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Southampton fans surpass Everton’s with Newcastle United conspiracy theories – Incredible

2 weeks ago

Southampton fans have been reacting to the Newcastle United match being postponed.


Indeed, quite incredible.

I never thought Everton fans could ever be beaten when it comes to the levels of puffed up outraged self-righteous indignation they are capable of reaching, but fair play to Southampton fans, I think they just might have taken things to yet another level.

Having read what the overwhelming number of Southampton fans have said (see below), I now find it easier to understand why there are so many strange people with truly strange ideas / beliefs on the internet. Indeed, these people even walk among us.

Basically, Newcastle United are cheats, having this game called off is something far beyond any shameful act that has ever been seen in English football, then twist the truth and / or just totally make things up, to back up your conspiracy theory.

Bottom line…in the real world.

A quick count shows me that at least 18 Premier League games have now been postponed. Southampton have already had one two weeks ago when Brentford got the game postponed, yet no Southampton fans at the time or since, appear to have seen / thought anything wrong with it. Yet when it comes to this Newcastle match, apparently the NUFC owners are bribing the Premier League and / or threatening them, in order to get the game delayed. That is honestly what some of these idiots are claiming and actually believing.

They see it as some long planned out strategy that concludes with being able to call off these games against Everton and Southampton. Yet that logic totally fails to explain why Newcastle didn’t do it earlier, why NUFC were one of only four PL clubs to play all of their first 19 scheduled PL games.

Many of these Southampton fans see Eddie Howe as a dark figure at the centre of this conspiracy, with his comments around the Man Utd match part of some cunning bigger plan to lead to these unfair postponements.

Eddie Howe only named 14 senior outfield players in his matchday team and subs to play Man Utd on Monday. If you have less than 13 senior outfield players available you can ask for a postponement, so if NUFC were really trying to get games called off until they sign a whole new superstar team in January (another part of the conspiracy apparently) why didn’t they add a couple to the injury / covid list and get that one knocked on the head as well? Even better, no doubt some of these Southampton fans will believe that Eddie Howe deliberately disadvantaged Newcastle against Man U by naming eight not nine subs and amongst those eight including two goalkeepers and two teenagers who’ve never started a PL game before, simply to help his case to get the Southampton (and Everton) game called off.

The Southampton fans really seem to struggle with facts / numbers but this is the reality carefully explained for them…

Against Man Utd, Newcastle had 14 senior outfield players available.

We need to definitely deduct Callum Wilson who is now injured at least until February according to widespread reports, plus Isaac Hayden this week had a knee operation (Hayden was suspended for Man Utd and now Manquillo is/was for Southampton), the net result of that takes NUFC down to 12 senior outfield players.

This is before you even consider whether ASM, Fraser and Schar are now available, with all three picking up injuries / knocks on Monday.

Then you get to media reports that more positive Covid cases have come to light in the last couple of days.

It gets even better.

When the odd normal and not totally thick Southampton fan points out what the actual rules are, that Covid cases AND injuries are being taken into account, that countless other clubs have already had games called off in the same / similar circumstances, that Newcastle United aren’t ‘cheating’, that NUFC are simply following these recently installed Premier League rules / guidelines….

That is simply a red rag to a bull for the mass of ignorant / conspiracy theorist Southampton fans, calling the odd normal Saints fan out as traitors, any of  those who stray from the accepted ‘lets not bother with truth / facts’ line that the overwhelming majority are desperate to pursue.

The ‘true’ Southampton fans insisting that their club has such integrity, they would still go ahead with any Premier League game, even if Betty the tealady had to play in goal, the coaching staff make up the defence, a load of stewards in midfield, plus the club mascot up front.

Southampton fans commenting via their Saints Web message board:

‘PL decided the Everton game couldnt go ahead and rightly or wrongly I don’t see how the situation will be different by Sunday and NUFC clearly better off were it to be postponed.’

‘Can’t remember where I saw it but someone was saying Manquillo got a second yellow in the dying minutes of last game for time wasting giving him a ban, which lowered their available players sufficiently low for a postponement. Probably bo.llocks but pretty unfair if true as they brought that upon themselves.’

‘Amazing how Newcastle can pull the wool over their eyes, but not Chelsea.’

‘Why is it amazing? Maybe Newcastle are just being more disingenuous than Chelsea.’

‘I don’t reckon suspensions should count. If you can only name 12 plus a goalkeeper because one is suspended then tough.’

‘It’s very easy to say that players are too unwell to play. Newcastle may be playing with a straight bat, but I suspect they’re milking the system.’

