’s wrong and we the fans are just standing by and watching it happen.

Sky are complicit in it as well, the so called saviours of football. Yes they have helped massively improve football in certain ways since I was a kid. From getting peed on standing in the Gallowgate corner, thrown around in the air like a rag doll, to sitting nice and comfy, but they have lost sight of what it’s all about.

Football needs a reset to make sure all clubs are compliant to be the best they can, whoever owns the club.

Why are the powers above, trying so hard to stop massive amounts of investment coming into the Premier League and the whole of football in general really, yet they turn a blind eye to people sucking it dry?

Yet it’s going unchecked by everyone involved in the game in my opinion. Just because we have got rid of Mike Ashley from St James Park, we still need to speak up about it. There are plenty of other clubs going through it.

Blackpool was a massive disgrace that went on for years, with fans feeling powerless to prevent their club being taken to its knees by unscrupulous owners.

Man U is being ran as a cash cow for its owners.

I think Arsenal are as well to a large degree.

It’s ruining football and sporting chance, yet it’s being completely ignored and going unchecked.

Something needs to be done to save the integrity of the sport. It’s gone from a working man’s game to a rich person’s toy. Ruined from a sporting side in my opinion, compared to the days of 1980s and 1990s.

Money money money!!!

What about the fans, the club , the badge, what about the towns and cities, but most importantly, what about the integrity of the sport itself.


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