‘Having researched a bit more, I don’t think there will be much of an advantage for Newcastle

Postponed games will be played asap, not April as I initially thought.

As neither team is in Europe, and there are no FA Cup replays, it should be pretty quick.

The league will want the games out of the way to avoid messing up the end of the season. Plus they need the competition to retain integrity.

Newcastle will be limited in who they can attract and when they can get them on the pitch.

Just another game, they won’t be City or Liverpool.’

‘In truth I don’t think I can blame Newcastle for trying to get it off. It’s a dog eat dog world out there, can anyone blame Newcastle for wanting to give themselves the best chance of beating us?

In fact I say good on them because in life if you don’t ask you don’t get- if there is a loophole to be exploited it’s rational for them to try to gain an advantage. When there is livelihoods and millions of pounds at stake, expect all ethics to be thrown out of the window.

I think all anger should be directed to the PL who have not been transparent in the process and have somewhat lost control of the whole situation which has allowed teams to make a mockery of the rules.’

‘Good on them’? sorry mate you aren’t a true football fan.’

‘How very convenient for Newcastle (as media report supposedly more Covid cases). Don’t think anyone saw that coming.’

‘Can’t believe they’re not making teams give names.’

‘Surely the opposition should have a say in games being called off as its going to impact them with a fixture pile up.’

‘Wow they (Newcastle) must have put a lot of effort into getting more cases. I spent Xmas with my family, elderly and youngsters. Mixing for the first time in ages. No restrictions on licking door handles or sharing snacks. Six days later, everyone departs with no issues.’

‘Tough up North.

Wait till next year you tw.ts. Then you’ll be really moaning.’

‘Newcastle are still going down, no amount of money will change that.

Look at QPR for example…’

‘Got no sympathy for Newcastle.

Don’t see why they shouldn’t field a team of reserves if they have to.’

‘Newcastle might struggle to sign players in the January window – who’d want to go to a club where Covid 19 is rampant and players are going down like flies?’

‘Perhaps the fairest way would to play postponed matches without players signed in the January transfer window?’

‘Delay the transfer window. Or scrap it altogether.’

Perhaps there should be a take over window where clubs can only be taken over in the close season.’

‘In almost any other season this game being postponed would not cause any concern.

But we have never before had a case where a struggling club goes into the January transfer window with the capability to effectively upgrade its entire team.

If the situation does not challenge “the integrity of the competition” I don’t know what does.’

‘Postponed, that stinks.’

‘Relax, they’re still probably going to get relegated, we’re 10 points ahead of them. They aren’t one of our rivals..

We’ll beat them when the time comes.’

‘W.nkers. I f.cking hate Newcastle United.’

‘Fuming. This is beyond a joke now.’

‘Cheating Geordies.’

‘Newcastle have a first team squad of 27 and then a further 12 in the under 23s that are over the age of 20.

That means even with the 9 injuries/Covid, they still have a squad of 30 to choose from.’

‘I think everybody knew the minute Howe started whinging about injuries after the Man Utd game that the chances of them fulfilling the Everton and Saints fixtures were minimal.

They have played the system, lets just hope they dont benefit from doing so long term.’

‘So things will inevitably be different now than they would have been had Newcastle not cheated.’

‘(With Newcastle) the PL have set a precedent and all clubs will be at in. Odds on that in a few weeks time they’ll bring in regulations when we are badly hit and we’ll be forced to play.’

‘Premier League is all about the Product, Newcastle are perfect for the product right now. Forget the gnashing of teeth over Saudi practices not being in line with much of the rest of the world, that was all smoke and mirrors to hide the passing of brown envelopes.

Newcastle have £139m to spend this window, and if Howe doesn’t raid Bournemouth for Solanke, and the like from elsewhere. They potentially have the tools to assemble a team to mix things up at the top and create a bit of a story outside the usual “big six” for the Premier League to razzle dazzle, and there being no danger of falling foul of FFP.

We are just mere cannon fodder to feed the Premier League Spectacular show.’

‘Used to like Newcastle United, have some mates up there who support them, but now I just hope they crash and burn.

From the threats of legal action and the dodgy corporate structure to get the bone saw brigade takeover done , and now this manipulation of the system to get two 6 pointers delayed until the transfer window opens.

Now we could be facing MBappe and Halland up front instead of Dwight Gayle ( in their dreams ).’

‘I really don’t understand how injuries can contribute to a game being called off. COVID cases, yes, I totally get that. But the statement specifically mentions covid and injuries. Injuries should surely not be a factor?’

‘That’s what I don’t like. Stinks of cheating.’

‘If Wilson and ASM hadn’t been injured in their last game then they would not have asked for postponement, almost guaranteed. Neither of those players have COVID, so why has the game been postponed?

They’ll now go to January, buy Sven Botman, Trippier, Isak, get Wilson and ASM fit and lift their side up 2 or 3 levels above ours and Brentford’s before they re-play those games. That’s blatant cheating.’

‘Newcastle’s squad is larger than ours and with their under 23s have plenty to put on the team sheet. I see brown envelopes being passed surreptitiously.Living up to their nickname, devious b’stards.’

‘Cheating Geordie tw.ts!

They were always going to play the system, especially when Wilson and ASM picked up injuries.

Some transparency would be nice re numbers of Covid cases Vs injuries.

Won’t happen though. What’s the betting they missed the magical number of players available required (13) by 1, which would be because they chose to put Hayden under the knife.’

‘It stinks. If ASM or Wilson hadn’t been injured in their last game then this would be going ahead, without question – thus this postponement is nothing to do with COVID and is fully around injuries.’

‘This is not the first time Covid has run rife at Newcastle. Surely league should at least be demanding that they implement tougher protocols.’

‘Most of them up there are fat savages. No wonder they all catch Covid.

Some of them truly think they will sign Mbappe.’

‘This is blatant cheating and let’s hope when the game is played Ralph uses that as his team talk and we absolutely smash them. Many of us are beyond angry at this. You can bet that, if they’d been forced to play the game, a miracle would have taken place and the walking wounded and covid sufferers would have risen like Lazarus and they’d have put out a strong side. They’ve become a loathsome club and that’s before they’ve even spent their billions. Hope they are relegated and the owners cut their losses and sell up.’

‘Its obvious what Newcastle’s motives are and It’s about time the Premier League grew a set of and started deducting points from clubs who can but won’t fulfil fixtures……sadly we all know that won’t happen though, because Arab money talks.

I truly hope they go down.’

‘It’s not cheating – they’re just using the illogical and idiotic rules the PL introduced. Would we do any different ? If we had the chance to postpone 2 winnable games when we had a load of injuries to key players and had a warchest to spend in Jan (plus effectively have a mid season break for the rest of the squad) we would do the same. I don’t even think the PL have done this to favour them – just sheer incompetence. Ultimately I think it’ll be a Burnley or Watford who feel the effects of this most (hopefully).’

‘Newcastle are holding all the money, and the aces. Quite sickening really, used to like them as a club, absolutely dispise them now.’

‘Only true solution is to suspend the transfer window.’

‘We did differently last season, 9 players out at one point, we didn’t whinge to the premier league, we just got on with it (got tonked 9-0 again as well).’

‘Dear god.

There were different rules in place last season, and 20 odd games hadn’t already been postponed.

It is not “cheating” to request a postponement, they haven’t cheated anymore than Brentford cheated when they requested a postponement.

Anger is aimed in the wrong direction, once the league started allowing postponements teams will request them.’

‘It’s not that hard to understand yet some seem unable. Cant blame Newcastle, the league have set a precedent here and they are taking advantage of it. If people are going to blame anyone blame the league. Newcastle arent cheating, any club would do the same in their position if they were able.’

‘I can’t believe you’re defending this!? They’ve literally pulled this game because they don’t fancy it without their ‘stars’ and they’ve been allowed to do so by a weak governing body with Arab money in their eyes!

The idea that they can’t muster 13 players and a keeper from across the club is as ridiculous as your blind ‘whataboutery’ about what we may or may not do under the circumstances (as it happens I believe we would play on and maintain our integrity).’


‘He wasn’t defending it. He was saying he’s pretty sure we’d do the same if we needed to. I reckon we would too. Not saying its right, because it’s not, but you can understand why they’ve done it.’

‘I don’t blame Newcastle they are simply using the rules. Plus they’ve played 19 clock is ticking for them.

The spineless league carry the can for this.’

‘Basically all a club needs now is a couple of positive covid tests and they can just make up the required injuries to postpone games at their will.’

‘This is just not true. The league rules state the club need to supply “Supporting medical information to verify the status of each unavailable player, which will be reviewed by the League’s medical advisers”.’

‘I blame the EPL, and just find their fans pretty pig like disgusting morons.

Let’s see if our takeover happens and what sh.tstorm that may throw up.’

‘It is certainly cheating if, as most of us suspect, they are being less than honest about their covid numbers.’

‘Deduct them 3 points, award us the 3 points as a forfeit, job done and an end to the shenanigans.’

‘Can’t help thinking that in the case of Newcastle the PL and authorities are a bit scared of the owners and the clout they bring.’


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